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A Hero's Return

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The Burninator

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:30 pm    Post subject: A Hero's Return  Reply with quote

Story #1 : A Hero's Return

Characters :

Aries - The Future Son of Cro. Acheived Super Saiyan when he was 8. He is now about 14. He defends West City with pride. He secretly misses his father but won't show it. He's Bura's pride and Joy.

Bazara - An evil demon that has come to West City to take it over. He also heard of 7 Magical Balls that grant wishes. When he can't find them. He attempts to destroy West City and possible Earth. He's got the Speed of Burter but The Strength Of Freiza and The Size Of King Cold.

Cro - A Z Fighter from The Past. He comes to The Future via Trunk's Time-Machine. He comes here to train Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr because of a War that might out break out in there time. He supposedly dies in "The Great War" that's supposed to happen within the next 10 years. In this time he died protecting Bura from getting killed.

Goku Jr - The Direct decendant of Goku. He is hyper, shy and determined. He wants to find out more about his great-great-great-greatgrandpa Goku. He sorta likes a girl named "Paris"

Vegeta Jr - The Direct decedant of Vegeta. He has the attitude to prove it too. He gets all the girls. Gets into fights regularly. He's the half brother of Aries.

The decendents of the two most powerful Saiya-jins were ow in high-school and high school wasn't a place for ill-tempered Saiyans.
There was Goku Jr he was a quite teenager and didn't cause too much trouble and the kid usually kept to himself he wasn't that much into his studies he loved The Martial Arts more than he liked his book-work. This would be a normal day for him and he was carrying his books he had a blue shirt on that had "Goku Jr" written a crossed the chest of it. He also had on a pair of blue jean shorts.
He had heard his Grandma Pan once comment on how that his Great Great Grandpa didn't like school and that Goku Jr was just like him.

He opened up his locker and pushed his school books into the back of his locker.
He looked on the inside door of his locker and there was his great great grandpa Goku as the earthlings called him but other people called him Kakarot that was his Saiyan name.
He looked at the picture more this guy was simply amazing and he could go Super Saiyan 4 he doubted that he'd ever be that strong and he sighed and closed his locker-door and than he heard the bell ring it was time for lunch that was one of his best subjects.

He walked down the hallway that lead towards the cafeteria he had always walked alone.
He put his hands into his pockets and he wondered why he was friendless he watched all the other kids with there friends and there lives and he sighed.
He just felt very alone but he just kept on walking he got to the steps and he walked down them and turned a corner and than walked down another hallway this one was shorter and than he turned left and walked into The Cafteria.

He looked around the cafteria and he didn't see anyone that he knew.
It wasn't like they would say hi to him if they knew him anyways.
He stared at the ground and than got into one of the luch lines and he waited for his turn to order his lunch and this line seemed to go on for ours he sighed as he stared at the back of the person he was standing behind.

The other Saiya-jin decendent in this school was Vegeta Jr he was just like his father. The first Vegeta the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta Jr was walking down a hallway with his girlfriend she didn't have a name, well she did but he just forgot it and he walked to his locker and put his school books in it and than slammed the locker-door shut.

He was waiting for his girlfriend who was in the bathroom.
He was a very impatient man and he looked down at the watch on his wrist and he walked over to the girl's bathroom door and he began banging on the door and he was about to scream until the door opened and his girlfriend walked out.

The girl was slender she had light blue eyes and teal hair, she was dressed in a long blue dress and she had a yellow scarf tied around her neck.
Vegeta Jr grinned at her as she exited the both she was truly hot and he would make her his forever and ever. He felt the girl take his hand and he almost jerked it away he didn't like having his hand held but he'd allow it today.

They started walking down the long hallway that lead to the stairs. He could feel her grip getting tighter and tighter on his hand it was apparent that she didn't wanna let go. He grinned as they walked down the hall and they got glances from her friends and with those glances Vegeta Jr would sneer at them.

They walked down the steps and than turned right and walked down a short hallway.
There was sounds coming from The Cafteria and it sounded like people were having fun in there and than they turned for the final time and entered The Cafteria he let go of the girl's hand and than she went to find a table and he would go get the food.

Goku Jr had sensed that another Saiya-jin had entered the room and he looked back.
He saw Vegeta Jr and he didn't like having him around because he was so arrogant and rude he looked at Vegeta Jr and he was glad that he wasn't coming his way.
He kept his hands in his jean shorts pocket and than continued to wait in line.
The line would move and he would walk a few steps and he would wait some more.

He couldn't see how his great great grandpa could stand Vegeta but he somehow did.
He kept his hands in his pockets and started to whistle to himself as the line moved and it was finally his time to order. He ordered a Ham and Cheese Sandwich.
It came with some brocolli and some juice he walked up to the cashier and paid the woman and than she slided him his tray full of food.

He walked out of the kitchen area and than back out into The Cafteria and he saw all the people that were there. He decided to not eat here and than walked out into the hallway and than opened the door that went out into The Quad and than sat down and than began to eat his food alone and in silence.

"Is there anyone sitting here?" A female voice asked.
"No.." Goku Jr replied shoveling his food into his mouth.

A girl sat down beside of Goku Jr she had black hair and hazel eyes.
She was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white-short-sleeved shirt.
The girl started eating her sandwich and couldn't understand why this boy was eating so fast maybe he had something to do.

Goku continued to wolf down his food and he wasn't really paying attention to the girl beside of him.
He sipped his juice on the side of the tray and than he burped loudly and than he covered his mouth out of embarassment because there was a lady present.
He looked over at her and he noticed that she was quite cute and looked like one of those tomboys he read about in magazines.

"Sorry about that, I go a little crazy when I eat." Goku Jr said as he chuckled nervously.
"That's okay." The Girl said as she sipped her juice as she looked at him and smiled softly.

"What's your name?" The Girl asked.
"Goku.." Goku Jr replied.
"I'm Paris." The Girl replied.
"Nice To Meet You!" Goku Jr replied with a smile.

Vegeta Jr got through the line rather-quickly and he brought back his and his girlfriend's lunch.
He got alot of woo's from other girls which made he smile just a little and than he walked over to there table and than he sat down with his girlfriend.

He pushed his girlfriend's tray infront of her and he than pushed his own tray infront of him.
He starting eating madly and it almost looked like he hadn't ate for a week or so the patatoes were flying everywhere and some landed on his girlfriend's cheek and she whiped it off of her cheek and glared at him.

"Sorry." Vegeta Jr said in between bites of food.

Within a few moments Vegeta Jr was done with his lunch and he than burped.
He than got up and took his tray and walked it over to the sink and put it on the metal sideboard and than walked over to where he was sitting and than waited for his girlfriend to get done eating so they could go hangout.

"You go on ahead." The Girl Said.
"Really? I guess we could meet up after Study Hall." Vegeta Jr said as he looked at her.
"Very Well." He added.

Vegeta Jr than got up and walked out of the room and than walked into the hall-way. He looked out the window to the quad and saw that someone was talking to Kakarot Jr and that someone was a cute girl and than he chuckled to himself and than walked down the hallway and kept his hands stuck in his jeans pockets.
He turns right, than walks up the steps to the lockers.
He walks over to his locker puts his combonation in and than tries to open the locker it doesn't come open he hits and than it comes open and than he smirks and takes out his books for his next class and than he sits by his locker thinking about his next spar.


It had been years since something has happened in west city but anticipation had filled the air.
A large wind had came up and it was blowing all the trees and than something was coming down from the sky and it looked like a machine of sorta and than the machine landed in the park and as it did the door slowly opened and a sort of smoke emitted from this machine.

The door than fully opened and than metalic steps appeared and than a man walked out of the machine.
He had black hair and it was long in the back and spiked up on the front and the sides and near the back his well.
His eyes were ice blue and they looked cold and he was dressed in The Old style of Saiya-jin armor and he had a red scouter on his right eye and than he scanned the area for power-levels.

He had on black wristbands and fingerless black gloves also he had on a blue spandex suit and his boots were white with black tips.
It was the old time Saiya-jin out fit and there wasn't anyone in the park and it was ironic he would land here because this was the exact spot he landed on Earth 100 years ago.

He was here to find the two Saiyajin children named Goku and Vegeta Jr.
He needed to find them and than start training because the past and the future depended on them they had an enemy coming to this time and he knew that they wouldn't be prepared for this new enemy and that's why he had come from the past to change the future.

"Kakarot Jr and Vegeta Jr.. The Future and Past lays in your hands!" The Saiya-jin said as he looked up towards the sky.


"That Energy." Bra said as she looked out the window.

She was a young woman in her 30's she had blue hair and blue eyes she looked just like her mother, Bulma and her eyes fixed on the park that was near her house and she had felt a strange energy.
It was someone she knew she was certain of it but she didn't know who or what it was could it be her father? No.. He was dead along with Goku she knew it was Saiyan but she didn't know if it was friend or foe.

She went back to working on stuff in her lab she was the guardian of Vegeta Jr and somewhat friend to Goku Jr.
She sighed as she pulled down the weilder's mask on her face and than started weilding stuff together this is how she kept sane and he missed Trunks and his goofyness he was married to her bestfriend,Pan.

She kept on feeling this weird energy and the adventurer inside of her wanted to go check it out.
The mature woman inside of her told her to stop thinking about the energy and get back to work. So that's what she did she got back to work and than continued to weild she was weilding together a new capsule car and than she could put the car into the capsule machine to make it a capsule.

She finished putting the car together and walked over and turned the machine on.
She put the car inside of the machine and the machine made some funky noises for a few minutes and than the capsule spits out and Bra catches it and smiles and she walks over to her desk and puts the capsule in the box with the other capsules and now it was time to find out what that energy was.

"That can't be him." Bra said as she spotted a male outside her window. "Could it?" Bra asked herself.

She walked out of her lab and than she locked it up and than walked out into her dooryard and the person that she thought she saw was gone.
She than went for a walk in the park and than got to the center of the park and than saw Trunk's time-machine and her eyes got as wide jumbo-sized eggs.

"I was wondering when you'd get here." The Male voice said.
"Well I'll be.. Your Not DEAD!" Bra said as she ran over to him and hugged him from behind and closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. "I missed you." She said as she began to cry.

"Don't get comfy, Bura." He said as he glanced at her. "I'm just here to train Kakarot Jr and Your Boy." He added.

"Why? What Happens, Cro?" Bura asked as she whipped the tears from her eyes and looked at him.

"A War." Cro said as he stares off into the sky. "I Die in this said war.." Cro added. "I save you all from being destroyed by sacraficing my own life."

"Oh." Bra said looking at the ground and than back up at him.She throws her arms around his neck and positions herself infront of him and gives him a warm hug and he can't really resist her so he hugs her back as well.

"Hold off on training the boys." Bra said as he looked up at him. "Fine." Cro said. "One Day." He added.

Bra smiled so big that she thought she might light up the park that's how big her smile was.
She was just happy to see Cro again even thou he for-told about a war that was coming and hopefully training these kids was the solution to avoiding this war.

There was another power-level approaching them and this one felt really powerful.
Cro's eyes shifted towards the sky and than towards the darkness he had a very odd feeling and he almost knew who or what it was.
He wasn't really expecting anything or anyone to be coming to this time as well. He knew one person who had the abilties and know how to travel through time and realms.

It was really just a matter of time before this person would show themselves.
He had his guard down which really wasn't like him and than he felt the power-level get closer and closer and than there was a large swosh of air and energy and it was getting even closer now.

A few miles from were Cro and Bura was. There was a green being in the mountains. He was meditating. He was dressed in a purple gi with a light blue sash. His eyes were closed and he was in the meditative stance. His ears twitched slightly and he thought that he had heard something.

He had gotten a weird feeling while in his peaceful state. He sensed the energy that just appeared. It was 15 miles from where he was. He knew that energy. It was one of the deceased Z Warriors! That couldn't be! He closed his eyes even tighter and he tried to concentrate on the energy that he saw.

As he did so. He could make out a sillouete of this person. The silouette was tall, it had black spikey hair. He could tell this person had two bangs that dropped down infront of his own eyes. He winched for a moment. Could it really be him? Could he have survived. He hasn't felt this energy since Goku left all those ago after defeating Shenron.

If it was true. Why was he here? The Namekian was getting an uneasy feeling. Was he here to warn them of something bad that was going to happen? Or was he just here for a visit? He knew that Saiyan. He never just came to visit there was usually something on his mind or someone very evil was going to come to there time soon.

He didn't wanna believe it was either. They had lived in peace for so many years! Without The Dragonballs or Goku around it had been peaceful. The decedents of Goku and Vegeta had been getting stronger. Maybe someone in the other worlds that surrounded them want to challenge them to a fight. That might cause some trouble. He'd wished Gohan had survived. Goten was still alive and The Namek was training him. Hard.

"Why are you here?" Piccolo asked and than opened up his eyes. "What's going to happen?!" Piccolo asked himself again. He felt energies alligning against them. They weren't on earth yet but they were close by.

This peaceful time had kept him on edge. There was no one to fight. So now he wasn't as good as he used to be. He was still pretty good thou and The Namek could still put up a fight. Even thou he was reaching a 100 years old.
He was slightly more wrinkley now.
He looked like a duplication of Kami during Gohan's child-hood. This Namek wasn't going to give up without a fight anyways. He hovered in the air with his legs crossed. He continued to meditate. It was the only thing he could really do know.

Even with the looming feeling of evil over his head. Piccolo was still at peace. He needed to stay rested so he could thwart any evil that came his way. He became The Guardian Of The Earth. He assisted Dende with many things. It was surprising that Dende was still alove along with Mr.Popo and The Lookout. All that's happened here. Freiza, Garlic Jr, Buu. It's amazing how they were able to pull together in the time of need.


There was another that might be able to help. Someone that no one thought really existed. He was Bura's other-son, Aries. He was a Saiyan. He was the son Cro didn't know he had. The boy was in a field training his heart out. He had spikey black hair for the most-part and two bangs dangled down infront of his face. He was the spitting image of his father.
A man that he never really knew. He had died a few months before Aries was born. He had gone in a heroic way. He had died protecting Bura from an evil-man.

He had heard great stories about his father. He wondered how many of them were true. A small smirk was on his face. He took the back of his hand and wiped the sweat away from his brow. He than sat down on a rock and than picked up his water bottle and than took a sip of it.
He than looked up towards the sky. He watched the clouds float over the light blue sky. It was a nice day. He really wondered what his mother was doing right now. He knew she hated it when he trained so hard. She wanted to be all love-dovey on him. He hated it.

He loved her anyways. She was the only family that he had left. He sighed softly. He squired the last of the water into his mouth. He crunched up the bottle and threw it to one side. He than floated up into the air. He than got a weird feeling. He felt a ki that was exactly like his! It was very strange. He sensed his mother too. Was it someone from his family? He didn't know.

He than took off flying towards capsule corp. His red aura surrounded him as he flew. Capsule Corp was only a few miles away from here. He should make it there in no time. He looked down as he flew. He saw a few people and some cars. They looked like ants from all the way up were he was. He needed to make it to Capsule Corp as fast as he could! There was something terribely wrong. He could sense it. He speed up to his max speed and within a moment or two he was back at Capsule Corp. He landed beside of his mother, Bura.

"Mom! There's something weird going on. I just sensed my own ki --" Aries said, as he looked over to see the man his mom was talking to. He noticed. This man looked just like him. In everyway, all the way down to the skin-tone. Eyes and even the hair.

"F-f-ather?" Aries asked in shock as he blinked slightly.
"What? I'm no one's father." Cro said, his voice rather emotionless.
"You two. Sit down." Bura said as she sighed.
Aries and Cro looked at Bura and they sat down on the grass. Both of them crossed there legs the exact way. It was uncanny it was just like looking into a mirror and they both stared at Bura.

"Cro.." Bura began to say. "This is your son. In this time. You didn't die in a war. You died trying to save me. Our son, Aries. Was born a day after you died." Bura said and she hoped they both would understand.

"You mean.. I have a SON?!" Cro said as he blinked. He was stunned and shocked as well.

"So.. You really are my father." Aries said as he looked over at Cro. "So. It's true! All of it! I mean the stories. About how you defeated King Cold. Saved our city. Your like a real Hero!" Aries added with a giant grin.

"Heh. I'm no hero, kid." Cro said as he glanced over at Bura and than back at Aries. "I just did it for the thrill of the fight. You may be my son. I'm no Hero." Cro added as he looked over towards Bura and than back at Aries. A War. A Son. What else could go wrong?!
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Lady Macbeth

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

High school is no place for ill-tempered Saiyans, indeed. : )
We must concentrate on fiction so that reality cannot destroy us. - Ray Bradbury
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The Burninator

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 9:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lady Macbeth wrote:
High school is no place for ill-tempered Saiyans, indeed. : )

Yup. I might not make another part for a while.

"I Awakened one day. To find out that I had settled down. Fromed a family. I even became quite fond of them. "  - Majin Vegeta
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