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Possible Fan Fiction Series : Soulburn

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The Burninator

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:02 am    Post subject: Possible Fan Fiction Series : Soulburn  Reply with quote

The Story : Aruta, A Dark Warrior A Vampire trained in The Ways of The Vampire by a sadistic evil man. He had no name, they only called him 'Master' whoever disobeyed got beat or ultimately killed. This 'Master' was gathering lost souls to invade the Over World with. He wanted to bring death and destruction to that world. Whoever bared his mark was under his power forever. Until Aruta broke free and went to The Over World, to try and warn The Over Worlders of the impending doom. People labeled him insane, but when The Invasion began. They sung a different town. Aruta leads his own Army against his former Master's army.  Aruta's band of misfits, demons, lycans, vampires, freaks of the night. Can his band of demons save this world or is it doomed? Find out next on... [Insert Show name here]
Characters :
Aruta is a young Dark Warrior that trained under Kaiser, The Dark Master. He is a Vampire that was sent to The Underworld when he had died. In doing so he could train under The Dark Master, Kaiser. When Aruta heard Kaiser's true intentions of merging The Over World (Earth Realm) and The Underworld (heck Realm) into one. He vanished from The Underworld to warn The Over Worlder's about Kaiser's plan. Even thou he is a Vampire/Demon he still values life and likes The Over World, because that's where he used to live as a child.

Arisen  is The Daughter of Kaiser and is his mercenary. When he doesn't want to get his hands dirty, Arisen does the job. Arisen was ordered by Kaiser to goto The Overworld to retreive Aruta. Kaiser told Arisen that he wouldn't kill Aruta but just 'punish him' for what he was doing. Uknown to Arisen, Kaiser is planning to kill Aruta when he gets back to The Underworld.

Kaiser is the ultimate ruler of The Underworld and he is also 'The Dark Master' he's an expert in fighting and using magic. He maniuplates lost souls to do his bidding. Which got him the title/nick name of "The Leader Of Lost Souls." He trained Aruta in the way of The Dark Warrior. When Aruta heard his plans for dominating both words he disappeared. He is having his daughter, Arisen bring back Aruta so he can 'punish him' he also fears that Aruta might get to strong and might challenge him for his throne one day.

Kabal is The Lord Of All Demons, he rules The Underworld with an Iron fist. He is Kaiser's mentor and he rules over Kaiser as well. Kaiser is his second hand man.  He is also Aruta's father and is very displeased with Kaiser letting Aruta flee to The Over-Worlds. A part of him fears that Kaiser and Aruta might get to strong and might try to challenge him for supremecy of The Underworld. When they have worn out there uses he plans on killing both Kaiser and Aruta.


Shouta is a rogue demon that has found his way to The Overworld. He feels that the humans need to be killed, everyone of them. He loathes Humans and there existance. He believes that the strong should only live in The Overworld. The strong, demons. He feels that if he slaughters every single human that he might be able to rule The Overworld and in doing so it would make him the most strong among The Demons of The Overworld and The Underworld. He will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal.

"I Awakened one day. To find out that I had settled down. Fromed a family. I even became quite fond of them. "  - Majin Vegeta
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