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A School for Monsters and Creatures

A bow tie floats through the air in front of you. It rips through the silence with its powerful voice. "Oh my!  Welcome to these hallowed halls.  Mwhahahahaha, many a ghoul has passed through our prestigious building.  Literally, mwhahaha.  A place away from the humans where we monsters can come together and be who we are...TERRIFYING!  Mwhahahah.

We have a fantastically GHASTLY group of faculty here. Mr. Mun is the history teacher here. Magic is taught by Mr. Zauber. You'll learn all about transformations from Mrs. Vladir. Pay attention closely in Mr. Nyano's stealth class, or you may be left behind. Mwahahah! Become masters at blending in with the fleshy folk from Mr. Lunra, and Mrs. Marrow will answer any questions you have about the humans.

Once your minds are ready to splatter against the wall, Mrs. Peaches is dying to have your stomach do the same. Mwahahaha.  You might need Mr. Scream to come clean up the mess, though he's prone to falling apart. Mwahahah!

Now lastly, I'm known as Damien Ivar Dempe, but you may call me Headmaster Did, or D, or Dempe, or whatever.  My lovely secretary Miss Azotana will be in the office if you require Mwahahah!

So prepare yourself young creatures of the night, for your legacy begins here."  

Guy looked out of the window. The sun was setting outside and class was about to start soon. Considering most monsters were nocturnal, either by preference or by requirement, this wasn't really a surprise to him when he first arrived at the school. He smiled at Jack, who still had a faint red glow around him. Guy just sighed and using something akin to telepathy, he told Jack I know you're upset, but I can't let you loose. You'll just cause a lot of problems and I can't afford that. I have to go, so behave yourself. The red sphere hovered vigorously, bound by a faintly glowing green line tied to the closet door. Guy "picked up" his bag, and phased it through his ever locked door. As he walked down the hallway, he received the same usual stares, as his bag floated midair, seemingly floating on its own. He was used to this however, considering the strain visual manifestation caused him. So he took the appropriate measures to be noticed for academic reasons and did little else. He was looking through his schedule. Hmm, looks like I have Mrs. Vladir first. Although, truth be told, transformations really aren't that hard when you have no substance. He walked into the classroom and sat down in the front row. He pulled out his notebook, a pen, a small rod with a plastic hand attached to it, a marker board, and a black marker. He then sat down and waited for class to start.

Xara finished unpacking and covered Asima’s stone form with a blanket.  "This will be tough but I think we can get through it.  As long as you stay inside then I will find somewhere to take you at night".  After she picked up her school bag and locked the door she headed to class.

This school is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  There are a lot of different creatures here also.  She walked up to the classroom door and walked it.  It was still early so only a few people were already there.  Good I got here early enough I can choose my own seat.  She walked over to the window and sat down in the front row.  After placing her pen and notebook on her desk she looked around the room at the other students.

The unpacking process had taken much longer than Pandora had anticipated.  It wasn't that she had trunks upon trunks of things to bring, but rather the few things she had needed to be placed in such a way that would make it practical.  Her clothes put in their proper places hadn't proved difficult, but it was her books and her two pictures that proved to be the challenge.  A mixture of pain and pleasure were the items that took the most time to put away, and after finally deciding to put her books on her desk and her pictures on her dresser, Pandora turned to the window and opened the glass panes.  It took him all of thirty seconds to come to the window sill.

"Hello, Poe," she whispered to the raven.  He nipped at her fingers in response.  "Continue to survey the grounds for me, please.  I'll be done with class in a few hours."  The bird blinked at her a few times.  "I'll leave the window open," she whispered.  She gave the bird one of her few smiles before he flew away.  With a heartfelt sigh, she left the window open and straightened the front of her shirt.  Deciding against the usual traditions of wearing the best possible clothes on the first day of school, Pandora ran a hand through her hair one final time before exiting the simple and traditional dorm room.

Finding her way to the classroom had not been too difficult and she liked the architecture of the school.  The blending of old and new had been tastefully done, and she felt a moment of contentment in being comfortable, but she quickly pushed that feeling aside.  She was not here to make a new home.  She was here to learn and then to leave.  That was it, there was no time for anything else.  The clock was ticking.

Entering the classroom that Mrs. Vladir would be arriving in shortly, Pandora chose a seat in the first row, closest to the door.  The minute the bell rang, she would be on to the next class and would leave no time for socializing.  She meticulously laid out her textbook, paper, and pencil before pulling out her treasured volume of poetry.  Down time was going to be limited, so she would take every opportunity to let her mind wander before returning to her school work.  
Silent K

Jacques awoke while the last bit of the sun was setting, “So it begins,” he said as he let out a yawn.  He slipped out of his sleeping quarters and began to get ready for the night ahead of him.  Within just a few moments he was in front of the mirror, inspecting his garments before leaving the dormroom.  He obviously couldn’t see his reflection, but had become accustomed to inspecting his attire before stepping outside.  Once everything was satisfactory he grabbed two vials of blood before stepping out of the room (one for drinking and the other for writing, just in case the muse hit him) and leisurely strolled to his class.  
Upon arriving to class he noticed most of the seats were taken, but thankfully there was one seat in the back with a good view out the window, “At least I’ll have a view of the night sky.” The thought of being back in school was still not sitting well within his mind as he surveyed the room full of students, “Have I regressed to a child? Am I really about to be lectured by some creature on, what was it, transformation? Am I able to transform?”  
Embarrassingly, even though Jacques has been living as a vampire for the past few centuries he still knew very little about his current form.  For the most part he had retained the illusion of still being human even after becoming a vampire by masquerading as various relatives in his family.  Traveling through Europe he would continue to write and prey upon beautiful women under the guise of various aliases. Through rumors he found out about this school and decided it would be best to truly know what he had become, and maybe he would even find the beautiful vampiress in the process.
With that he sat waiting for the class to start as he gazed out the window at the lovely night sky, “Moonbeams fill my soul, so that I may be whole, fill me with your light, on this beautiful night…” he began mumbling to himself as he scribbled on a sheet of paper in blood.

Sayen had been curled up in a comfortable ball at the center of her bed, the sheets and blankets still all tucked in as she had just climbed up on top of it and dozed.  "Unpacking" for her had been a matter of poking about the room at the various furnishings after dropping the bag of newly purchased clothing-- bought for her, not by her-- in the center of the floor.  She didn't like being indoors all that much, but the bed was so very much softer than she was used to.  She grumbled contentedly as she stretched, arching her back into the air.  A one eyed glance at the window... then a full look at the clock next to her bed.

"Late!" she cried, springing out of the bed.  She grabbed the backpack that had been provided for her off of the desk and dashed through her door, not even bothering with whether it had shut behind her or not.  Her socked feet made practically no noise as she darted through the school in the direction she had been told earlier.

She approached the classroom at a dead run and tried to make the hard turn through the open door without slowing much, if any, at all...  At which point her socked feet slid out from beneath her, continuing in the direction she had been going.  All she managed was a startled "Yeep!" even as she twisted her body around to catch herself on her palms... which stung mightily at the impact even as the rest of her body followed to the hard floor.  She lay there for a moment, stunned, before slowly pushing herself up to sit back on her heels and gaze around herself, something of a dazed look upon her face as she located her backpack which had made it a couple of feet into the classroom.

Mrs. Vladir sashayed through the halls moving ever closer to her new class.  She wondered about the talent she would encounter this time.  So many different creatures to teach about themselves and others. She loved this job, and the chance of there being some handsome gentleman in the class was an added perk.

Arriving at her door, she noticed a female at her feet.  She held out her had to help the girl up, "You better get inside dear, classes are about to begin."  Afterwards, she walked into the room and twisted a knob on a small radio like device.  At that moment, all invisible entities that had gone unseen were now visible to everyone.  She moved behind her desk and wrote her name on the board.  She spun and looked at her class. "Welcome everyone to Transformations, where you learn more about others and more about yourself. My name is Mrs. Vladir and I am delighted to see each of your lovely faces."

She smiled at her students and moved a strand of her wavy black hair behind her ear.  Hopping up on her desk and crossing her legs, she started giving them their first instructions.  "Alright class, now, one of my favorite things to do when I meet new people is to get to know them better.  So I want you all to take this time and get to know the people around you better." She slid off her desk and went back to the board, "This is what you'll be trying to deduce. First I want you to introduce yourself to anyone you talk to, and then get answers for these four inquiries."

1. Find a person with the same favorite color as you
2. Ask someone their favorite animal
3. Describe yourself to someone in one word
4. Tell someone what you like to do in your free time

Mrs. Vladir twisted around and grinned at everyone. "Now, begin."

Guy watched as the other students walked in. He thought to himself and pulled out a second notebook. He would want to keep track of the students he met and what he knew about them. However, he was going to wait until roll was called and could put a face with a name before starting to take his notes.

However, all of his attention on the other students dropped the second the teacher walked in. She was attractive to say the least and her mannerisms made sure the students knew it. He took a second to regain his composure. He was here to learn, not to get all hot for teacher. Another surprise awaited as she activated the device. At first he didn't notice anything, however. While others couldn't see him normally, he perceived himself as if he were visible and with no noticeable energy strain, it simply didn't occur to him. He took it upon himself to carry out his teacher's instruction, trying to stay focused on the task at hand. He quickly took to his board and marker, writing the answers to her inquiries.

My name is Guy Peter Lunes
1. My favorite colour is Grey.
2. I am fond of Owls
3. Curious
4. I practice my communication skills and do volunteer work in the library.
PS. Vocalization is hard for me, hence the board.

As he walked around the room, he “talked” to a couple of the other students. However, he observed that most of the students were interacting with him as though he was visible. He scribbled on the board, “Can you see me?” The student responded, “Yeah. I think the teacher used some kinda gizmo, and you popped right up.” He wrote out “Thank you.”

Not really sure who to talk to next, he walked up to a short, young looking, pale girl in jeans and a t-shirt with reddish-brown hair and held up his sign, holding notebook and pen in his other hand.

Pandora paid little attention to the other students that came but she  briefly jumped at the random backpack that was thrown and landed in front of her desk.  She heard the sound of someone letting out a yelp and sliding down the hallway but didn't get up to ascertain as to whether or not that someone was alright.  Instead, she reached back into her bag and pulled out her black and red plaid glasses case, just as Mrs. Vladir walked into class.  Finally, this class could get started and when it was all done, she could attack the library with a vengeance.  

"Welcome everyone to Transformations, where you learn more about others and more about yourself. My name is Mrs. Vladir and I am delighted to see each of your lovely faces."

She listened attentively as she opened up her notebook and picked up her sharpened pencil, in preparation to take notes.  However, as she was putting her glasses on her face, her teacher's next words stopped all movement.  She listened, in shock, as Mrs. Vladir told her the class that they were expected to get to know everyone, asking ridiculous questions that in the end would not matter!  The questions were written on the board and in reality, Pandora could only stare at the written words and not move.  This was utterly pointless and a complete waste of her time.  How could she ever learn what she needed to learn by being friendly with other people.  Friendships only led to pain, and she'd had enough pain for many lifetimes.

In truth, she didn't move from her seat until she realized that someone was standing next to her.  Frowning, she looked over to see a guy standing next to her, dressed in monochromatic tones and holding a sign.  Curious, she thought, as she read the sign.  Though it was interesting to find out about another person, the value of such information was small.  However, she was not raised to be rude.

"Hello...Guy," she squinted her eyes at his sign to make sure that she'd read his name correctly.  "It's a pleasure, I'm quite sure."  She gave an exasperated sigh and rested her chin in her hand.  "You'll have to forgive me, but I find this assignment quite tedious and I cannot quite fathom how this relates to the class subject matter."  She cast him a sidelong glance.  "Can you?"
Silent K

Jacque was still deep into his writing and paid no attention when Mrs. Vladir walked into the room, “But what can fill this void…chasm….emptiness…agggh, the muse has left me!”  Frustrated he looked up from his page to see who was addressing the class, “Well, well, and who is this specimen?” Mrs. Vladir then gave the instructions to the class to communicate with those around them about various topics, “Colors? Animals? I truly have regressed to a child,” he said with a sigh. “But if the scenery is going to be this pleasant then I might be able to endure,” he said has he stood up and began walking towards Mrs. Vladir.

Ignoring all those around him Jacques approached the instructor and greeted her with a bow, “Bonjour Mademoiselle, I am Jacques Dellamote,” he said while taking her hand and giving it a quick kiss.  “You wish to know more about me? Colors, animals, and my passion?” said Jacques with a playful smile, “And sum myself up in one word? Madame, I’m afraid I cannot be limited to one word, for words are my passion.  In crimson red I immortalize the beauty of this world, and must use many words.”

With an almost devious smile he looked into the professors eyes, “But for you I will comply and present it all at once!” he said as he grabbed a sheet of paper and quill.  Quickly with refined penmanship he wrote in bright red the word “Fox” and presented it to her, “Mademoiselle I present to you my answer.  My favorite color is crimson, my passion is writing, and my favorite animal also sums me up in one word.  For it is a cunning animal that is always on the hunt, just as I am always searching for the beauty around me.”

Guy smiled and began writing on the other side of his board. “It's nice to meet you too.”He nodded. “Yeah, I'm not sure what the relationship is with this assignment. Maybe seeing through peoples disguises? Either way, I'm enjoying myself. I don't get to interact with people often, so this is nice.” He gave her enough time to read before erasing and writing again. “I didn't catch your name or the answers to your questions.” He let go of the note book and it stealthily floated behind the marker board, waiting for pen and ink to chronicle the trivial facts of a new face.

He also noticed Jacque mad dash toward Ms. Vladir. 'That was fast.' He thought to himself. At first the thought of a teacher student relationship seemed taboo, but the reminder that monsters tend to age very slowly caused him to reconsider.

Sayen blinked up at the vampiress for a moment before taking her hand and climbing back up to her feet.  She hurried over to her bag and snatched it up before seating herself in the nearest empty seat.  When the woman flipped a switch and suddenly other students appeared, she hissed in surprise at a wispy girl in the seat next to hers.  It was definitely a sound that was more feline than human.  She couldn't smell anything of these 'new arrivals' and that caused the hair on the back of her neck and all down her arms to stand on end.

No one else seemed to notice or care...  Was this normal then?  People who you can neither see nor smell?  She didn't like it.

She turned her attention somewhat belatedly to Mrs. Vladir's instructions, having already missed the introduction to teacher and class.  She caught the bit about their first assignment, though she didn't understand what was being asked of her.  The sudden movement of students standing and milling about just confused her more.

"Um, hello already... I'm talking to you."  Sayen blinked and turned her attention up to a porcelain skinned girl with straight black hair.  Soon as the girl was sure she had her attention she put her hands on her hips.  "So, like, my favorite color is black.  What's yours?"

Sayen blinked at the girl.  "Favorite...?"

"Oh my god, are you stupid or something?  Yeah.  What color do you like most.  That you, like, find the prettiest or whatever."

Sayen hesitated, then pointed to her shirt.  "I like this color a lot."

"Right, purple... later weirdo."

"Oh... bye..." Sayen whispered as the girl turned on her heel and moved away again.  She hunched her shoulders, suddenly feel like she didn't want to be there as she glanced around at the other students again.

Pandora listened to Guy, finding potential truth in his words.  Though perhaps a person's "disguise" would not be so easily seen through with simply a favorite color, and their leisurely activities.  She thought briefly about what life for Guy was like.  She remembered seeing a brief flicker of something coming into focus when Mrs. Vladir had flipped that switch.  She frowned at herself.  Being perceptive was something she'd been trained to do.  How did she miss him materializing?  She made a mental note to fix that.  She had to stop being wrapped up in her own world and own designs if she was going to achieve the end game.

And speaking of perception, as Guy was writing on his board again, Pandora caught sight of one vampire making advances to their Professor.  The man was impeccably well dressed and his black hair hung down his back...much like another vampire Pandora had once known.  Pushing the unpleasant thoughts and memories aside, she returned her attention to the gentleman in front of her just as he asked after the questions she was supposed to have answered.  

“I didn't catch your name or the answers to your questions.”

She took a moment to actually think about what she was supposed to be answering.  She cast another look at the board, trying to look around the ridiculous display of affection happening in front of said board.  "Well," she replied, after giving it all a moment of thought.  "My name is Pandora Locke, and my favorite color would have to be cerulean.  I suppose my favorite animal is a raven, and I think a word that would describe me would be..."  She thought for a moment.  "It's hard to say, because everyone is made up of such a myriad of personalities, that it's impossible to describe them in just one word."  She shrugged, hoping that she wasn't sounding like she was purposefully avoiding a conversation. She was just being honest.  "When I have time at my leisure, I prefer to read and study."

Xara turned to see what all the noise coming from the hall was about, when she saw a girl fall in front of the classroom.  That had to hurt.  She seems alright though.  The teacher appeared seconds later and helped the girl up before entering the room.    

After she turned on the device Xara noticed that some the desks she thought were empty actually had someone sitting in them.  I should have thought about there being some spirits here.  This is a school for any and every kind of creature or monster.  Then the teacher introduced herself and gave the class their first assignment.  She seems like a fun teacher.  Xara picked up her notebook and pen, then stood up.  She looked around the room to see who she should talk with first.  Everyone quickly got up and ran to someone so it was hard to make a choice.  She noticed that one of the male vampires had went straight for the teacher and she sighed.  Really?  It is the first day and he is already trying to win her over.  She looked around again and saw that the girl that had fallen earlier seemed to have ran into a bit of a brat.  Xara walked over to her and held out her hand.  “Hello.  My name is Xara.  My favorite color is gold.  My favorite animal is actually my gargoyle pup Asima.  I guess one word to describe me would be…adventurous.  In my free time I like to fly around and read about new things and places.”  She smiled at her.  “What about you?”

Guy nodded. It took him a little while to come up with curious. He wrote again, "We both like birds it seems. And yeah, admittedly, the whole one word thing is kinda hard. I got lucky with a word that has multiple layers to it. And I can relate. Reading and studying are quite enjoyable." He let her read and then erased the board, followed by some more witting. "Have you been to the library yet? It's quite large. I can show you when classes are over, if you'd like." After thinking for a second, he wrote two more sentences. "If it's not too personal, I am curious what manner of creature you are. I must assume you're not human if you are in this place."

The class was busily working on the assignment when Mrs. Vladir noticed a striking gentleman approaching.  He came before her, bowed and introduced himself.  He took her hand and gave it a small peck. Oh, this one is a charmer.  The man smiled and began writing his answers with a quill dipped in blood.  He presented the paper to her and she took it with one hand.  Her eyes scanned the parchment as the man verbalized all he had wrote.

This is fantastic.  His words are written in blood, how artistic.  Mrs. Vladir looked at him, “Do you write everything you do the same as this?”  She was enamored with the delectable crimson that shone so brightly on the sheet of white.  But she remembered the other students around her, “I'm honored that you came to me first, but you need to speak with your classmates as well.”  She ran her finger along his jaw line, “I enjoyed this.”

Pandora took a moment to read Guy's response.  She inwardly smiled, thinking that "enjoyable" was too tame a word when describing how she felt about reading.  A world of escape seemed more applicable, but to each their own. She patiently waited as Guy wrote again on his board asking her about one of the few weakness she had.  Darn, she thought.  He had to ask about a library...  She tried not to change the expression on her face, but she did shift in her seat to face him properly.  She'd probably given off the impression of rudeness for quite long enough.  Turning, however, afforded her peripheral to pick up the almost disgusting display at the front of the room.

"Going to the library would be nice.  I'd almost say let's go now, in order to get away from those two."  She pointed towards their teacher and fellow classmate at the front of the room.  No shame, she thought.  When she turned back to Guy she saw that he'd added a few more sentences to his earlier query.  She blinked, realizing that he was curious as to what she was.  Creature?  Well, it was better than monster which was what most people thought of her kind.  

"It's not too personal.  I just thought it was sort of obvious."  She swallowed, allowing her canines to extend and slowly smiled.  Not a true smile, it had been years since she'd had one of those.  She raised a finger and lightly touched her elongated left canine.  "I'm a vampire," she said, dismissing the smile and retracting her canines.  "But, don't worry.  I'm not going to cast some spell on you or anything...unlike the guy at the front of the room."  Not bothering to look to the front of the room, she focused her attention on Guy.

Sayen blinked up at Xara for a moment like a startled animal ready to bolt.  She forced her tensed muscles to relax and nodded slowly as the girl spoke.  When asked about her own answers, she had to think about what the questions even were again.  "I'm... Sayen..." she answered with a pang of loss for the boy who had named her thus.  I like purple, like this."  She indicated her shirt.

She bit her lower lip thoguhtfully and glanced back towards the board, trying to remember exactly what else she was supposed to be answering.  It took her a few moments to piece together the words written there.  "Favorite animal...?" she murmured, not really understanding what was being asked.  She'd never exactly had the opportunity to have a pet and her extent of knowledge of animals involved hunting in the forest.

She looked at Xara and tilted her head.  "Rabbit is very tasty... though they're a little hard to catch because they're so fast.  I, um... I don't know about the other questions..."  She blushed, biting her lower lip again and lowering her gaze.  "I... like to sleep?"
Silent K

It had been a while since he had a chance to have some sort of fun and this encounter brightened Jacques’s mood, “I only write my best in blood, for the blood I write with is the essence of beautiful souls I have encountered.  Each one is precious, and deserving to be immortalized for all time.”

Seeing the enjoyment the professor got out of his display pleased Jacques as he gave her another solemn bow, “Then I shall bid you adieu.”  With uplifted spirits Jacques turned to the class and surveyed the room full of students, “So many different creatures.  I suppose I must get to know them.”As he looked over the class he saw another vampire chatting with a spirit holding a writing board."

Completely overlooking Guy, Jacques approached the vampire with a smile, “Bonjour, I am Jacques Delamotte.  I couldn’t help but notice you showing your fangs a moment ago.”  He then gave her his mischievous smile, showing his fangs off proudly, “It seems we have something in common.  Pray tell, do you write as well?”  He then presented his piece of paper with the word “fox” on it.”

Guy nodded, erased his board and wrote. "We can meet outside of this room after we're done with classes. He noticed her liven up and he smiled. He continued to write. "I suppose that student and the teacher could tone it down a bit, but considering everyone's age here, it's not too big of a deal." He took note of the fangs. "I didn't see those. It seems we have quite a few vampires here."

As he was writing down her answers, he noticed the vampire Pandora was previously complaining about approach her, completely ignoring him. Guy's first thought was that the machine had malfunctioned. He quickly wrote out, "Am I still visible?"

If Pandora had been thinking clearly she'd have insisted that they escape to the refuge of the library that very moment.  Even if Guy had refused, she'd have gone alone.  However, she waited too late.  She decided to continue the conversation, giving the class more of her time with this exercise, hoping they'd finish quickly.

"Age, I don't think, has anything to do with the matter.  A student and teacher relationship is entirely inappropriate.  But, I am done with that subject.  The fangs are sort of unusual considering what people mostly hear about.  Having them retract and everything is sort of a genetic thing."  She paused a moment, realizing that she was letting herself talk more about herself than she was used to.  It was a strange and unpleasant feeling.  She looked away, her eyes unfocused on anything in particular.

“Bonjour, I am Jacques Delamotte.  I couldn't help but notice you showing your fangs a moment ago.”

The vampiress startled, shaking herself back into reality.  She'd let her mind wander to a place that was not best to dwell on.  However, it was not the cause of her sharp reply...rather, the person addressing her was.  First impressions tended to make a bit of an impact on her.  It was one of the main reasons why she wanted to be left alone and tended to be very introverted.  Her first impression was supposed to be "leave me the heck alone."  This Jacques Delamotte had not secured a very high ranking on her first impression scale.  Thankfully, Guy had scribbled something down and was asking her a question.  

"Yes, Guy, you are still visible."  She turned her attention back to the one she'd been having a conversation with.  "We just have with us someone who may not fully understand that it is rude to interrupt two people that were already involved in a discussion."  This class was getting far more insufferable by the minute.

Xara listened as the girl introduced herself and started to answer the questions.  “It is nice to meet you Sayen.”  She looked at her shirt and smiled.  “That is a very nice shirt.  Purple is a good color.”  She seems a bit on edge.  I guess she is not use to a lot of people or maybe she is just shy.

After listening to Sayen’s answers the other questions she thought she had put things together.  She must not get out much.  She smiled and sat down across from her.  “Rabbit is really good.  You have to set a trap or surround them in order to catch them easier.  They are pretty smart and a naps are always good.”  She looked around then back to Sayen.  So how did you learn about this school?”  While she waited for her to answer she realized that Sayen had missed one of the questions.  "Oh and can you think of one word that describes you?  I know one word is pretty hard but can you think of one?"
Silent K

Jacques stood there solemn waiting for the female vampire to respond, when he noticed her talking not to him but to a ghost holding a writing board.  He had completely overlooked the spirit and began to observe him when he received his answer from the girl,

"We just have with us someone who may not fully understand that it is rude to interrupt two people that were already involved in a discussion."

Unfazed Jacques gave her a smile and a humble bow, “Why madame, you wound me.  I am a gentleman above all else and am well versed in etiquette.  I just happened to be dazzled by your dental display that I merely overlooked this spirit here.”  He then turned to Guy and gave another bow, “Please forgive me spirit, I did not mean to offend.  I see you enjoy writing as well, we should talk later and compare pieces.”  

He then turned again to the female vampire, “And to you mademoiselle, I apologize as well.  I pray you do not think me uncouth as I was just merely carrying out the assignment given by mingling with my fellow classmates,” Jacques then gave his best sincere smile as he looked at the vexed vampirress.

Guy  wrote, “I think this is a little different, although I’m not sure if I would be doing that publicly.” He was thinking about her words. I always thought that retractable fangs were a general vampire thing. Oh well. He watched the two of them start talking. He wrote, “Thanks for letting me know. It was hard to tell.” He then responded to Jacques. “We could compare, although I mostly just take notes. That being said, would you mind giving me your answers to the questions?” He flipped his board over so Jacques could read his answers.

"Dazzled by my dental display?"  Pandora didn't know whether to laugh or groan at his alliteration.  She didn't know what to think about this vampire in front of her and his attempts at gentility.  A person could be "well versed in etiquette" but knowing it and accurately executing it were two entirely different thing.  And if he thought that she had wounded him...she wondered what he might say if she put him six feet under...and he stayed there.  His presence was annoying and vexed her to know end.  

She smiled out of politeness at his apology but other than that, did not acknowledge his words, for he truly did not want to know what she thought of him.  His smile did nothing for her guarded heart and she wished for nothing more than to leave this classroom and to be alone.

Fortunately, Guy had managed to strike up a conversation apparently taking his "uncouth" manner in stride.  They could compare answers to their hearts content.  Pandora, grateful to finally be out of this conversation, picked up her book of poetry and opened it up to her bookmarked page.  Hopefully it proved to be the sign that her classmates needed to leave her alone.  
Silent K

Jacques observed the smile the girl gave him and knew well its meaning, “Such a haughty girl,” he thought to himself, “But haughty can be fun.”  With a quick glance he noticed the poetry book she was looking at and gave a slight chuckle to himself,” Oh, this will indeed be fun.”  

Looking back at Guy Jacques presented him with the same piece of paper he gave the professor, “Here is my answer spirit.  As I stated for our lovely professor, my favorite animal is the fox and is also the word that best describes me.”  He then glanced over at Pandora as he continued answering Guy, “And as for my passion, let me demonstrate,” he said as he took a serious looking pose closing his eyes as he focused on his words:

“I view the world with my eyes and beauty surrounds
All the wonderful colors, shapes, sights, and sounds
I marvel at the world around me
And wish to preserve it permanently
I do not use paint, plaster, or stone
I do not produce music of any tone
With pen in hand I create art
Using my words and a fiery heart
I work fast as set the page ablaze
To save a moment for the rest of days
For I am a poet of the highest caliber
And beauty is what I’m after
I seek it like a fox hunts its prey
Ever vigilant I never stray
So to all that is beautiful, dashing, and fair
Try and run from me if you dare
For it is only a matter of time
Before I immortalize you in my rhyme”

It was a little over the top, but that was his purpose. He made sure that Pandora was able to hear his display as he opened his eyes and came out of his trance.  “I hope that will suffice for an answer” he said as he gave Pandora another glance and a devilish smile.

Guy nodded. He wrote out "Thanks." He spied two other girls having a conversation. He turned towards Pandora. "We can meet after class if you would like. I'm going to talk to other students now." He walked up to what appeared to be a catgirl and a female gargoyle and focusing hard made a small tapping noise on a nearby desk to get their attention. He flipped the board so they could see his answers.

Sayen visibly relaxed even as Xara continued to talk.  This was a much better interaction.  She even managed a not-quite-anxious-looking smile as the gargoyle commented on how to more easily catch rabbits.  Then there were more questions.  "I... didn't -hear- about it... They just brought me here.  After..." her voice trailed off as she thought back to what had happened that night.  She swallowed and forced another smile.  "After they found me."

Then she turned her gaze to the chalkboard and wrinkled her nose in thought.  "One word?" she murmured.  She wasn't entirely sure that she understood.  Then her face brightened and she turned back to Xara.  "Freak," she declared, looking perhaps a little too satisfied at having come up with an answer.  "I don't really know what it means, but that's what the people on the other side of the bars always called me.  If so many people said it, it must be true, right?"

She had been so focused on coming up with this answer that even though her keen senses easily picked up the tapping noise that the ghost was making, she didn't pay it any mind.

Xara listened as Sayen talked and was very shocked by what she said.  “Bars?  Freak?  She must have been used in some freak show or something.  That is horrible.  No wonder she seems a bit on edge and unsure.  She isn’t used to all of this.”  She took a deep breath and spoke.  “Well freak actually isn’t a good thing.  It is usually meant to describe something odd or unusual.  The people that said that about you just don’t understand you and people are afraid of beings that are different.  That or they are just being jerks.”  She looked over at the girl that had left just before she started talking to Sayen.  “Don’t worry about it though.  You have a new life now and things will be a lot better from now on.”  

After she finished talking Xara heard a tapping noise and turned her head to see a spirit standing there with a board.  She read the board and smiled.  “Hello Guy.  My name is Xara and this is Sayen.  So you are curious and like to read.  I can relate; I love to read as well.  I want to learn as much as I can.” After giving her answers she turned to Sayen so she could answer.

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