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A strange new horizon (fantasy RP)

Who can say why we do what we do?

Countless philosophers wiser than this humble narrator have endeavored to give an answer to this conundrum. Is it Fate? Chance? Providence?

Perhaps the reason there is no satisfactory answer is that, ultimately, the why is largely irrelevant. Because whatever your reason for taking that detour on your way home today, the result is the same.

You were driving home from the movies with some of those close to you when saw the glint of orange in the distance as your headlights glinted of the big reflective 'detour' sign, and the arrow that pointed to the little rural road off to the left.

You were driving along the little rural road, looking for a right turn to take and head back in the direction of home when you saw the little dirt path that lead off into the woods.

You were surrounded by the dense trees of the dark forest, frustratedly coming to the conclusion that, no, this is not the way home at all, when your engine cut off, and would not start back up.

And so here you all are, in the middle of the woods, in a car that may as well be a multi-ton paperweight, the night pressing hard against the windows like black velvet, when you notice, through a break in the trees, a deep red globe floating in the sky- and next to it, higher up away from the horizon, a pale blue one. Somehow, the earth has sprouted a new moon in the last few moments.

What, my accidental adventurers, do you do next?

((Be whoever you wish to be, lost in this strange world, though the intention is that you simply play yourself, more or less. I promise adventure on a grand scale, but first things first, you must discover where you are, and as much as possible about about this strange land you find yourself in, if you are to have any hope at all of finding your way back home))

Why was getting lost so familiar to me?  I leaned against the head rest of my seat and sighed.  I had even used that stupid GPS.  Now the thing is stuck telling me it’s trying to calculate a route.  It seems to be as lost as I am, which is just super.  I try to start the car, maybe I’ll just drive around till I find a road, but no luck.  It won’t start.  It just figures this would happen.  I remember the crimson orb and look to the sky.  It’s definitely not what I normally see in the night sky, but I find it very enticing.  I figure that sitting in a dead car is a waste of time, and I leave the security of my vehicle.

I climb on top of my roof continuing to gaze at the sight before me, enjoying the night time that surrounds me.  I feel something irritating against my side and remember the cell phone in my pocket.  When I open the phone it reveals little battery and no signal.  I’ve been in a situation like this before, unsure if I’d even live through it, but I need to assess where I even am, and if there’s a road nearby.  It’s simple when you only see your options as life or death.  I hop off the roof and search my car for any supplies that may be useful.  The hoodie in the back seat catches my attention and I tie it around my waist.  There isn’t much to take, but I seek out a lighter and find one hidden away in the glove box.  Who knows where it came from, I have a tendency take lighters when I see them unattended.  After the car is locked, I pocket the keys.  There’s a thick stick on the ground, I pick it up giving me a small sense of safety and walk further into the forest.

The first thing you notice when you get to walking is- okay that makes NO sense. You were just driving to get out here, and the road wasn't exactly stellar but it was wide enough for a car. But now you're out of the car, the dirt road is nowhere to be seen. There's even a tree right behind your car, in the space you're SURE you just drove through.

The forest is... still. Peaceful. The sounds of fauna echo around you. There, a bit off in the distance, stark against what little moonlight gets through the canopy, is an orange light.

A short distance off from the car, I once again forgot if I had locked it.  Perhaps it wasn’t dire in this situation, but it was a habit.  I turn around towards the vehicle and click the button on my keys waiting for the head lights to flash.  I notice a tree behind my car.  I stare at it in confusion.  It’s something I didn’t remember being there when I first left the car.  I conclude I should pay more attention to my surroundings, and then puzzle how such a thing could even be there.  The trees were finally coming to get me it seems.  Oh how I love plants…  Botany had not been good to me…but where was I?

I was certain the car was now locked and started walking back.  There isn’t much light to see by, and I desperately wish I had a flashlight.  I take out my phone to use as a light source.  It’s no good, it covers little area.  I shut the phone off to conserve battery and slide it back into my pocket. The atmosphere is getting to me, a sudden sound causes me to jerk.  I try to keep my hands in front of me to help navigate, and as I walk my eyes adjust to the darkness.  I could make out shapes.  Among the shapes was an orange glow in the distance.  If I was smart I’d stop and wait for morning to come.  Unfortunately my mind was gnawing at itself with curiosity.  I continue on, drawing ever closer to the orange light.

As you draw close the light begins to resolve itself into a campfire- not a large one, just enough to keep an individual warm- and in the light of that fire you are able to make out 2 covered wagons, and some lumps on the ground.

There is the sudden noise of something buzzing behind you, immediately followed by the feeling of a sharp point touching the back of your neck. A quiet tenor speaks clearly "State your business in approaching our camp by dead of night- and quickly please. I would also advise AGAINST any sudden movements."

The distance between the light and myself decreases as I walk.  It reveals itself to be fire.  Finally something good, the warmth of the flames will be refreshing in this chilly night air.  There’s something near the fire, but I ignore it.  All my focus is on this wonderful element.  

A strange noise begins from behind, but I am unable to examine it.  There is something sharp poking my neck that prevents me from turning.  A voice speaks to me in a threatening tone and demands to know why I am here.  Fear has paralyzed me and frozen my tongue.  A thought comes to me, I’m boned.  The voice tells me to quickly explain, in a panic I can only fumble out the words, “I’m lost!”

There is another short buzz behind you, and you feel the pressure on the back of your neck slacken slightly- apparently the guard was not expecting this answer.

"Lost?" there is a moment of silence, then "keep to no sudden movement,s I assure you I can move this blade fast enough to protect my kin should you prove a threat." and the blade is removed from your neck before the buzzing continues and the guard begins circling you. As he comes around into your field of vision it becomes startlingly obvious that this person is unlike any person you have before seen. The first thing you notice is the source of the buzzing- the large dragonfly-like wings that protrude from his back, fluttering once in a while to make him light on his feet as he circles around you curiously.

You notice also that his ears are long- not just pointed like an elf from Tolkien, but at least a foot long, though still taut, and moving at odd and expressive angles that seem to constitute his expression- which is handy because he has no eyebrows to portray expression in the way you'd be more used to.

He is shirtless, wearing only a bandoleer-style pack with many pockets (so as to keep his wings unobstructed) and pants that look to be made out of leather.

Most importantly though is the silvery spear of uniform metal he holds steady pointed at your head as he circles around- it's at least a foot longer than he is tall, but he handles it with obvious practice.

By the time he has arrived in front of you you can see his posture relax a bit more, though the spear remains trained on your nose. "Well you certainly look lost. Very strange garments, goblin-made?"

The voice reacts to my outburst.  He lets me know I’m still seen as a threat and he’s ready to attack at any moment.  The man is moving around me, and soon I will be able to see my captor.  I see him and it becomes clear why I heard that strange noise.  He has wings, giant bug like wings.  How very strange.  

It seems he’s starting to believe I’m a lost traveler from my appearance, but the sinister spear stays locked on my face.  Wait, did he just say goblin?  Really?  I’m being held up by an insect man after I became lost in the forest for no logical reason, there appears to be two moons in the sky, and I’m being asked if goblins made my clothes…I have fallen into a nerd’s wet dream.  I puzzle, “Goblins you say?  I see, no these pieces of cloth are not made by goblins.  In fact where I’m from the creatures don’t even exist, could you tell me where I am exactly?”

One ear quirks almost straight up while the other lies flat to the point of being nearly perpendicular to the other one- the effect being overall someone with one eyebrow raised very high.

He opens his mouth, then closes it again, then clears his throat before finally speaking. "I know not what sort of con you're running goblin-friend, but certainly if you were lost in Amarath from such an utterly alien place then I would wonder at how casually you take things. If goblins do not exist where you are from why are you not more incredulous at their mention?"

He takes one hand off the spear- though it remains trained on your face, to put the other hand to his mouth and let out a short whistled tune through his fingers, then beckoning to you. "Come to the fire, we've more to discuss I dare say- Bira would not forgive us otherwise, regardless of the veracity of your story."

The man still holds the spear to my face and pretends that I’m the one making no sense.  How long was he going to stay in character?  My gosh, this was the most extensive larp I had ever seen.  Everything here has been all smoke and mirrors just for their little game.  I bet they got lost here before as well, and what better place to play than a secluded forest.  However I am still lost, and I don’t wish to play.  

“Look dude, cut the crap.  I know you’re just some nerds playing a game, no disrespect though, I married one.  I get that I’ve wondered into your Amarar or whatever you’ve named this forest, but I’d like to get home now.”  I look around with fascination, “You must have spent a fortune for all of this, those wings look almost real.  And what is that hat you’re wearing?  Battery powered?  That a toy spear?”  I touch the point of the spear expecting it to feel soft, but it is indeed sharp.  “Ok, so it is a real spear…you guys are the hard core type of role players huh?  But how did you manipulate the sky like that?  That’s most impressive.”

"Noords? O_o" he asks, stopping at the edge of the firelight, ears moving to an angle not unlike an angry cat- flat against his head. "We are of the Fae!" he shouts, his wings buzz so quickly with upset that he actually is lifted a few few inches off the forest floor. "The road is our home! We hail not from the land of Noor! Xenophobes scarcely let us cross the border to trade as it is!"

His indignant shout seems to rouse many of the others who weren't in a terrible hurry to get up and answer his whistle.

(( Player two inserts coin, presses start button. ))

One of the blanketed bundles by the fire stirs, and sits up, revealing a girl with horns and skin that looks a bit ashen in the firelight, who rubs at one eye before turning to stare in the direction of the guard and the stranger, still wrapped tight in her blanket.

Next to her, another figure sits up with a jingle of bells, yawns wide, and stares, glancing between the newcomer and the man with the spear, then cards her fingers through her hair with a jingle from the bells on her sleeves. "Eh... Zer, what's with the elf?"

"Says she's lost, Nar" replies the guard "Seems to think we're Noorish... you seen the like of her clothes before? I've not. Goblins are always wearing the oddest things."

Another voice rings out from the far side of the campfire "Little short for an elf, isn't she?" and a boy- well, all these folks are on the short side, but this one definitely looks like a child "An' why would an elf have goblin clothes?" the boy flutters over, wings carrying him directly over the fire, to get a closer look a the newcomer.

"Mieldy Angor Dra'Vreen!" comes a scolding and matronly voice "what have I told you about flying over the fire?!"

The man seems upset.  Newords?  Is he still in character?  Some people just don’t understand urgency.  The things on his head lay flat, that is one high tech hat.  He tells me he’s of the Fae…great, so now he’s a faery.  This whole time I thought he was playing a bug creature.  He leaves the ground again.  I wonder what’s causing him to hover.  I see some people arise near the fire.  They are also decked out in fantasy attire, must be some mates of his that were napping.  One of them mentions an elf.

A dialogue breaks out among them, and they are all very much in character.  They seem to have taken my nerd comment and made it a real place, they’ve changed it to the land of Newor or something like that.  I question if it had already existed in their world or if they had made it up on the spot.  I sigh, seems they’re talking of elves and goblins again.  Wait a moment…I’M the one being called an elf, and a child at that!  How rude.  I clear my throat, “Excuse me, but why on earth would you pick an elf for my race?  I look nothing like an elf!  And I’ll have you know I’m 24 thank you!  Hardly a child.”  I sigh again, “Could you PLEASE stop playing this game and help me find my way home?  Just tell me where I am, the nearest road, anything!  I can call my husband to pick me up, and then I’ll be out of your hair and you can imagine away to your heart’s content.”  A boy hovers over the fire and comes closer to me, the technology here is outstanding.  “Holy fish!  You went right over that fire!  Whatever you’re using, it must be pretty powerful to attempt that.”

The boy looks at you with big and curious eyes "Yea- they're called wings O_O" he flutters.

"Mieldy!" the sharp woman, presumably his mother, snaps "What have I told you about being rude?"

The guard moves with deference to the matronly woman- she has a few wrinkles, and her wings lay flat against her back as she walks over. She addresses you "Now, child, if you're not an elf what are you? You've no wings, so you're not one of us- you're far too tall and thin to be a dwarf, your ears are too small for goblins..." she seems to be speaking to herself a bit at this, as though reassuring herself of her conclusion. " horns, and you're CERTAINLY not Z'darri. But I understand, you are distressed and lost- we shall be hospitable, but you aren't making a great deal of sense. Please, calm down a bit and tell us where you're from, so we can see about giving you directions. You are currently in the Tellite woods, on the central continent."

The boy won't reveal his machine to me, he says they're wings just as he should for this game.  

An elderly woman is trying to analyze what race I would be.  I'm a bit frustrated but it seems at least she wants to help me.  If answering her questions will move things forward, then I will give her her desired words.  I place my hand upon my chest, "I am what's known as a homosapien, and I come from the small land of Richmond."  I hope my answers please her to hasten her assistance.  I think back to her observations and curiosity grabs at me once again, "You seemed to give a strong reaction to these Zadarri, who exactly are they?  And I thought these woods were called Amarar."

She gives you a curious look, ears waggling "Amarath, stranger. Where the Gods Tread- it is what we call that which remains after the ancient crucible. It is the name of the world.

A world, it is noteworthy, that I have crossed the breadth of- from the stacks of Lybrinthia, dipped a toe in the Well of Souls on one side, and trodden the Barren on the other- and never once have I heard of the homosapiens of Richmond- can you tell me more of this? For truly, and it shames me, but I know not how to direct you."

My chest is starting to feel tight.  Surely an elderly woman wouldn't play with me in such a dire situation.  Why doesn't she know Richmond?  There are multiple Richmond, shouldn't she have at least heard of one of them?  It's getting harder to breathe.  I focuses on inhaling through my nose and out through my mouth to prevent myself from having a panic attack.  I really didn't want to start crying in front of some strangers, annoying attacks.  Come on, calm down!  I'm starting to get annoyed at myself.  I look at the elderly woman, perhaps she just didn't know the word homosapien, I'm pretty sure my papaw wouldn't.  I question her, "Ok, no joking around here, but you do know what a human is, don't you?"

((So sorry about the long silence I've been really focused on my thesis of late))

The matronly woman blinks, her wings shifting agitatedly "We're faeries... of course we have heard of humans... we've also heard of Phoenixes and Unicorns, for we are the keepers of tales and such are the stuff of great legend... but that does not mean that we believe them." She seems to think you're putting her on, claiming to be come mythological creature... much the same way you've been thinking of her.

((Understandable, I however have no excuse besides you can't type well with a bloody tablet))

I hear her words and my body begins to slump.  This isn't real, it can't be, this CAN'T happen...  The weight becomes too much and I flop to the ground.  I put my hand on my head in disbelief and mutter aloud, "This is can't be real, but you are...and me...I'm not supposed to exist...I don't exist?  What...the frick happened?"

I slam my palm into the steering wheel and mutter a few choice words in a couple different languages. I was used to the back roads as I had lived in the back country for most of my life, so it came as a slight surprise when I found myself lost. Now my Car would not start... Grandma was going to be rather upset. The "Check Engine" light had been on for some time, but the Mechanic had told me that it was just a malfunctioning sensor and as nothing to worry about. I knew I should have had it checked again. I search through my many pockets untill I come across my Cell in the right hand side of my waistcoat. I look at the signal, not expecting much, and I am not disappointed. There rarely was any bars to be found out here.

I lock the doors and lean the seat back. I take a moment to enjoy the stars through the Window. I never get to really SEE the stars anymore. One of my many regrets about living in a City. I take a swig of my own special "Travel Drink" (I do need to come up with a better name for it) and begin to mull over my predicament. The road seemed little used, so my car would stand out to anyone who passed by, but that could take some time. My parents would be worried, especially if they could not reach men on my Cell.

With a Sigh I straiten the seat and look around again. Waiting did not seem like a good Idea, so I decide to follow the road and look for a House and hope that someone up the road is awake and kind enough for me to use their phone. Such kindness seemed to be almost a natural thing from people who lived around me when I was a Child, but much had changed in a short time... Or perhaps the death of my Innocence had stripped me of such delusions.

I open the door and step out into the night grabbing up my canteen and the wind up Torch from the Glove compartment. As an afterthought I also retrieve my knife from the door pocket and lace the sheath onto my belt. I check the oversised pockets of my overcoat ensure that the notebook and my tablet are in them, and tuck the newest book that I am reading under my left arm as I wind up the Torch. Shining the light down the road I head off at a brisk pace.


The woman looks surprised at this, and crouches down beside you, placing a gentle hand on your back.

"harmed as I am to say it, I haven't a clue... well, I do have a clue, but saying that you've arrived as the result of personal attention from the gods is hardly helpful, is it?"

She says this with a light laugh and a smile, with the air of someone who has stated the obvious for purposes of humor to try and cheer a distraught person.


It takes you several moments to realize that something is amiss. The road you are on is an old dirt one... but you have no worries about slipping in the mud, the road is quite dry, showing no sign of the rain-shower you drove through on your way to the movies earlier that night.

Your flashlight quickly proves redundant- the night is brightly moonlit- and through the gap in the trees above the road you are struck by how red the moon appears- very odd since it's not particularly close to the horizon.

I click the flashlight a few times, cycling through the settings to the off postition, and place it into one of my overcoat pockets. I look up at the suddenly clear skies, the  red moon immediatly draws my attention. It was not time for a harvest moon... and the moon was out of position anyway. It takes me a moment more to realize that I do not recognise the constalations. I feel a slight nausia as I realize thatt something major is amiss. I continue to walk down the road, but my pace is slowed and I take in my surroundings a bit more.

I softly laugh to myself.  Man, what a situation.  Here I am in God knows where, and I seem to be the only human.  Terrific.  Some bloody blessing from the "gods" is what supposedly brought me here?  I've lost everything, my family, my friends...and if I didn't keep my head about me, I'd lose my mind.  Whatever, maybe there was still a chance this was all just a nightmare.

I look up at the elderly woman and rub the back of my head with my hand, "Is there any place I might be able to sleep?  I'm suddenly feeling very...tired."

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