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Classical FF Fantasy Rp Chatacter Profiles

Profile Skeleton:
Job: (One Job)
Skill sets: (Preferably related fields)

Name: Palmer St. Augustine
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Job: White Mage
Skill Sets: White Magic
Bio: He was raised in a church orphanage since he was a baby. All through his life, he excelled in spiritual maters. At 14, he was admitted into the priesthood. A 17, he was accepted into the prestigious Order of the Red Cross, as a White Mage to help defend the church and fight against the forces of evil. He is currently on a pilgrimage to the head church for a promotion to Devout.
Personality: Stereotypical white mage with a sense of humor

Name: Praetor Arinus Gartem

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Job: Paladin

Skill Sets: White Magic/Heavy Arms Tactics


Bio: A Praetor of the Prutsra Order, A Paladin cloistered order dedicated to the protection of the clergy and pilgrims. He ancestor was the founder of this order and he is the last in a Long line of distinguished members. At the age of five his father was killed while out preforming his duties for the Order, not long after Arinus' mother was confined to a nunnery that acts a a sanitarium. He and his younger brother, who is a Armsman in the Order, were taken in by the current Preseptor of the Prustrans.

Personality: Loyal and driven. He has dedicated his life to the Order and to insuring his brothers future. Enjoys joking around and usually has some form of a smile on his face, unless he is locked in battle as he tends to take his work very seriously.

Name: Xander Battaglia
Age: 25
Gender: male
Job: Dark Knight
Skill sets: Darkness
Appearance:Without armor
Bio: At a young age he was orphaned when his parents were killed by a strange creature. Shortly after, a master Dark Knight found him hiding inside a cave near an odd glowing orb and took them both back to his home, sealing the orb within an underground chamber. For several years he trained young Xander as a Dark Knight. One night, Xander came home from purchasing food to find his master's home wrecked and his master dead and the orb missing. He is now hunting the killer, who he believes to be the same creature. (No, it isn't a Zodiac Stone, I'm not that cheap)
Personality: sadistic and cruel towards his enemies but kind to those who win his trust.

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