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Classical FF Fantasy Rp

So, this is an rp set in a classical fantasy setting using the Final Fantasy Job Class system. By that I mean recurring Jobs and abilities. Ex: White Mage, Dragoon

1. No godmoding, etc.
2. Keep it clean (not to much romantically, violently, no vulgar language)
3. I'd like to keep this fairly close to stereotypical FF jobs and stuff. I want stuff that can be seen in multiple FF games, stuff that transcends a single universe. This is especially true of abilities; try to get a list of abilities and especially spells for mages that are common in most of the games.
4. I can change and add rules (can't really think right now)
5.  Be semi-lit. And no chat speak.
6. OOC should be in (), (()), [], [[]],{}, or {{}}
7. Be mature. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill

Palmer entered through the large wooden doors. For such a small town, his current stop had a rather large church. But he was used to it. He proceeded to the altar before kneeling in silent prayer. He knew he still had along way to go before he reached the High Church. But part of the experience was the journey.  

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