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Name: Cro Bukar
Birthdate: January 22nd 1983
Race: Half-Blood (Saiya-Human Hybrid)
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Black
Melee Weapon: Arms and Legs
Ranged Weapon: Has None
Transformations : Super Saiyan 1-4
Attacks : Galic Gun, Final Flash, Negative Energy Ball, Planet Shatterer.
Ki Color: Orange
Alliance: Good
Cro was once a normal boy that lived in a distant galaxy and on a planet that no one really knew about. He loved his life very much and he loved his family and he didn't really know what he would do without them.
His father would train him everyday in hopes that his son would become one of the strongest warriors in the universe as a kid cro didn't really like to play he wanted to go around and pull pranks on everyone.
The result of not liking to train Cro's power level would stay the same until something or someone angered him and he would go into an uncontrolable rage and thats when his father saw it for the first time.
Cro got so mad one time that he almost turned into a Super Saiyajin! This event wouldn't go un-noticed Freiza, the ruler of Vegeta now had spies everywhere and even on this desolate planet that Cro and his family lived on. Freiza feared that the Saiyajins were getting too strong and wanted all of them elimnated Freiza started with Bardock's team and worked his way around the galaxy until they got to the planet that Cro and his parent's lived on.

The raid on Cro's planet didn't happen for two years because Lord Freiza forgot about these weaklings they didn't really pose a threat so he thought he'd let them live for a little while.
Cro's power started to increase as he got older and he found that training with his father had more uses now.
His father trained him and his sister, Trinity his father did hope that they would become the strongest warriors in the universe and maybe they could stand up to people like Freiza.
When the word that Planet Vegeta had exploded Cro's father knew that the end was coming soon and that they would probably be next on Freiza's hit-list and they weren't gonna run like cowards they were gonna stand there and fight like Saiyajins, like the warriors they were!

A few months later it come the raid on Cro's planet by Freiza and his henchmen they barged into The Bukar home and killed Cro and Trinity's mother and father. Cro had told Trinity to leave and that he would stand there and fight the monsters that had taken there parent's lives and out of pure rage.
Cro had finally done it he had become a Super Saiyan and his Saiyajin powers were unleashed as he easily defeated most of Freiza's henchmen and the one that lived ran away and reported what happened to Freiza.

Cro looking down at his dead parent's his eyes filled with tears and his body filled with so much rage and power that he could barely contain himself.
With his mother's last breathe she told her Cro to protect his sister and try to live peacefully.
He was too filled with anger and rage to listen to her but he promised his mother he'd protect her sister and against his sister's wishes he put her in a pod and sent her to a distant planet where she would live peacefully.

Cro had something he needed to do and that was to get revenge against Freiza for killing his family and nearly destroying his planet.
A day had passed and Cro was out in a field on his planet training and trying to become as strong as he could so he could take down the tyrant known as Freiza as Cro trained Freiza gave Vegeta a mission to go to the Bukar planet to see if there were any Saiyans left and if there were he was to bring them back to Planet Freiza and they would be forced to become Freiza's soliders.

Cro had trained all he could and than he would feel another power-level coming his way and he had no idea that it was The Saiyajin Prince, Vegeta.
He waited for the power level to get as near as it could before he investiagted what was happening he didn't have to investigate what was happening.
Vegeta had appeared and told the young child that he was here to collect him and that if he knew what was good for him that he would join Freiza's army.

Hearing Freiza's name Cro powered up as high as he could go and Vegeta never feeling a power like this stepped back a few steps and looked at the boy.
Cro was ready to fight The Saiyajin Prince, Vegeta and he wasn't going to go down without a fight and than a fight ensued.
The Prince vs The Common Child they fought for a while but it ended when Cro went Super Saiyajin against The Prince and finished The Prince off with an energy blast which shot Vegeta into a wall and rocks fell upon The Prince.

After these events Cro would find himself a secluded part of the planet and he would train for hours and sometimes days on end and than a year passed since the destruction of Cro's planet and he had become an 11 year old Saiyajin.
He still didn't feel if he was strong enough to defeat Freiza in his current state but he heard about Kakarot, one of Earth's Saiyajins that was born on Planet Vegeta before Freiza took it over.

Two months had passed and he guessed it was time for Freiza to meet his end and he heard that Freiza had flown to Namek to look for The Dragon Balls.
Cro flew to Namek after Freiza and when he landed he felt something incredible other fighters. He felt Goku and Gohan for the very first time and they were much stronger than he could ever be and after a while of wandering around Cro finally had found Freiza and all the other fighters.

He felt that it was pretty much zero hour and he watched Gohan start to fight Freiza but Cro stepped in and began to fight Freiza.
It was a back and forth match between Cro and Freiza but most of the time it looked like Freiza had the upper-hand and out of desperation Cro turned into a Super Saiyajin and than Freiza began backing off being shocked to see a Super Saiyajin at such a young age.

Cro was about to end Freiza's life with an energy blasts and than Captian Ginyu stepped in he was dazed and cofused but he knocked Cro out with a kick to the gut and Cro got flung back against a rock and got knocked out.
Vegeta seeing this blew up into a rage and than went to attack Freiza but Freiza just pointed his finger at Vegeta as he attacked and used his Death Beam to Kill The Saiyajin Prince.

It was Kakarot's turn but before he attacked Vegeta pleaded with Kakarot to beat Freiza and free their people from his clutches.
Kakarot noded and than he went on the attack it was a back and forth match. Kakarot had the upper-hand for a while and than for a while it looked like Freiza was going to kill Kakarot.
Kakarot near the end of the fight went Super Saiyan and he finished off The Icejin with a spirit-bomb and that spirit-bomb blew up the planet and whatever life was on it.

Before the planet blew up Cro found an abandoned space-pod and dragged Vegeta's life-less body into the space-pod and than he set a course for earth and in about two days they arrived on earth in about 3 days and during those three days Vegeta had awakened and noticed he had been saved by a child and his pride got the best of him asking the kid why he didn't just let him die with his pride and dignity.

Cro kept to himself and than they arrived on earth where Vegeta had meet Bulma and everything was history to that point.
About 4 years later when Cro had turned 15 he asked for The Prince to train him and The Prince being The Prince said he'd train Cro if they had a spar and only if he won. The spar between Cro and Vegeta took about 2 hours to complete it went back and forth between Vegeta and Cro but Cro won with a large purpleish energy ball to Vegeta which drained Cro of all of his energy.

The Prince saw something in this young Saiyajin that he had never seen before this kid had it all.
His fiery and angry, he could be gentle and passionate he knew that he could be a good warrior if he just applied himself to his training. Vegeta started training him and just after 4 months training the kid he could see improvements in him he wasn't as shy as he was when they first meet.
He had felt the kids power when they had meet on The Kid's home-planet.
It was an amazing power coming from a kid that young and being a Super Saiyajin that young was rare as well.

As the years went by Vegeta and Cro had became close almost a father/son type bond but it was weird.
He dated The Prince's daughter, Bulla for a few months and that took a toll on Vegeta because he knew the kind had no family and than one day suddenly The Kid disappeared no not or anything.
Vegeta always thought he went after the rest of Freiza's family but he wasn't sure about that.

Cro finally re-appeared 5 years later and that was near the end of the majin buu saga and the beginning of GT.
The earth seemed to be at peace for just a little while and during that transition of not having anyone to fight.
Cro had for a breif time been evil having The Majin Blood running through his system.
He fought against him and won but some of the dormant Majin powers still inside of Cro and could be called upon during any battle.

Cro had lived through Bebi's reign and after Syn Shenron was defeated there was peace again but no one knew for how long.
During a training session at The Bejita's house Cro went into Bulma's lab and drank what he thought was a glass of water but what it really was a vile filled with a potion that would make you younger and when Cro drank it the effects took action. A day passed and than he realised something. He wasn't in his 20's anymore he had been transformed back into a CHILD?! What does this mean for Cro? Will he stay a child for the rest of his life. Stay tuned!

He had become the savior of Planet Earth once again seeing one of his comrades get killed by King Cold.
He challenged Cold and imediately Cold underestimated him the fight would start with Cold dominating half of the fight and it would look like it was the end of Cro and than he turned into a Super Saiyan and began to fight back.

Cold and Cro began to trade blows it looked like Cro had the upperhand until King Cold transformed into his second form and Cro tried to fight him in his Super Saiyan form but Cold was too powerful and than Cro transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and for a breif moment they were both equal in power.

Cro had thrown some massive energy attacks but they seem to just get side-swiped by King Cold.
After a while it seemed hopeless like neither of them would win and than King Cold transformed into his Third form and Cro still in Super Saiyan 2 he still continued to fight him no matter what. After a while it looked helpless for Cro and he was about to give up and than he turned into a Super Saiyan 3 and the battle resumed.

Half of West-City had been destroyed and Cro knew the people weren't gonna forgive him for destroying there town bue he need to thwart this threat.
They traded blows a little while longer and than when Cold thought he had the upperhand he transformed into His Final Form and attempted to kill Cro and the planet with a Super Nova attack.

Seeing this and there was no where to run he transformed into a Super Saiyan 4.
He retiliated with a large energy attack of their own and the two attacks meet in the middle and as the attacks colided it blew up the remainig area of a town and severely injured Cro and Cold.
Cold retreated to his planet and Cro got medical attention from Bulma they would fight again one day he just didn't know when

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