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DM/Kaijudo/MTG Crossover

Planeswalkers have traversed the multiverse for eons in search of new realms to explore, control, and exploit for their various machinations. However, none could imagine that a unique  new plane would be discovered. A young plane with a people whose style of magic was specific to the plane. Humans dominated the main planet. A select few humans who call themselves duel masters practice an art called Kaijudo to summon monsters from a parallel world. This plain is called Earth.

The multiverse of planes aren't... unknown to the vast libraries scattered across the face of Ravnica. Though the existence of other planes wasn't of immediate import to most of the denizens of the city-plane, bound to the plane of their birth as they were, the dracogenius Niv-Mizzet had never been one to forego careful examination simply because it lacked ready application.

And thus it was that when an anomaly was detected- reports of sorcerers summoning creatures from another plane without the planeswalker's spark heretofore assumed to be essential to such act- the firemind summoned one of his few guildmages capable of closer investigation.

Acinore was the name of that guildmage, and his unique qualification was the result of a rare quirk of his birth: he was a planeswalker. This was not the only odd thing about the path of his life, though it was likely the most unique. A half-elf born to a mother in the Selenya guild and a father whom he had never met, he grew up in the perfectly manicured gardens and rigid order of the druids who aspired to hive-mindedness.

It was long thought among his teachers that he simply lacked magical potential- or at the very least lacked the mental discipline required to take advantage of whatever potential he might have. His youth was spent with much skiving off chapel to go stare at the horizon beyond the sheltered enclave that was he had ever known, and very little druidic magic.

A free spirit, the mindset behind selsnyan magic just didn't mesh- but as doubtless you have imagined, dear reader, this did not belie an overall lack of magical aptitude. His slow, boring life changed during one fateful lesson when he was 14. The class was supposed to work together to grow a sapling into a grand oak, subsuming their individual designs into a tapestry of their magics to achieve a feat of magic none of them could accomplish on their own. Acinore felt the pull of the hivemind spell, the uniformity of thought and action, and rebelled at an instinctual level. The sapling shattered and exploded in a plume of flames. By the time the fire had been contained, the mercurial young mage was nowhere to be found.

Having no interest in the thorough lecture and possible caning that was coming to him, and now realizing his complete lack of interest in the lessons his instructors had to teach in any case, he ran, impulsively choosing the life of an urchin over his life of plenty in the enclave. More noteworthy perhaps than this is that he survived. He took to living by his wits in exactly the way he hadn't taken to being one with the conclave. Pickpocketing for what he needed, and letting his intuition steer him when experience failed. He continued on like that for a period of 5 years until one day he cut the purse of an young man wearing a lot of very strange and shiny devices- a chemister from teh izzet guild.

Among the contents of chemister's pockets he found a journal logging many unsolved equations and puzzles that the journals owner had been struggling with. This engaged young Acinore thoroughly, he snuck into libraries to research things he did not understand, and after a few months he had managed to run out of problems in the book.

He did the only intelligent thing at that point: he waltzed up to Nivix, journal in hand, and requested more puzzles to solve. The original owner of the journal called the Azorious of course, and the half-elf was bound to await proper arrest, but some of the older guild members bothered to check Acinore's work while they waited for the authorities. Again, as the reader might imagine, they were impressed by his work- it wasn't perfect or profound, but it still managed to be impressive under the circumstances, and long story short the lawkeepers were told that there was a false alarm- over the vocal objections of the journal's original owner- and Acinore was inducted as a mage of the Izzet.

His spark awoke during an explosion that took out most of his lab, placed a shiny burn scar on his neck, and deafened him in his right ear (the moral of that story being not to use components obtained at a discount). Rather than find the early end common to many guildmaged, he slipped off into the blind eternities and avoided the brunt of the blast.

But the past, as they say, is prologue. This tale is about one particular assignment given the young planeswalker by the Parun of the guild himself, and this tale begins when he- that is to say when I set foot for the first time on the plane of Earth.

Unfortunately the local authorities did seem to find some objection to the spot where I landed.

A young man with square glasses around his azure eyes, was walking away from the local high school. From their small windows, he viewed the world. However, at the moment, he mostly viewed the ground. "School politics are a farce. Nothing more than a popularity contest. No one cares about the issues or policy change. Only that little Brittany is hot and charismatic." He sighed as his hand ran through his soft, light blond hair. His tall stature made him stand out from the rest of his peers in his senior class. However, the most striking feature was his proper outfit he had worn today for the class presidential debate. As he began to make his way away from the school, a gold sphere appeared in an ally. He quickly ducked into the ally and changed out his glasses for his prescription sports goggles. He bowed to the sphere. "Master, I assume an issue has arisen."

"Perceptive as usual, Logan. Kay Jewelry has reported an incident." A strict tone spoke through the sphere.

"Master, what type of creature is involved?" Logan inquired.

"We have no reports of a creature yet. Just a man who appeared in the store. We believe he may have breached the veil in the store, so we are trying to contain the incident, as well as investigate the intruder. I have dispatched the others with Cyber Viruses, but I want you to personally track the individual. You are the most capable and you follow the rules, unlike many of your peers. Report back what you find."

"Yes master. Affirmative." He bowed in dismissal and pulled out a black fingerless glove and placed it on his left hand as he dashed toward the jewelry store.

It's always a novel experience when first arriving on a new plane. Every plane is unique in myriad subtle ways that a non-walker doesn't even realize are variables. The thickness of the air, the rigidity of the mana, the frequency of the monopolar ionospheric gridwork.... but I digress. The way in which this plane, Urth as we had translated it, was relevantly unique had to do with it's technology.

I hadn't been Urth-bound longer than required to notice the glass cabinets filled with jewels and precious metals before shrill bells started sounding from all over- and scant few minutes more had passed while I performed some basic scrying techniques to get my bearings before a whole mass of locals hurdled up in some sort of combustion-based transportation devices, then piled out and pointed what I could only assume to be weapons at me.

I do prefer to avoid conflict when possible, especially with people who are (again presumably) only doing their job, but I spent enough time in that damned enclave to know that incarceration does not agree with me. For the sake of brevity I will simply say that I decided to resist arrest.

Kicking on the mana coils in my boots and gauntlets on, the game became a matter of waiting for them to warm up... though that errand looked to be complicated by the officers shouting at me to exit the building in a vulnerable posture. This called for a distraction, though choosing an appropriate one was difficult, due to my reluctance in causing these fine men harm simply for doing their job.

I placed the palms of my gauntlets together and muttered a few choice incantations, establishing and utilizing some manabonds with a nearby lake before sending an arc of lightning trailing off at my opponents. Rather than strike the door I had aimed it at of course, the arc began streaking from point to point, harrying their aim and being a general nuisance as I focused my energies on bringing the mana coils online.

The bolt acted unlike your typical bolt of electricity because, of course, it was not a typical bolt of electricity- if one followed it's path carefully they might catch a glimpse of a russet fox skidding to a halt atop one of the vehicles before lunging back off in a new direction- a funny little elemental I managed to befriend in a very dark plane, he had his uses.

Logan ran onto the scene to observe the weird fox creature land on the vehicles. "Great, the cover up is going to be fun on this one." He saw the acolytes arrive a moment after he did and release the cyber viruses. "Get them out of here. It isn't safe for them!" He took another look at the creature that was jolting around. This creature is unlike any I've ever seen before. Better keep my wits about me. He held his hand out as the black glove was replaced by a blue and gold one that was decked out in high technology. He turned toward the man in the store. "Banish your creature and tell me who you are and where you are from."

My little friend of course is instructed explicitly not to do any more harm than can be avoided- well... okay, he's instructed to distract, not to fight, given his nature that's not quite the same thing as "Don't hurt anyone" admittedly... still, he's not aiming to tackle anyone.

My mana coils had just ticked over to 78.79% charge when I'm addressed in a way that makes my focus slip for a moment. "Wow... I haven't heard that tone since the Azorious's Edicts stopped being broadcast over skyrunes." I mutter, opening my eyes and looking around, the gems on my gauntlets and boots glowing now at 79% capacity.

The person I see- the presumptive owner of the voice in question, is not at all what I expect to see- too young for a start, but I suppose zeal hardly has an age limit. "Well now... someone had a drought of self-importance this morning along with their brindleback bacon... you'll be a local then, hmm?"

no no no Acinore, don't antagonize for once- you could almost not have hoped to be so lucky as to find a local caster so quickly- maybe he'll know something about- wait, he told me to banish my creature... he must be familiar with such! A source to inquire with already- at this rate I'll be home for dinner! That would be somewhat anticlimactic wouldn't it? Hmm... I suppose I could see some of the- FOCUS ACINORE, task at hand there's a good chap.

"How fortuitious that is for me."

Logan looked frustrated. "I am a local. And for the safety of this community you have left me no choice." He held his hand out, snapped his fingers, and an opening in the Veil form. "Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua!"

From the Veil, a humanoid machine that appeared to be covered in gold metal and water with two wings appeared. Sir, what are your orders?

Logan, keeping his focus on the fox, sent his thoughts to his ally. Contain the lightning creature.

Tajimal nodded. Yes, sir. He raced toward the crackleburr.

"The rules of logic and order have already made the choice for you." I reply in an overly stuffy and affected tone.

I sigh, muttering "This is really not how I would have liked this to go..." I'd really rather not fight him, but I know his type- they've got a handicap when it comes to listening unless you illustrate clearly that they don't have the upper hand...

With a mournful look at the charge indicator in my mana coils I pull the mana from it I need for my spell.  I would have to draw from what charge I had gotten into the coil for this fight or I wouldn't have sufficient juice to do anything for a while- not a great position to be in against someone with well established local mana bonds- I'll just have to end this quickly I suppose.

My summon is in mid-arc as my spell executes, and with a flash the bolt forks, terminating on two different cars, and each ending with an identical fox- though as they stand and start to move to their next arc one has a faint blue ghostly whips pouring off of his fur- then they move, in two different directions around the creature of elemental boredom, one going around it's right, the other (the one with the glow) going left, both seeming to aim for the enemy caster's face.

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