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Elemental Academy 3.0 RP Profiles

Profile Skeleton:

Name: Kye Creek
Age: 17
Familiar: Sea Snake
Element: Water
Bio: He was born near a coastline. He live most of his life surfing and goofing off with his pet sea snake. However, a few years ago, he learned he had the ability to manipulate water. His parents immediately began to look for a school to hone his talent and eventually found the Elemental Academy.
Personality: Fairly laid back. Likes to goof off. He doesn't like to fight, but he can hold his own if the need arises.

Name: Levi Jace Duroi
Age: 30
Familiar: Hydra
Element: Water
Bio: A well known familiarist, or one whose fighting style focuses a lot on similarities and direct connections with ones familiar. He grew up with environmentalists and often spent time with his parents looking at the species found in his pond. He learned of his abilities at an early age and practiced often. He quickly learned how to link with a familiar to its fullest extent. He recently began teaching water and familiar classes.
Personality: Calm and can be somewhat cold on occasions. However, he is known to take special interest in those who show a lot of promise and is willing to teach outside of class.


name: Sen Yuugi
age:13 ('')
familiar: fire fox named Rhage
element: fire
bio: At a young age she accidentally set her house on fire and learned about her ability. Being separated from her parents she grew up alone and raised herself.  Recently she learned about the school and decided to learn to control her ability.
personality: really laid back, silly, and quick to make decisions, ( a lot like the year of the boar is described) not too shy,smart mouth,and quick to get into fights.  

Name: Shalea Brieze
Age: 30
Familiar: A white falcon named Horus
Element: Air
Bio: Working on it.
Personality: She is very kind but can be stern when she needs to be. She loves to be outside and with those she cares about. She loves her job and will do anything to help the students excel and control their powers. Easy going, funny at times, caring, and she thinks things through before acting.

Name: Dracoul Venici deRey Drandon

Age: Claims to be 42

Familiar:Earth Hound:



Bio: It is obvious that Drandon was once an officer in the Erdlich empire as he still wears his uniform. He was born in the now non-existent village of Yets that laid outside the city of Horun. Which is part of the circle of ten. Now teaches Earth techniques, specializing in metallurgy, and advanced weapons training.

Personality: Practical and idealistic.


Name: Seimei Ishi
Age: 21
Familiar: Wolf Cub
Element: Earth
Appearance:  <a href="" target="_blank">Warrior Guy Pictures, Images and Photos</a>

Bio: Ishi lived deep in the forest in a coven, until one day bandits ambushed them. Every member was killed except for him, because  he was going to be exploited for his powers. He escaped and killed his captures by turning mud on a bandits shoe into a dagger. Feeling alone he joined the school to try to strength his powers and one day return to his homelands.

Personality: stubborn, cautious, and calm

Name: Kellemense Jahdin

Age: 18

Familiar: Grimalkin(M) Name: Edonil

Element: Fire

Appearance: (later)

Bio: As a babe she showed promise as a fire user.  She could do little things as a child such as light the candles in her home.  Her family, endowed with money, decided it best to hide her away from others.  As such she was home schooled her entire life and didn't really interact with others.  Her father brought her in a private tutor to teach her martial arts.  She then became very serious about her ability to control fire and wanting to improve that skill. Then her father heard of a place where she could do just that.

Personality: Serious, loner, quick to anger, gullible, passionate about interests, a bit socially awkward.  She enjoys more than anything just sitting in front of a nice fire with her companion Edonil and reading a book.

Name: Isendur Evrianodel

Age: 18

Familiar: Golden Horse(F) Name: Elamshinae

Element: Air


Bio: Always wishing as if he could fly and be as free as a bird, Isendur would climb to new heights. One day as he was climbing a tree, a strong gust of wind caused him to lose his balance. He fell from the tree quickly approaching the ground while all his parents could do was watch. At the last second he stopped falling as he held his arms out towards the ground. When he opened his eyes, he noticed he was floating right above the ground. His parents rushed to him and exchanged worried looks. Since then Isendur would use his new found powers to get in all kind of trouble or pull little pranks like blow the papers off his teachers desk or shut a door that had just been opened. This was also around the time where Isendur grew a major interests in girls, and he would use his charms to sweet talk them. For the rare ones that turned him down, he would blow up their skirts just for laughs. Eventually his parents decided he didn't need to be in a normal school, but somewhere special where he can better learn who he is.

Personality: Witty, silly, laid back, playful, being told he won't do something will make him actually do it, likes to be around people, charismatic

Name: Aden Brandt
Age: 28
Familiar: Phoenix (just smaller, around the size of an eagle)

Element: Fire
Bio: Aden was raised in the kingdom of Samora. At a young age he was found to have great talent in the manipulation of fire and quickly gained a reputation as a prodigy and the pride of Samora. He has recently been called upon to teach at the Academy.
Personality: Aden is quick to anger, but enjoys teaching and expects only the best from his students. Outside the classroom he is often found attempting to mess with the lessons of the other professors, as he has a great fondness for pranks and is not above enlisting the aid of his students in them. He also has a tendancy to be late getting to his class. Also, he is" height challenged", and will set fire to ANYONE who chooses to comment on his height.

Name: Shayne Raze

Age: 26

Familiar: Young Flame Faerie. Name: Gleam
Appearance of Gleam: Picture a bit smaller. Like Navi-Size.

Appearance of Shayne:
Bio: A young man of Irish nationality. Magick was born into his blood. As such he was shipped away in a desperate attempt to save his life. His new home was a burned blackened mining village. His new Fosterfather was a cruel and hardened man with no sympathy for weaker people. Every day, he would break, and every day he was beaten. Until his final day in the village, his weakened state caused the death of a fellow miner. He was beaten by The Man and thrown upon a magickal Hearth. It burned scars throughout his back and neck. His blood awoken then, with the passion and need that is fire. He Razed the town and all who had allowed what had happened, to happen. He took the name Shayne from the boy he had mistakenly killed, and the name Raze from what he could now do to the earth. Along his path in life, he has learned to keep a calm demeanor, His travels have lead him to become an Apothecary. Even able to have charmed a faerie out of it's hiding. The little one named Gleam has become his most prized companion over the years.
Personality: Calm. A complete fighter. Only fully defensive when his scars are touched, seen or noted. Very lyrical. A flashy and dashing Man. A ladies man. As with his past. He has a natural connection to women and hate for men.

Name:Thalian Grames Lacoul-Drandon
Familiar:Emerald Serpent

Bio:Son of Dracoul Drandon. It is clear that he and his father do not get along, and when asked why he took the position at the school he simply says to annoy his father. One subject that they both avoid is his mother. Also born in the Empire, was an officer in the cavalry, unlike his father. The only testament to his service Is the cavalry helmet in his office and the saber that he carries at his side. He teaches Advanced Earth Techniques and basic weapons training.
Personality:More laid back than his father, and is not above making a joke at his expense. Seems to always have a smile.

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