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Elemental Academy 3.0

Set, god of chaos wrote:
on the edge of a great, towering rocky cliff, looking miles and miles out to sea on one side and the mouth of a dormant volcano on the other, sits The academy. It's position was chosen for two reasons, firstly the difficulty in accessing it, it being impossible to reach without being able to manipulate an element, and the other being for the fact that it lies on the spot of single greatest elemental energy nexus in existence. The school takes only the best and most promising young benders, and welcomes them into one of four dorms, one for each element.

elemental talents:
Fire: Fire, Lightning, Temperature Manipulation
Air: Air, Sound, Weather
Earth: Earth, Nature, Metal
Water: Water, Ice, Mist/Fog/Steam

Dorm leaders (first come first serve):
fire: soulweaver
air: Sacora
earth: overlord
water: Aleron

Rule time!:
1. No godmoding, etc.
2. Keep it clean (not to much romantically, violently, no vulgar language)
3. You can control 1!!!! element. No more!!! I don't want any Avatars flying around
4. I can change and add rules (can't really think right now)
5.  Be semi-lit. And no chat speak.
6. OOC should be in (), (()), [], [[]],{}, or {{}}
7. Be mature. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill
8. For the most part, try and make dorms of the opposite elements as antagonistic as possible toward each other.
9. While I can't require it due to the lack of ability to prove it, I would greatly advise/ request that you take a few elemental personality quizzes so that you know your element. It makes things better.

We'll get started on Wednesday when I get back from my BCM leadership retreat

(My apologies for waiting a week longer to start this than I originally said I would. I've been swamped with school and stuff!!)
Levi eyed the students in the dinning hall. He sighed. "Well, time to get this year started." He stood up, created a large ice crystal and shattered it into diamond dust. "And now that I have your attention, welcome to the Elemental Academy. We're excited to have each of you here this year and we're expecting a lot from you. I am Levi Jace Duroi and I am the professor of Hydrology, as well as Familiar Training. These are my colleagues. I will allow them to introduce themselves."

(If your a professor, post!)

A large ball of fire rolls into the hall and explodes just a few feet from Levi. A diminutive man with firey red hair walks out of the explosion laughing. "Hello students, I am Aden Brandt and I will be your professor of Pyrology and its many uses. I will also help you learn to control your power better if it is necessary." Aden lets out a strange laugh for no discernable reason.

Drandon rolls his eyes at the antics of his fellow professor then looks out at the now fully startled students. He rises from his chair and makes his way to  the other side of Levi, moving slowly due to a very pronounce limp and aided by an oddly designed cane. Once he is shoulder to shoulder with Levi he speaks, leaning heavily upon the cane. Hello students, I am Professor Drandon and I teach basic Earth and nature techniques as well as Metallurgy and Advanced weapons tactics." With that he nods at Levi and makes his way back to his seat.

Shalea waited till Drandon was seated before getting up and introducing herself. She walked beside Levi and smiled at the students hoping to make them feel more comfortable. She knew the first few days were the hardest for some of the students and she hoped she could help them feel a bit more at ease. “My name is Shalea Brieze. I am the professor of Air, sound and the weather. If you have any questions or need anything please come and ask me for help. I hope you enjoy yourselves and have a great time here.” Shalea took her seat next to Drandon and waited for Levi to continue.

"As you are all well aware off, this year will contain its challenges and its rewards. I would now ask that you all please make your way to your dorms where the professors will give you further instructions."

Kye stood up and ran out the door. He knew sitting at the back was a good idea. He immediately ran to the beach, jumped on the water, and surfed toward his new home, which appeared to be a large ice castle. "Man, I hope it's not cold in that place."

A loud slap echos across the room.  Isendur rubs his face where the shape of a hand begins to emerge. "Ok, so that's yes then?  See you at 7."  The girl scoffs at Isendur and rushes off in the opposite direction to get away.  He looks around the room at all the students heading off for their dorms, eyes another girl and walks up to her. "So, did it hurt?" he smiles while walking off with the girl.

Kellemense stood from where she previously sat quietly.  She looked around at all the other students leaving the room.  She had never been around so many people at once, and it frightened her but she held her placid expression.  Besides being a tad weary, she was rather intrigued about interacting with those that were like herself.  She exited out the door and began her journey to the dorm for fire users, anxiously anticipating all that lies ahead of her.

avoiding any sign of people aimlessly started to walk having no faint idea where to go, Sen started  to walk. As usual she was stopped by rhage, and pulled in the right direction to the fire dorm. "Yeah, i know, i wont get expelled from here too!" Sen smiled to herself as she remembered all reasons she had been expelled.They were hilarious, but wrong.she began to slowly wait to be told what to do.

Drandon smiled, 'This new lot sure is interesting.' He thought as he stood up with the help of his cane. With a nod to his fellow professors he made his way toward his office. As it was the first day there were always students that needed help of some sort, and he figures that he would be giving out directions for the rest of the day.

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