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Forum Construction

As some of you might know, I am currently working on a lot of new changes for this forum in hopes of bringing back most of it's original members. However, for the time being, I am working with the complete and raw html/css/php script. Which means, some links may lead you nowhere, some links may not be clickable, and some links just won't work in general. I apoligize in advance for these inconveniences, but I do need time to straighten them out.
Here are some plans I have for the new Anime Corner forum:
* I have made Renee`, Baka_Orange, and RestForevermore Admins. so as they can help me control the forum more efficiently.
*The chat box will be moved to a separate page
*We will have another forum dedicated to the AC Art Academy Roleplay
*There will be a direct link to the Arcades in the top links
* FAQ will no longer exist (see me if questions arise)
* Most old topics will be deleted. (none decided yet, contact me for special ones you don't want deleted)
**New banner and layout will be decided upon and presented for public votes.

***If you have any comments about the above stated plans, please send me a PM with an astrik (*) in the subject.
+++ If you have any suggestions as to other things that you would like to see change, send me a PM with a plus (+) in the subject. Note: Please send them in a list format so I can decipher them easier.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of the current situation. I hope to keep you all updated on the changes and the going-ons all across the forum.

-rolls up sleeves- Now that I got the technical stuff out of the way, I would like to also say that, even though I am doing a lot of work and staying busy, It does not mean that I will let you slide with crap, ya` hear? This forum is very special to me and I am NOT going to have anyone start something here. I will be sure to end it quick and neither party is going to like the outcome. Be warned.

This forum is for all to enjoy, and I sincerely hope that you DO enjoy this forum because it was created for only about 7 original people, so we could chat on the weekends and at night, but now...^_^ Now we have so many members added to our ranks, I can't hardly keep still from the excitement!! XD
I have just one Last Question for you. . .



Thank you, Baka Purple. -hugs-

Now, here is a simple update:

1) The Academy is now up and functional, so if you would like to go ahead and start making characters for it, I will post somewhere on here some info about the Academy.

2) The Arcade link is now running.

3) The Chat Box has been moved to anouther page, and the link in the header does work. So, the Chat Box is up and running smoothly.

4)FAQ is gone forever. Ask me if you have questions.

5) I NEED to know what topics you want to keep, ex: Fanfics. If you have something you wish to keep, save it to your computer, or tell me why you want it to remain.(* Note: I am referring to the topics that have not been posted in since last year. Any posts in 2008 will be kept.)

6) I am currently taking suggestions as to what you want the Theme to be. If you send me a suggestion Theme, please include:

  *) a picture for the logo(doesn't need to have "Anime Corner" on it)
  *) a picture for the background
  *) a color for the forum box background
  *) maybe a text color as well

Thank you for your patience. I have a small request, though. . .

Please Tell Everyone That Anime Corner Is Now Back!

Let's get this party started!

Finaly!!!! All those months of checking in desperation have finally come to fruition! Animecorner will be revived!!!


-blush- Thank you, you all! ^_^ I'm glad I could help revive it! I plan on keeping it up, even through the summer, so...yeah, woho!!!! XD Let's also get some new members, if that's not a problem. I'm just so happy this is actually working!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Are you going to post a topic on Zackyou con? That might help.....

I already have in the Affilites page.
Ariana Dezaray


I thank you for all the hard work you have and had put into bringing Anime Corner back. and now it's BETTER than ever!

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