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Introducing myself

Well, I'm Rebecca, but I prefer Becky, or even Ryu ^.^ I've just turned 17, Whoo X3 Hopefully I can get my driving licence as that's the age in the UK, which is where I live X3
I have a cat called Mitzy (Who is really crazy >.<) and a younger sister called Tori, who doesn't live with me.
I've just started college a couple of months ago, and so far so good ^.^ I'm eventually planning to become an animal behaviourologist, and start my own business (But I've still got a while to go >.>) Even though I've said that, I'm actually studying art as well X3 (Because I think it's fun and I love to draw/make things ^.^)
I like anime/manga (mainly comedies and shonen, so stuff like One piece, FMA and bleach -^.^-) and love to draw it, as you can see in my signature (I drew that -^.^-) and you can click on it to find my website where I post my artwork X3

Well, um... I think thats about it really....

Hello and welcome I know this site is kind os slow but please feel free to invite more of  your friends It's kind of hard for me to keep up with the site so I apologize if my responses are slow. ^^

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