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Name: Kiyoshi Yamagata
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Division: 13th
Zanpakuto Name:


Zanpakuto Description:

   it looks like an ordinary sword. It has a brown handle and grip. The sword itself is silver with a tint of white on it. It depends on what kind of light it's in. It mostly does look silver.


   Isamaru, in his Manifested form is a man. He's got short black hair. He stands about 5'6. He wears a garb that looks like it existed back in Feudal era of Japan. In personality he is strong willed. He will crack a few jokes. He's strong willed is always there when you need him. He doesn't give his power away. He makes you 'earn' it.

Release Phrase:

   "Isamru, Awaken!"

Shikai Appearance and Abilities:

   the seemingly small Zankpakutou grows in size. The Blade itself grows to become about 8 feet in length. The Handle and The Hilt of the sword grow as well. In this form The Sword is a lot heavier than in the sealed form. It can cause a lot more damage as well. Due to it's weight and size it can make bigger gases than The Sealed Form Zankaputou. Also in this form it takes up more Spirtual Energy than it's normal Sealed form. So it can't be used for long periods of time.

   It's a very strong sword and has the ability to cut through nearly anything. It has it's limits thou. In it's current state it can only cut through rocks and small builders. When it's built up. It might be able to cut through a steel barricade.

   It also has the ability to use The Spiritual Energy within it. It can and will collect it's own spiritual energy. It will be visible by a light blue glow around the blade of the sword. When enough his collected. The sword than can form Spirit Blade Slices. Which send a slice of spirit energy a solid 50 feet away from it's user. Depending on how strong The Energy is. That's how strong the attack can be. It varies.


   He is a Five Feet and Nine Inches Tall with black spikey hair. His eyes are tinted blue. He wears his Zanpaktu To his-side. In The Soul Society he wears the required uniform. While out in the Real world in his Giga form. He likes to wear a Black Shirt, Blue Jeans and Black Shoes. He usually dresses to fight in and around his environment.


   Kiyoshi is a quiet person and he barely speaks. He's usually the last person to say anything or do anything. He's really shy. When it comes to someone that is in trouble he'd speak up. He often considered himself a noble person. He used to get into fights from time-to-time. He'd be protecting someone from a bully or an over-powering person. He thinks fighting is a useless act of violence. He found a few people that would agree with him. He'd fight for the right reasons thou. To protect someone he loved. He would fight. He didn't do much with his life when he was alive. He'd hope he could do something with his life while he was dead.


   Kiyoshi Once a normal young boy that had just started High School. He lived with his Aunt and Uncle. His parents were killed in a horryfing car crash. It was caused by a Drunk Driver. Ever since that he has been a little off. Many people thought he was weird. He was the quiet type and he always kept to himself. He hated bullies whenever someone was being hurt or was afraid of someone else. He would appear. It was like he could appear out of nowhere to help and save someone. He had a kind heart but no one ever saw it. He worked at his Uncle's Cars-shop when he was living. He died while saving a kid from being hit by a kid. He was guided to Soul Society by a female Reaper. Because he was pure of heart and spent most of life trying to save and protect people. He was given a chance of a life-time. To become a Soul Reaper, a guardian. He was to protect The Living World from The Hollows. Thus a grand adventure for Kiyoshi has begun.

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