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Melody of Dreams Rp Character profiles

Skeleton: Whatever you feel you need to inform us of. I require these following however:

Appearance: (Pic or description)
Bio: (Please try to actually write one and don't just go with the whole amnesia thing, can be changed with time however)
Personality: (Same as above, give me some detail)


Name: Tomb
Physical Age: 20
Chronological Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: An amalgamation of the undead
Home World: Halloween Town
Combat abilities: Halloween magic, Necromancy, Alchemical potions (Command styles), Ignes Fatui shotlock; Limit: Memento Mori; Weapons: Pumpkin Head Keyblade, Soul Robber; He uses tricky spells and abilities to throw off his opponenets. Speed and deceit his main tactics.
Bio: Tomb was orignially born/created in the Mune half of the Libra plane by a mad scientist father and a necromancer mother. However, due to rising tension between Albion and Mune at the time, his parents evacuated the plane when they discovered Halloween Town. There he grew up learning from the citizens their various ways of life and battle from the occasional heartless invasion. During one such invasion, a mysterious warrior dress in full body armor approached Tomb and performed the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony. He soon was able to wield the Pumpkin Head keyblade to help defend their world. He went on adventure where he met Chris and fell in love with a young demon named Rose. However, the fates forced them apart and he returned to Halloween Town. 燗 few years later, he was approached by the same keyblade knight who had initiated him. The knight requested that Tomb come with him to the Keyblade Academy at Castle Oblivion. After some discussion, Tomb went with the knight. Jack gave him a copy of Soul Robber as a going away present. It was there that he honed his skills. Eventually, he was teemed up with Angel and Phos. Shortly after, Tomb and Angel started dating, despite rules permitting otherwise. They had many adventures and 爓ere very succesful. However, one day, when they were chasing down Ravna, a heartless conductor, Phos had been distracted, leaving Tomb and Angel alone to fight him. During the fight, Tomb was hit and fell unconcious. He later learned that Angel has gone into a rage and had been turned into a heartless. Tomb mourned until Angel showed up again at the academy. However, she seemed different. She was a lot colder than before. He quickly figured out that the person standing before him was Angel's nobody. He vowed to help restore her to her full self.
Personality: Tomb is an optimistic and adventurous young man who enjoys a good scare. Most of the time, he is a bit of a prankster and doesn't take many things very seriously. He is also a hopeless romantic. He is known to rush into things without thinking sometimes.
Appearace: 燭omb is 񂳎 and 156 lb. He has black shaggy hair that is cut to for ragged edges. His skin is deathly white with a lot of stiches. He sports a pair of black dress pants, a red button up shirt and a red vest, all of them torn and tattered. He wears black dress shoes as well.

Name: Chris
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: Brown hair, kinda fair skin, messy brown hair, Hazel to blue-grey centrally heterochromatic eyes, 5'8", 135 Lbs. Wears t-shirts, jeans or shorts, and possibly a jacket depending on the environment.
Bio: A normal guy, he grew up in a loving family. He's moved around a lot and is currently attending college, but goes off on adventures every now and then. He uses an arming sword he can enchant as well as elemental abilities.
Personality: Kind and gentle, for the most part. Has four different elemental personalities (Hydro, Pyro, etc.). He's book smart and makes friends easily. He tends to be happy over all. He loves adventuring and seeing new places.

Name: Zeuxis Duroi
Physical Age: 20
Chronological Age: 30
Homeworld: Ivalice
Race: Half-Viera
Job: Assassin/Sorcerer
Weapons: Two Sakura-saezuri, two hidden arm daggers, Gran Grimiore
Bio: He was born in a small town in Ivalice. He was abandoned as a child due to his mix breed. He learned the ways of the assassin, but he discovered the various magical power sources that are in Ivalice and has made it his life goal to collect them all. He is currently traveling to find other sources of magic.
Personality: He is quiet and is very thoughtful. He is tattooed with all thirteen glyphs of the espers on his back. He is cold and does what he has to to survive. He is driven, but he doesn't trust others, as Ivalice has taught him that trust is weakness.

Name: Hudor
Physical Age: 20
Chronological Age: 330
Gender: Male
Race: Water Elemental
Home World: Libra
Combat Abilities: Phasal Hydrokinetics, Sea Serpent Magic
Bio: Hudor was born off the shore of a small island in Albion to an undine mother and a human father. He was born unusual for two reasons: first, male water spirits are rare and two, he didn't have an association with a particular body of water. As he grew up, he quickly grew annoyed with all the special attention he received due to his nature, especially from all the young female water spirits that showered him with unwanted attention. Hudor soon realized that he would always be treated this way as long as he stayed where he was and that his home would only be able to teach him so much. Thus, he decided to travel the world, seeking different lands to escape the affections of his people and obtain more knowledge. Along the way, he has learned many things. The most important was the science of water. He learned of it's three phases and incorporated it into his style as much as possible. This has also led him to posses both magical and kinetic control of water in any phase. He continues to search the lands for new information and new teachers.
Personality: Hudor is very quiet and tends to stay out of peoples ways if he at all can. He enjoys learning and his goal in life is to learn as much as possible, especially about his element. He sees truth as the most cardinal virtue, as lies are false information and therefore an abuse of knowledge. He is a technical pacifist and only fights if he absolutely must. He is not interested in seeking relationships of any kind, especially romantic ones. He never stays in one place very long, as he desires to see more of the world and learn more. In battle he is very calm and collected. He tries to help others from the shadows.
Appearance: Human form: He has tan skin, blue hair, and blue eyes that glow faintly blue with a growing intensity as he uses more of his powers. He's about 5'8" and 145 lbs. He is somewhat muscular. He wears blue linen pants, a black tank top, solid black tennis shoes, and black gloves. Also, he wears a blue cloak, often with the hood up. On the back of each hand he has a seal with a symbol of water. Attached to his right arm is a sea snake tattoo that resembles the Blue lipped seakrate that spirals the length of his arm, with it's mouth at the seal on his hand and it's tail running to the mana engine on his back. On his left arm is a sea serpent 爐hat spirals in the same way. On his back is his mana engine. It appears as elaborate upside down triangle with a seal at each vertex.The seal on the upper left is a snowflake. The seal on the upper right is a cloud. The seal at the bottom is a water drop. Each seal has the symbol in white, the background as blue, and the perimeter is two circles with gold in between them. It also has the molecular structure of water with the oxygen where the water drop is and the hydrogens near the upper vertices. The blue color of the background fills the symbol as he uses that phase of water. The energy then flows along the serpents to his hands, which also glow as he uses his power.
Water form: The same dimensions as his human form, but made entirely of water. Very fluid and changes frequently.

Name: Angel Libra
Physical Age: 18
Chronological Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Humam ( Nobody/Heartless)
Home World: Twilight Town
Combat Abilities: Light and Dark magic, Dual wielding keyblades
Bio: Angel is a biological chimera, the fusion of two inidividuals into one body during pregnancy. From an early age she showed signs of biopolar disorder and predictable mood swings based on what time of day it was. As such, they moved to Twilight Town to minimize her troubles as a child growing up. She was discovered by traveling keybladers who decided that she had the potential to be an excellent keyblader. However, the two hearts of the two sisters both partook in the ceremony, unbeknownst to the knights who passed through. As she grew older, her powers over light and darkness grew, but her control did not. She became increasingly unpredictable and her parents sent her to the Keyblade Academy to see if they could help. Soon she was paired with the undead prankster showman Tomb and the gladiator mechanic Phos. They fought together for a few years before an eventful battle with the heartless Ravna. After taking out Tomb and Phos, he took advantage of her instability and tormented her into the darkeness, causing her heart to split and become a Heartless. Her Nobody awoke and started a small bead and breakfast/bar to gain information and make a living until she could regain her full existence.
Personality: Her personality was split between a happy-go-lucky socialite and a recluse. However, she always had a penchant for hospitality and serving others. After becoming a Nobody, she fakes a veneer of joy around those that don't know her secret, but is calm an emotionless to those who do know.
Appearance: Angel has a relatively thin and lithe figure. She has soft grey eyes. Her hair is a random mix of straight black and white strands with bangs, with the back of her hair descending to a little below her shoulder blades. She wears long black and white stockings that go all the way up her legs. She also wears a white dress with black floral print that covers much of the dress. The hemline is around the knees. She also wears two evening gloves with a similar pattern. She wears black and white dress shoes.

Name: Phos.exe
Physical Age: 21
Chronological Age: 5
Gender: Male
Race: Program
Home World: The Grid (Space Paranoids)
Combat Abilities: thunder Magic, Quick and Strong Melee, Light Gadgets
Bio: Phos was created by a Keyblade Knight who discovered the world and knew that in the future a Keyblader from the world could prove useful. Phos, like all programs, took on the features of his creator. For a long time in the Grid, he worked at a light mechanic fixing the cylces and other vehicles while participating in the games. A few years later, he was summoned to join the Keyblade Academy at Castle Oblivion, as he had innately inherited a keyblade at creation due to the situation. He jumped at the chance and left immediately. He was quickly teamed up with Tomb and Angel, who'm he began to see as younger siblings. He often got in trouble at school for following his own set of rules, but never did anything serious enough to cause expulsion. He was hit hard when Angel fell and has sworn to help her regain her full existence as long as he is around.
Personality: Phos is a bad boy with a good heart. He enjoy helping people, but also loves a good fight. He is short tempered and jumps to conclusions, especially if a good fight might be involved. He is known to be rebellious, but is fiercely loyal to his friends.
Appearance: Phos has cyan eyes, pale skin, and short spiky bleach blonde hair. He is somewhat tall and muscular. He wears a black leather jacket, a faded blue t-shirt that reads Flynn Lives, blue jeans, and a black pair of boots. His keyblade armor is a Grid suite like the ones in Tron: Legacy.

Name: Zephaniah, Zeph for short

Age: Appears to look 25

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Vampire

Very pale skin with light tint of blue
Dark blue circles under eyes
Pointy ears that stick up through his hair
Orange hair
Bright red eyes

Bio: Zeph came from the world created by the Little Girl of Sporks and the Fox Boy. 燭he little girl would always capture new "pets" to add to her world, and Zeph looked interesting to her. 燴eph was born in the Land of Mirrors where all the great mages of the land were jesters. 燨ne day while sleeping in a tree, the little girl materialized from her world and captured him. 燱hile stuck in that world, Zeph would love to tease the young fox boy for kicks, until Mitch entered the world and released him by defeating the little girl. 燞is new freedom caused him to remember all the things that used to entertain him, mostly women and partying. 燗ll he really wants to accomplish in life is just to have as much fun as possible.

Personality: Lecherous charismatic smooth talker. 燞e loves to party and doesn't anger easily. 燞e likes all and any type of girl, and is always up for those that are challenging to woo. 燞e loves to be around groups of people that will sing and dance with him. 燞e despises when people tell him what to do, sitting still, vamp haters, and the new type of people who ask him if he sparkles in the sun. 燞e's surprisingly very good with children and they love being around him, but while he does like kids he'd rather not have them around.

Name: Noda

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Shape shifter

Tan skin
Green messy hair
Blueish purple eyes
Usually always grinning

Bio: Noda is a shape shifting mage whose parents are from the future. 燞is evil uncle, Barrolath, was actually the one that caused his birth, but that's a long story. 燞e has a giant black pet crab that is also from the future. 營t works as his armor, and its name is Brachyura. 營t belonged to Barrolath who always kept it locked up in a cave. 燦oda snuck in one day and stole it from him and ran off to the past. 燱hen the crab became injured one day Noda took him to the vet. He met Ame, the reformed criminal who is now a vet/scientist that lives in a castle. He yelled at Noda for trying to fix an injury with magic, but in the process Ame became his "mom".

Personality: He's extremely cheerful, it is very difficult if possible to get him down. 燞e rarely gets angry and approaches life like it's a game. 燬eeing how he loves fun, he is one of Zephaniah's favorite party buddies. 燦oda isn't interested in women the same way Zephaniah is, and loves to taunt Zeph when his antics come back to bite him. 燞e loves pulling pranks with his shape shifting abilities and using his favorite spell of lightning. 燞is favorite outfit to wear is just a pair of pants, he doesn't like wearing a shirt and shoes.

Name:Brand Kroppsfeild
Race: Human, although he may argue otherwise.
Powers:Magnetism/ earth magics. Especially adept at converting sand into glass and vice versa
Bio: He Was a young Lieutenant at the time while his country was at war. When he gained his powers he was in the middle of a fire fight and the mix of his anger, adrenaline and the sudden awakening of his powers caused Brand to lose his mind. Driven by his anger Brand slaughtered his entire squadron and everyone he could find in the small town he was fighting in. but his anger was not quenched by this action and "Shiva" turned his anger against the entire world. His true motives are unknown but he is seen to have an ancient book tucked into one of his inside pockets. When he is lying low, he will often be seen reading it.
Personality:He has hardened since his first slaughter and his anger takes the form of a cold malice toward everyone. His actions are calculated carefully and he uses his military training to it's fullest in, fact he still wears his uniform. When he is not playing his part as Shiva he usually locks himself away to plot his next move.
Appearance: 6'2", Brown-Blonde Hair and Ice blue eyes. His skin shows the evidence of hard wear and a one time tan, but has paled to a palour. Wears Glasses.

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