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Melody of Dreams

An elegant world exists where all planes of existence meet. Here characters from many universes and many minds can meet and congregate with one another. Of course, there are many who plan to take over and/or destroy the realm as well. Whatever your goal is, here is a place to try and achieve it.

This rp is basically an rp to showcase characters that you may have made in the past and feel a very special connection with. As previously implied, characters from any universe are accepted and diversity is encouraged. The name of the rp comes from the first rp site I ever joined.


1. No godmoding etc.
2. Censor yourself appropriately (Language, Romantic scenes, violence, etc)
3. May add more rules  later
4. Have fun
5.  Be semi-lit. And no chat speak.
6. OOC should be in (), (()), [], [[]],{}, or {{}}
7. Be mature. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill

Tomb was anxious. He had enjoyed the festivities, but he really missed his friends and couldn't wait to see them again. He looked up at the sky. "Well, I've done what's needed for the moment. I'll come back in October." He waved good bye to his home and it's residents and proceeded into the Forest of Holidays.

Chris sighed. Class was boring as usual and he just knew it was about time. "Man, when I get outta here, I'm gonna go off somewhere." As he thought to himself, the professor  dismissed. He grabbed his books, stuffed them in his bag, and bolted out the door. He ran to his room, placed his bag down, and wrote a note to his roommate. "Off for an adventure. Catch you later." He placed his arming sword on the back of his belt, and jetted out of the dorm. He soon came upon a barren forest. "This could be interesting." He dashed in.

The room was filled with people.  There was singing coming from some men in the corner that had become so drunk they couldn't walk.  There were tavern wenches serving the drinks to all the men.  Zephaniah grinned to himself, this was his scene, a place where he could go without worries of others judging him.  He eyed all the women around him, and they pleased his eyes.  He ordered another shot and gulped it down in a hurry.  Thoughts of returning home started to enter his mind and his face broke into a smile of amusement.  He stood and stumbled towards one of the serving girls, "Heh, I'm going to catch so much heck tonight" he chuckled to himself.    

Tomb looked up and noticed someone walking toward him. He quickly recognized Chris and ran to him. "How's it going!? I haven't seen you in years."

Chris smiled. He had missed Tomb dearly when they had to separate. "It's great to see you too. I'm in college now. It's sweet. We've got a club where a bunch of people get together and just fight. They also taught us something new."

"Oh, do tell." Tomb grinned with glee. He always loved learning new things."

"Well, there are these signature abilities that everyone has. There are many names for them, but our circles calls them limit breaks, or limits for short. I just recently figured mine out. I'll have to show you sometime."

"Please do. So, are you and Gwen still together?"

"Heck yeah!" He grinned. "She's doing great. How'd that thing with you and Rose go?"

"We had to break it off. It sucked, but I've been able to focus on my studies and I've got a few surprises for you too"

A day had passed and once more the sun began to set.  Noda grinned as he turned to glance once again at the creator who was getting increasingly annoyed as the hours went by.  He watched as she repetitively griped the arms of the chair she was sitting in.  He couldn't help being amused at her irked face.  He was glad that it wasn't himself that her anger was targeted towards, but knew to watch himself.  If he were to somehow turn her fury to him, he knew he'd be dodging whatever she threw at him.  He watched as she began to close her eyes and grind her teeth.  The only thought that came to his mind was, "Uh oh, she's about to blow up now..."

The creator shot up from her seat and yelled into the air, "AH!  Where is that stupid vampire!?  I told him, I TOLD HIM that I didn't care where he went, but he better come back!"

"I'm sure he's fine creator, Zeph isn't going to die that easy."

"No, he's just stupid!  Going from bar to bar, from brothel to brothel!  I'm amazed he isn't dead yet!"

"Hah, don't get so upset.  He just likes to have fun."

Noda observed the creator's shoulders begin to relax.  She was starting to calm down.

The creator put on her shoes and moved in the direction of the door.  "Come on Noda, we're going to go find where that idiot has run off to."

Noda grinned at her with his huge smile and followed her out the door to look for his vampire friend.

There was a soft click as Zephaniah let himself out of the room.  He was feeling on top of the world.  He heard a rhythmic ticking coming from the wall beside him, he looked up at the time.  It was late and the sun would begin to rise in only a few hours.  A coy grin spread across his pale face.  "I'm going to die," Zephaniah quietly chortled to himself.  He walked out of the small building he didn't necessarily even remember entering into.  Zephaniah stuffed his hand inside his pocket and then decided, "Well, since I'm in the fire anyway, I'm going to hit the bar."

As the young vampire started on his way, two figures could be seen in the distance.  One was tall with bushy untidy hair and the other was considerably shorter with long straight hair.  The hair on the back Zephaniah's neck stood erect as he slowly turned in the figures direction.  His eyes began to dilate as he swore under his breath, "Oh...crap."

Noda stopped beside his furious female companion.  His vampire friend was in full view ahead.  He could see that Zephaniah had momentarily been petrified, and grinned at the sight.  He knew that soon he would be given the word to act, and as much as he enjoyed his friendship with the vampire, the anger of the Creator far overpowered it.

The angered girl took a few steps ahead of Noda.  Her eyes flashed red as she shouted out, "ZEPHANIAH!?"  She didn't wait for a response from the dumbfounded vampire, she threw out her hand with a commanding finger pointed in Zephaniah's direction.



"Get him."

"Heh, my pleasure."

A wicked smile materialized on Noda's face.  He lunged toward the vampire and then launched himself into the air.  He hadn't had an opportunity to practice recently and a chance to actually use his abilities felt good.  The excitement overtook his body, and he raised his arms to the sky.  A loud rumble shook through the air as Noda bellowed, "THUNDER!"

A large bolt of lightning fired, directly aimed at Zephaniah.  He quickly spun to the side barely dodging the attack.  He glared at Noda complaining to himself, "Ugh, that no good mage..."  Noda landed gently back on the ground wearing a satisfied smirk.  Noda had initiated a fight, and now it was Zephaniah's turn to either fight back or run off again.

"You're really gonna make me do this huh?"

"Heh, what's the problem?  So out of practice you won't even try?"

"That's fine mage, you just remember that I gave you a way out.  When you're lying on the ground in agony, feeling ever so foolish for challenging me, you just remember that."

"Heh, sure.  The sun will rise soon Zeph, we're wasting time chatting, and it's your move."

The two fighters took their positions.  The Creator starred intensely at the two, waiting for the impending battle.

"Surprises are always nice." Chris grinned. He unsheathed his arming sword. "That said, let's see what you've got."

"Gladly." He pulled out his keyblade. "Who get's first attack?"

"You first."

"Very well, Blazing Fury."

"I've seen that before."

"But not the same version." Soon, a barrage of small fireballs appeared out of nowhere.

Chris barely dodged. "Nice. I see we've added some speed, number, and invisibility to your spells. Well, my skills are better too. Kilo Tetra Pyre." Four large fireballs formed and gunned toward Tomb.

Zephaniah was tired of the mage's taunting.  He rushed forward while drawing back his right arm into a fist.  When he was in reach of the mage, Zephaniah released his blow with vampiric strength.  He watched as Noda flew into the air, and pelted him to the stomach with a fireball.  The impact caused the vampire to cough and to shout out angrily, "What the CRAP Noda?!"

Noda grinned from his friend's amusing cry.  To be fair, he already knew what he did was a jerk move.  This was just friendly combat between mates, but if he wasn't careful it would become a real fight.  The sun was rising soon, but the damage was already done.  Noda could see the spark in Zephaniah's eyes, and it told him the vampire wasn't going to hold back any longer.

The Creator was watching the fight intently, showing increasing signs of irritability as morning was approaching.  Instead of residing at home and beginning to ready herself for sleep, she had to tolerate the antics of her stupid vampire ally.  She knew that although the fight looked like it might take a serious turn, there was never a time when Zephaniah and Noda didn't ham up a battle.  In a Dragon Ball Z-esque fashion, their moves would soon become overly dramatic.  Tapping her foot with impatience she calls out to the two men, "Noda, Zephaniah, end your challenge now.  It's getting to be light out and I want to go to bed before I have to deal with the wretched sun."

"What?  But I thought you wanted me to punish him."

"And I haven't got a single hit in yet.  Plus I want to pay him back for that freaking fireball."

"Heh, that technique was executed perfectly."

"Yeah, that's what your mom said last night."


"Really?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Did you really just say that?  Ugh, you both annoy the heck out of me."   The Creator turned and faced the direction of their home, and then proceeded to walk away from the two boys.  

Noda observed the Creator walking away from them and mimicked her decision.  Zephaniah followed suit shortly after.  "You know..." Noda began with amusment in his voice, "My mom is actually a guy."

"Ugh, frick, just shut up."

"Interesting, but the Academy has taught me well. Ignes Fatui!" Multiple floating spirit orbs intercepted the fireballs as Tomb dashed forward, keyblade in hand.

Chris caught it just at the last second and parried the incoming blow. "Diversion tactics? You have learned some stuff." Chris grinned as he came around, igniting his blade.

"Yeah, they teach you a lot about discovering your personal style and playing up to it." He nimbly ducked and vanished.

Chris stopped and laughed. "Ok, now that is cheating."

"Oh, then you're going to love this." Tomb slammed his hand against the ground. Suddenly, multiple corpses of small rodents began to scurry toward Chris.

Chris looked stunned. "That.... that is new."

"Yeah, I had my mom teach me a few things. Also, I can't wait for you to meet my partners. They're really cool." Tomb came out of his invisibility.

A young man in a dark blue cloak sat at a small table. Books were piled so high, he couldn't have seen over it if he tried. Under the hood, he had a small nearly unnoticeable smile. He had always been more comfortable around books than people. Books held a quiet knowledge that allowed it's contents to pass from person to person faster and more simply than personal encounters. He sighed. He could tell it was about to rain. His blue eyes gave a faint glow.Free water. I always enjoy free water. I just hope I don't have to use it. I'm getting annoyed of these assailants. He let the thought roll out of his head and returned to his reading.

The trio returned home exhausted from all that had happened.  Zephaniah yawned and headed for his dark windowless room.  Coffins were expensive and he was without money.  He was more than happy to sleep in a bed surrounded by darkness.  He opened the door to his room and shut it once he was inside.  He flopped down on the bed, and the softness welcomed his aching body and heavy eyes.

Noda watched as his vampire friend retired to his chambers and glanced over at the Creator to assess her reaction.  She was spent.  Noda grinned to himself while thinking, "Zeph is getting away with murder."  He parted ways from his female companion, and directed himself to the room where his hammock was located.  After he had crawled in, he began to doze off from the rhythmic swaying of his bed.

The Creator watched the two men leave to their respected rooms, and started up the stairs to her own.  She mumbled to herself about how she was going to choke that stupid vampire, but for now she just wanted to sleep.  The door creaked open to reveal her room.  Light was beginning to fill the room from where the sun was rising.  She changed into her pajamas and got under her covers.  The fact that sun light was spreading through her room did not please her.  She grimaced and hid her face under the blankets.  "I've got to buy some shades..."

Tomb, with Chris close behind him, barged into the small bar/ bed and breakfast. He rang the bell and waited.

A few moments later, a striking young woman walked down the stairs, sporting a dress with a chaotic bundle of black and white. Her pale and dark locks flowed past her shoulders as she calmly greeted the young amalgamation. "Tomb, how was your vacation?" Her voice was flat and emotionless, yet sweet.

"It was good. We got a lot of planning done for when Halloween rolls around. How did the place hold up?"

"Well. The usual crowd of drunks and perverts at the bar and travelers for the inn. However, a new young man and his friends caused an interesting scene last night. I suspect he may have been of your kind."

"Undead huh? Give me the details later. This is my friend Chris. I know you've heard me talk about him." He turned to Chris. "This is my good friend and one of my team mates, Angel."

""It's a pleasure to meet you Angel" he said with a large grin.

"Likewise." She said in the same tone she had carried through the whole conversation.

The silence of the room was disturbed by the alarm sounding from a cell phone.   The Creator rose from her slumber.  She grabbed the phone to shut it off, "Annoying thing, I don't know why I use it."  Rising to her feet she stretched her body from that night's sleep.  Stepping outside her door she looked through the hallway before her, and starred at an empty space on the wall.  She envisioned a door forming in her mind and it materialized in the hall.  The knob turned in her hand and she entered into the mysterious room.

Her footsteps echoed on the tile floor as she headed toward a stand holding a flame.  The fire burned brightly with a black glow, she was feeling considerably calm at the moment.  A round man sized mirror stood on the other side of the room, and it began to shine.  The unexpected event caused the Creator to jerk her head in the direction of the light.

A man dressed as a colorful jester emerged from the giant mirror, he looked at the Creator and smiled warmly, "Good evening my dear."

"Actually, it's technically afternoon."

"Oh?  Your time must be different here.  Hah, how amusing!"

"You don't usually visit me Phii.  Why are you here?"

"Ah yes, well you see my dear, I have a bit of a problem."

"You?  You're a powerful magic user, how can you have a problem that you would need me for?"

"Oh no my dear, this doesn't call for violence.  I'd much rather avoid it, make joy not war."

"...I question whether you even know me...."

Phii chuckled at the Creator as he walked to her, "My dear, you are much too rash when it comes to conflicts."  He looked around the room to see if they were the only ones and asked, "Speaking of rash, where is your vampire friend?  We haven't seen much of him, and you know how the girls fancy him."  The Creator watched the flames of the fire dance as she listened to his ridiculous statement.  She scoffed at the man and said flatly, "Your females are safer without him." A large smile spread across Phii's face and he laughed, "Hah, don't I know it.  I've got a daughter you know.  Though I do miss that rambunctious boy."  She diverted her attention from the flame.  It was beginning to change to light red from her increasing irritation.  Growing impatient she questioned him, "Enough of these pleasantries, I want to know what purpose you seek me out for."  The jester heard the annoyance in her voice and began to explain, "My dear you are way too serious.  Alright, so in my home we have a group of healers and from time to time they go out to drink and relax.  They never drink enough to become drunk, that would be careless, but the boys have been quite distracted as of late.  Their skills have been suffering, so I had my daughter check on things.  She told me it was one of the residence from the outskirts of town causing these problems."

The Creator's eyes shifted up to the left and her hand rested on her upper lip.  She thought aloud, "The outskirts?  So it's a vampire huh?  Some new mischief maker trying to get his kicks?"

"Well actually my dear, it's the daughter of Daimek Eromore, she's the cause of the disturbance."

"...I'm sorry did you say Eromore?  Like Eros?"

"Why yes my dear, he's our local Incubus.  It's his daughter."

"Daughter?  Incubus?  B-but that means...s-she's a succubus, doesn't it?"

"Close, she's only half."

"...what's the other half?"

"Her mother is a vampire, Vendira Eromore."

"Wonderful, she's a freaking succuvamp."

"Hah, that's quite humorous, but yes, her presence is causing the healers mind's to wonder, and I can't have that."

"And exactly what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Why, you're the Creator my dear.  Daimek's daughter just celebrated her 18th birthday.  For some reason that was the only time she came out of her home to explore the entire town, and she unfortunately took a liking to the local healer's tavern.  And now she refuses to leave.  Wouldn't you like to take her as a residence in your home?  I'm sure she would love to meet the Creator of our worlds, and you can give her the opportunity to meet more gentlemen."

"I'm not sure I would have used the term gentlemen."

"More male suitors then.  Please my dear, won't you allow her to come stay with you for a spell?"

She wasn't happy about the request but she couldn't ignore his plee.  It was still confusing to her how a succubus could cause such trouble to a certain group of men.  Healers, ugh, what an irksome bunch.  She grimaced to herself and reluctantly answered, "Fine, if you can, then send her my way."

Phii exclaimed excitedly, "That's wonderful!"  He returned to the mirror he had first appeared from and put one leg through the reflective glass.  "I'll return shortly," he informed the Creator and then disappeared back to his home.

The Creator watched as he departed and then slumped to the floor.  She leaned against a wall behind her and thought to herself, "Great, just what I need...a vampire and a succubus...perfect."

"Tomb, you're on shift tonight."

"But I just got back."

"I know, but we need someone to work. All of the temps are off tonight and you guys need to work to keep this place afloat so we can live here."

"All? So the whole crew will be here?" Tomb said with a smile.

"Except Zuexis. He's on a hunt. Speaking of which, I need you to send Hudor a wisp to let him know."

"Ok." He conjured up a small ball of eerie light that shot off into the surrounding area.

"On shift? What's your job?"

"I'm the bartender."

"Really? I would have never pegged you as one to do that job."

"Yeah, everyone who lives here has to do a job to keep this place going so we have a place to live. The setup also allows us to collect information. I got stuck with bartender because everyone else's natural gifts lent to other jobs.  Besides, they don't call them spirits for nothing." He chuckled.

"That was bad." Chris laughed along with his friend.

Steps were heard coming from the stairs. A slightly gruff baritone voice rung from the stairwell in a playful tone."I see Tomb brought a friend over. Someone needs to pay me for all of this babysitting I have to do."

Meanwhile, at the library, the wisp got to Hudor. He knew he needed to return to the bed/breakfast, but he was annoyed because he knew it meant he was going to be on bounty duty tonight. He sighed and left the books on the table. He didn't want to risk getting them damaged tonight while he worked. He felt sorry for whoever had to organize the mess he had made. He left immediately and began to head to Libra's.

The Creator exited out the door she had made appear, and it disappeared after her departure.  Holding to the rail she descended down the steps and found her two companions relaxing in the living room.  Noda was enjoying himself while watching an amusing cartoon, and Zephaniah sat beside him reading a questionable magazine.  The sound of footsteps caused the vampire's ears to twitch as he quickly hid the literature.  The Creator wasted no time in explaining to the two what had just occurred.  Somewhere during the telling of the story, Zephaniah had formed the idea that he was getting a roommate.  This caused the vampire to act as a child in a toy store, and he wore an idiotic grin.  When the creator noticed his thoughts had drifted, she promptly popped him on the head.  The mage laughed at his foolish friend, and the Creator urged them both to wait with her for Phii to return.

The three entered inside the room and took a seat on the floor near the mirror.  They began to make idle conversation.  Zephaniah began to reminisce about his home.  "I haven't visited Aiercon in forever.  That used to be my home."

"Why did you leave?"

"Well it wasn't by choice, I got captured by some blasted little girl who wanted me as a pet."

Noda's body shook as he chuckled.  "You got captured by a little girl?  Hah, that's pathetic!"

"Hey hey!  She trapped me in a dimensional sphere!  I didn't know a little girl could do that!"

The Creator stood beside the two on the floor with her arms crossed in front of her chest.  "It's foolish to underestimate people Zeph."

Zephaniah mumbled, "...oh yeah, cause you've never done that before...little miss perfect."

The Creator gave the vampire a swift kick, and then the mirror began to glow.  The two rose to their feet and faced the glowing glass.    Phii emerged from the mirror just as he had hours ago.  He looked at the three standing and smiled, "Why hello everyone."  Zephaniah stepped forward and shook Phii's hand, his eyes darted from side to side searching behind where the man stood.  

The jester chuckled and pat the vampire on the back, "My boy, it seems to me that you're searching for something."

"What?  Oh, no, It's just nice to see you after it's been so long."  Zephaniah continued to look around.

Noda chuckled and whispered to the Creator, "I bet he's looking for that girl."

"Zephaniah my boy, you are trying to deceive me.  I'm sorry, but Daimek's daughter is not with me."

"What?  Why not?  Err...I mean, what succubus?"

The Creator pushed Zephaniah aside, "Smooth moron, now sit down."  She faced Phii with a serious look, "What do you mean she isn't with you?  Have you changed your mind?"

"Well my dear, I've run into a problem.  Actually, it's not a problem with me, but with you my dear."

"What, me?  Excuse me, but what problem does someone have with me?"

"Daimek is rather offended that someone wants to take his only daughter from him, and they haven't even requested it from him in person."

"I have to go to the Land of Mirrors and speak with daddy?  That sounds like so much fun."

"It must be done my dear, it's only polite to do such, and those strapping young boys can accompany you for support.  I can use my magic to transport you all there together through this mirror.  What do you say my dear?"

The Creator sighed and looked over at her excited friends.  She knew she had to go now.  She grinned to herself and put her hand on her hip.  Turning to the boys she questioned, "So you guys want to go on an adventure huh?"  The two men turned to each other and exchanged elated expressions.

Phii smiled warmly and asked, "Are we ready to depart?"

The Creator nodded her head at the jester and answered enthusiastically, "Yeah.  Let's go to Aiercon!"

A tall young man stepped down from the stairs. His had short spiky bleach colored hair and cyan colored eyes. He wore a brown leather jacket, blue jeans, smooth black boots with glowing blue/white lines and a faded blue t-shirt that read "Flynn Lives". He looked at Tomb. "So, who's the new kid?"

"Oh, yeah. This is my friend from before the academy. Chris, this is Phos. Phos, Chris."

Chris nodded politely."It's nice to meet you Phos."

"Likewise." Phos held out his hand."

Chris responded by shaking and noticed a firm grip on his new acquaintanceship's hand.

Phos then directed his attention at Angel. "So what's this I hear about us being on duty tonight?"

"All of the on call people are off tonight and you guys need to work for your stay. Besides, you spend too much time on the grid and you're the best bouncer we have."

"I do not. And I prefer the term security." He replied in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Either way, we had a few new people came in last night that weren't normal and I have a feeling they'll be back tonight. I need the best so that we can keep this place stable in case there is an event." She said as she continued to file paperwork.

"Sweet. At least it won't be boring." He said with a slight mischievous smile.

Shiva walked briskly into the forest with a cold determination. His most recent attempt had failed and he was now pursued. Fortunately no one had gotten a good look at him, he had made sure of that. Unfortunately that did not mean that he could relax. If he remained he would be found out eventually, and that was unacceptable. Therefore he would just have to find another place in which to bring his plan to fruition. But how? That was a question for later, first he had to find this "elsewhere".

The four travelers moved through the mirror and appeared inside the house of Phii.  Phii gave them a welcoming smile and extended his arm to his living room, “Welcome friends to my humble home.”  The Creator looked around in disbelief.  Taking in the new surroundings she replied to the jester, “This is indeed a humble home.  I have to admit, I was expecting you to live in a nicer place.”  The warm man chuckled and put his hand on the Creator’s shoulder, “My dear, you don’t need much in life to be happy.  I’m thankful for all that I have.”  Noda grinned at the jester’s words and put his hand on the Creators other shoulder, “You should listen to him, he sounds pretty wise.”  The Creator was taken aback by Phii’s words and heard her vampire friend laughing in the background at Noda’s comment.  Her eyes darted to the floor as a crimson flush spread across her cheeks, “L-listen, I didn’t come for a philosophy lesson…”  The three laughed at their female friend’s reaction and Phii took that as his cue to lead them to the outskirts of the city.

The moon was high outside his window, “Perhaps we should wait until morning.  The popples will be roaming the forest if we leave now.”  

Zephaniah’s ears perked up, “Popples?  I used to have one of those as a pet, they’re nothing to worry about.  Now the sun, that’s something I have to worry about.  We have to leave while it’s dark if you want me to come too.”  

“Maybe we don’t want you to come along.  I’ve already offended daddy Incubus, I don’t need you to put me in more hot water.”  

“Aww, come on.  Don’t be cruel to me Creator.”  

“Come now my dear, let the boy come with us.  He wants to have a bit of fun too.”  


Phii grabbed hold of his three friends and whisked them off to the opening of the forest, “This is the forest where the popples live, and through here is Daimek’s house.”  

Noda looked around the forest and whispered to the vampire, “I don’t know what a popple is, but I think we should stay close to Creator to protect her.”  Zephaniah nodded in agreement.  

The forest rustled with life and the four passed through to the other side without issues.  At the end of the journey, elevated on a hill, stood the house they were searching for.  It was considerably larger than the jester’s home.  The Creator rested her hands behind her head, “So that’s the place huh?  Alright then, let’s get on with it.”   The group neared the front door, Phii took the lead and quickly tapped on the door.  They heard footsteps from the inside and the door creaked open.    

Standing there in the open door was man dressed in red silk, his plumb colored eyes fell on the jester facing him.  He didn’t look happy to see them, “Jester, what’s the meaning of this?  Have you brought me the brute that wishes to take my child from me?”

“Hello Daimek, I’ve brought the Creator to speak with you.”

“The Creator huh?  Which one of these punks is it?  The messy haired one or the one with pointy ears?”

“Actually Daimek, it’s this young lady right here.”

Daimek looked down confused, “The Creator is a little girl?”  The Creator flinched at the words.  “Well that’s unexpected.  Why is a little girl after my daughter?”

“Would you allow permission inside your home?  We can discuss matters then.”

“Only because I’m curious will I permit you to come inside.”

Zephaniah leaned close to Noda, “Whoa, we got lucky.”  Noda grinned at his friend.

The tall man dressed in silk lead his visitors to a large room.  The fire place was lit and the room was filled with soft leather chairs.  Daimek took a seat in the largest chair near the fire, the other men sat in seats near him, and the Creator dropped to the floor directly in front of the fire place.  Daimek looked questioningly at the girl, “Why are you sitting in the floor?”  She looked up with a matter of fact expression and answered, “I like fire.” Daimek raised an eyebrow at the girl, “Yes…I don’t care if you are a little girl, I demand to know what you want with my daughter.”

The Creator starred into the man’s eyes, “Let me meet her.”

“What?!  You dare ask me such a thing?”

“Let me meet her, and let her decide.”

“She’s but a child.  I can’t force her to make such a heavy decision.”

“Look Daimek, I want to meet your daughter and I don’t want to cause any trouble.  If I heard right, your precious little girl turned 18.  She’s a big girl now.”

“Rude child, my little girl turned 18 two years ago.”

She quickly stood with a dazed look, and then shouted“…SHE’S FREAKING 20!?  What’s wrong with you!?  Phii, you told me she was 18!”

“Why yes my dear, when she came to the village she was.”

“You let this go on for two years?!”

"It would seem, my dear, time passes at a different rate between our two worlds."

“She’s a hot headed little thing, isn’t she?”

“What the heck is that racket!?”  A voice projected from the second floor, and the room echoed from the footsteps of the person descending.

Hudor walked into the door briskly. As he entered, he cast a small glare at Angel before promptly walking up the stairs.

"Who was that?" Chris inquired.

"That's Hudor. He's not much of a people person." Tomb replied, slightly embarrassed.

"He's one heck of a graceful fighter though. He'll take you down and make a work of art while doing it." Phos added in a matter of fact tone.

Hudor made his way into his room where he removed his cloak and slipped into a pair of swim trunks. He then proceeded to immerse himself in a small one person bath in the floor of his room. He allowed his frustration from being forced to work the bounties to overflow into the bathwater, causing it to bubble and steam. The tattoo on his back glowed as the water churned. He sighed in relaxation. At least here, in his room, no one would bug him. He could be alone and just get swept away in the bath. He sunk his head into the water and took a deep breath. I hope tonight is calm, he thought to himself as he drifted into sleep.

The Creator turned at the sound of the stranger, and all the men rose from their seats.  A woman with long black hair faced the group in her living room.  She looked around and whispered to herself, “Men…”  She gracefully sauntered to one of the chairs and leaned across it.  In a sultry whisper she spoke, “Hi boys.”   The Creator stepped between the stranger and her companions, “I’m guessing you must be Daimek’s little girl.”

“Pssh, that’s no little girl.  She’s a brick house!” Daimek glared at the vampire, and Creator elbowed Zephaniah in the gut, “Quiet dummy.”

“And who are you supposed to be?”

“I’m called the Creator.  It’s my imagination and thoughts that cause these worlds to exist.”

“That seems rather presumptuous for a flat-chested little runt.”


“What’s wrong?  Going deaf from old age too?”

“That’s it!”  The Creator lunged for the other girl.

“Crap!  Noda, help me grab her!”  They both held tight to their female friend restricting her movements, she wiggled vigorously in their grasps.

She struggled and grinded her teeth, “You witch, to think I was going to let you stay in my home.”

“Why would I want to live with a runt?”

“Grr, you’re going to give me a lot of trouble.”

Zephaniah looked the girl up and down, her tiny shirt revealed a large area of flesh. “Oh yeah, sexy sexy trouble…”

“This is neither the time nor the place Zeph.”

The girl gazed at Zephaniah with seductive eyes and ran her tongue over her lips, “Your thoughts are sooo tasty.”

The Creator observed the girl’s actions through dead eyes and stopped struggling.  “Would you two release me already?”  After a few seconds of consideration, the two did as she asked.  She smirked at the girl in front of her.  A hypothesis had formed in her mind, “I believe she can feed off thoughts, it seemed she was reacting to what Zeph was thinking.  Or she’s good at convincing us she does, hmm.”  A serious expression dawned on her face, and she decided it was time to hook the succubus.  “These two are my friends, and Phii is also a friend of mine.  Zephaniah is from this world, but Noda is not.  I am also not of this world, but of a world that was not created by me.  People of my world are the cause of many various worlds forming, and it’s a place where we all can come together.  You are 20 years old, and you’ve lived in Aiercon all your life, but that’s because you have to.”  The girl was listening intently to the Creator’s words, and she continued to speak.  “I want to offer you a chance to come to my world, the world where thousands of other worlds are created, and I am even offering you a place to live.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet different people and witness unique things, but this is your choice.  Your father will say no, but I’m not asking him.  Now, I will offer this one time…do you want to get out of here and experience life?”

Daimek was astounded that the little girl known as the Creator could fathom such impacting words, but for ones such as Zephaniah and Noda, it didn’t come as a surprise.  They had to listen to her contemplate and philosophize frequently.  

The succubus starred at the other girl, focusing on what she had just said.  This strange person was offering her freedom, she could leave Aiercon!  Was this a dream?  Could she trust them?  They were a strange trio, an overly perverted vampire, a man that never seemed to stop grinning, and this small girl claiming to possess enormous imaginative power.  She looked at her dad’s pleading eyes, she was a daddy’s girl, but she felt change pulling at her.

“The Creator huh?  Creator, forgive me for my rude words, I would like to go with you.”

“Then it’s settled, you will come back to my world and live with us.  Oh, I just realized, I don’t even know your name.”

“Her name is Sexy McHottness.”

“Ignore the vampire, he failed social etiquette.”

“My name is Neiruma Eromore, daughter of Daimek and Vendira Eromore.  I am part succubus and part vampire.”

“I’m guessing you guys are lineage trackers.  Anyway, the one who won’t shut up is Zephaniah, and the guy over there with messy hair is Noda.  Welcome to our group.”

Chris yawned. "Hey guys, it's getting late, and while I'd love to hang around and watch Tomb make drinks, I'm really beat. Is there anywhere I can sleep."

Tomb laughed. "It's a BED and breakfasts. Of course there's a place to stay. Angel, can we get him a room?" He asked looking at his companion.

"He can stay for a couple of days free, but if he stays too long, he'll have to start pulling his weight as well." She looked at her books. "Room 129 is open." She handed Chris the key. "Let me show you where it is." She led Chris to his room. "We'll see you tomorrow."

Chris smiled and bowed. "Thank you very much." He went in the room and collapsed on the bed.

"Alright, the tavern is about to open, so you two go get ready. I'll get Hudor."

Tomb ran into the tavern and hopped behind the counter. He looked at all of his options and reorganized them according to his preference. He grinned as he opened a mini fridge and pulled out a blood bottle. He uncapped it and took a drink. "Ahh, nothing like a good blood bottle to start a long night."

Phos took his position near the entrance of the tavern. He leaned against the wall and gave a look around the room to see if he could see every place in the room. He also made sure he could see the front desk, so that he could communicate with Angel if he needed to. He cracked his knuckles and waited eagerly.

Angel approached his room and knocked. "Hudor, I know you don't like it, but we're about to open soon and we need you to get ready to work the bounty board. I will make it up to you later. Just let me know." She held out a folder.

Hudor opened the door, with his cloak back on and his head covered by the hood. "Alright, you owe me." He gave a soft smile and took the folder. For all his coldness, it's not that he hated these people. He genuinely liked them. He just didn't emote well. He walked down stairs and stopped by the bar. "Can I get a glass of ice water?"

Tomb smiled. "One river on the rocks coming up." He poured the glass of water and handed it to his friend.

"Was the name really necessary?" He took the glass and sat down next to a large board with all sorts of various bounties on it. He began to read up on the targets while sipping on the water.

Angel made her way back to the front desk. She could see the entrance to the tavern from her desk, as it was just off to her left a few feet. People had to enter the bed and breakfast/tavern complex to enter the tavern. It was easier to build that way and allowed for optimum security if for some reason Phos couldn't handle it.

Zephaniah shouted cheerfully from the new female addition to their crew, while both Phii and Noda clapped wearing a big smile.  Daimek stood near his daughter looking defeated.  He hugged her close to him and told her to be safe in her new life.  He was unsure if he would even see her again.  She reassured him she wasn’t gone forever and then packed a bag with materials she would need in her new living arrangements.

Daimek opened the front door for the Creator and her crew, so they would finally leave his house.  Phii shook hands with the unhappy man and tried to comfort him through wise words.  He said that everyone had a purpose and a roll to fulfill, like being in a play, and life is the stage.  Phii said that Daimek was giving his daughter a better chance to live the roll she was made for, whether either of them knew what that might be or not.  The kind thoughts soothed his soul a bit, but there was no doubt in his mind that he would carry a distaste for the Creator for a very long time.

As the five walked down the hill to the forest, Zephaniah thought he’d attempt to get in good with their new succubus companion and offered to carry her bags.  Phii chuckled at the silly vampire and then offered his assistance.  “Oh no my dear, I can take care of that.”  The four watched as the jester tore a rip in the space directly in front of him, he then took the bags and transported them through the tear in space.  He closed the gash and smiled at the bag’s owner, “Now they’ll be waiting for you at the Creator’s house.” The succubus blinked and uttered out a “thank you”, for she had been shocked by his action and was at a loss for words. Zephaniah’s ears fell as he mumbled something about how he wanted to be the one to who helped the foxy lady. Phii’s action had caused a different thought to form in the Creator’s mind.

“Phii, if you have control over space, then why did you transport us in front of the forest and not just in front of Daimek’s house?”

“Well my dear, someone put a spell on the forest, so travelers can only walk through it and not use magic to pass over it.”

“So we’re going with magic as the cause huh?  Ok, sure, why not.”

“Why, whatever do you mean by that my dear?”  It was as if the Creator knew of something that the jester had no knowledge of.

The moon was glowing brightly in the night sky, and the group separated into pairs.  Noda wanted to chat with Phii about this world’s different types of magic, and ways he could improve his own. Zephaniah was busy trying to impress Neiruma, while she was beginning to feel sick from his constant lewd thoughts. The Creator stayed back to enjoy the twilight as they walked, and she began to zone out.  Lost in a day dream, she tripped over something on the ground and it jerked her back to reality.  She looked around for the culprit and noticed what looked like a fuzzy purple cherry, perhaps this is what a plumb looked like.  She picked it up to examine it and twisted it in her hand, the object then began to make a noise that resembled breathing.  To confirm that she really heard the sound, she moved the object to her ear.  A warm wet sensation ran over her ear and she threw the object to the ground with disgust.  The furry ball began to growl and as it growled, it grew.  The Creator watched as the small ball increased its size to ten times that of what it was before.  It appeared as two feet of round purple fuzz.  Intrigued, she stuck her hand down to poke the strange ball, and starred in horror as giant fangs formed inside the fur.  The object jumped forward and bit at the Creator.  In attempt to dodge the long pointy teeth, she leaned back so far that it caused her to collapse to the ground while she shouted “HOLY FRICK!”  Footsteps sounded loudly behind her as the four quickly appeared at her side.  Phii jumped between the creature and the Creator and allowed her to regain her footing.  She ran back to the other three as they starred at the creature attacking.

“What the heck is that thing!?”

“That would be what we here call a popple.”

“That’s a popple?!”

“Actually that’s a baby popple.”  As soon as the words had left his mouth, two other creatures joined the previous one.  They were both twice its size.

“…no way.”

“Now those are adults.  Probably mommy and daddy come to help baby.”

“Are we going to fight them?”

“Frick yes we are!  I hope everyone drank a mana potion, now circle around the Creator and let’s rock!”

Zephaniah began to glow and touched the Creator on the head, “There, now you’ve got some animal magnetism, hopefully that will cause them to not want to hurt you…and if that fails then they might try to mate with you.” The Creator glared at the vampire and gave a response dripping in sarcasm, “Well that’s just outstanding…”  Neiruma turned to Zephaniah, “You don’t think much do you?”  She started her incantation with two fingers at her forehead, they moved up and over making a half circle.  She recited the words her father had taught her, “Shadows beyond darkness, creatures of flight, listen closely and come to me in this frightful plight.  Nightmares that breed screams, horrors of my might, come to me and assist me in this fated fight!”  The ground quaked from her words as lesser demons rose from the shadows.  They bowed to their mistress and waited for her commands.  During this time Phii had jumped back to the others, his magic was ineffective in this forest. Noda had caste a barrier of fire in front of the creatures to keep them at bay, and Neiruma ordered her followers to pass through the flames and coat themselves in fire.  They raced towards the popples with their flaming wings, and they nestled in the creature’s fur which caused it to burn.  The painful sting caused the popples to lunge at the group. Zephaniah jumped to the front and gave the two adults a powerful roundhouse kick, the force rammed the two against the forest trees, and their form returned to that of fuzzy purple apples.  The baby popple growled at the vampire’s treatment of its parents, he smirked at the fuzz ball, “Pshh, please, you’re nothing.”  He kicked the creature high into the air, he leapt up himself and met it half way, his hand formed a fist, and he drew his arm behind his head.  He released the blow on the creature shouting, “Take this!  Spike!”  The creature plowed into the ground with an echoing thud, and it returned to its previous form.  

Zephaniah landed back on the ground and turned to the others grinning.  He focused his attention on Neiruma, “And that, sexy lady, is how you take care of popples.”  She flipped her hair at his arrogance.

“Very good my boy, nicely done!”

“Ok, that’s it, I’ve had enough of this freaking forest.  Let’s get out of here quickly.”

Phii and Noda stayed with the Creator while they continued to walk out of the forest.  Zephaniah put his arm around Neiruma as they walked, some of her remaining demons began stabbing him in the ear at his gesture.  He swatted at them like they were annoying bugs and decided it would just be easier to remove his arm. Soon they arrived back at the home of Phii.  He smiled at his friends and prepared a mirror for them to travel through back to the other world.

The four passed through the mirror and back into the empty room holding the Creator’s flame.  Zephaniah opened the door excitedly and dragged Neirum to the other parts of the house.  The Creator shook her head at his enthusiasm as Noda stood next to her laughing.  They also exited out the door and it disappeared behind them.  They walked down to the living room where the new guest was being forced to become acquainted with the surroundings.  The Creator glanced at the clock and did a double take.  She pointed in its direction and exclaimed, “Look!”  The others joined her gaze and notice the time had not changed since they had left for Aiercon.

“The time hasn’t moved!”

“I guess our time is different than Phii’s.”

“This is great!  We’ve got the whole night to celebrate Neiruma coming to live with us!”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I know a great place we can go.  I visited a bar the other night, we can go there.”

“I’m always up for some night time fun.”

“Seems they want to go, what do you say Creator?”

The Creator sighed, “Fine.  Zeph, lead the way.”

The vampire shouted in triumph.  He took his friends and guided them to the tavern he had stayed at before.  Noda and the Creator stayed back behind the other two and passed through the front door.  Zephaniah grabbed Neiruma by the arm and dragged her to the bar.  He sat her down and then sat down himself, “Barkeep!  Get us something that says party!” Noda joined his vampire friend at the bar and smiled. The Creator trotted over to the other three and sat beside Neiruma, she leaned her head against her propped arm and looked at the bartender.  “Hope you’re ready for this buddy, it’s going to be a long night.”

Angel noticed the crew walk in and gave a look toward Phos. She could sense their powers, particularly Neiruma's, although she was immune to such charms due to her current situation. However, she knew her patrons might cause a fight if things got out of hand.

Phos saw the four enter and he could tell that trouble would probably brew tonight. He could smell and sense Neiruma's presence, and he was glad he was programmed without physical desires. The two guys looked goofy, but he felt they could fight if they were pushed. However, the look Angel gave him told him to hold back until trouble started. A small crackle of electricity jolted across his fists as he waited to see what would happen.

Hudor observed the group coming in. When he saw the vampire, a slight look of disgust spread across his face as he muttered "Nymph" under his breath. However, as he noticed Neiruma, his appearance became cold. The glass of water he held froze as his body instinctively reacted to the succubus' presence. The air around him grew colder and he uttered quietly with a since of prejudice and hatred "Siren".

Tomb was unaware of everyone else's reactions and simply observed the traveler's as they came in. He could tell that one was a mage, one was a vampire, one was a very annoyed but powerful female, and the final companion was a stunningly beautiful young woman. Unlike his comrades, he didn't catch onto the succubus' natural charms and was immediately enthralled with her. However, he had a job to do, so to the best of his ability, he responded to the vampire, "Four Fire Dancers coming up." He mixed four drinks in a flurry of lights and colors and handed one to each of the four new customers, putting a little extra flair in the one for Neiruma. He then looked at the Creator and responded "And why is that?"

The words "old World" crossed Shiva's mind as he took a look around. He had been travelling for a long while and was now growing tired. He figured that there should be some sort of Inn or Hostel about in which he could bunk up, and sure enough he was quickly found one.

But it seemed a bit too lively for his tastes. There was tavern attached, which meant he would have to pass by many people who could remember him if this pursuers came to call. At this point erasing any of them would also indicate where he had been like a giant beacon flame.

If there was one thing Shiva was good at though it was blending in. he was not entirely sure that anyone even knew his face to begin with. He had been very careful after all, but there was always a chance.

Then his stomach growled. "Well, answers that." he said. He would take the risk. He could always run if things got too hot, and he would have his questions about his status as an outlaw answered. If the word Outlaw did justice  to a man who had almost succeeded in setting off WW3.

Zephaniah picked up the glass and threw back the liquid, “This is ok...but do you have anything stronger?  Flashy is nice, but I want something that will kick me in the face!”  

Noda slowly sipped his drink while being amused by his friend.  He looked to his right at the man near a large board.  His smile faded, it looked as though this man was starring in their direction.  He didn’t look friendly to him, but he wasn’t one to judge, the man just came off as mysterious.  

Neiruma slid her finger around the glass’ edge continuously, eyeing the bartender.

The Creator shook her head at the vampire, “See that?  These guys are knuckle heads.”  She sniffed the drink and then jerked her noise away from it, “Eh, how about something without ethanol in it?  I can’t stand alcohol.”  The Creator looked around, the bar was nearly empty, but the atmosphere still prevented her from feeling at ease.  

The succubus watched as the bartender worked.  She believed she had felt thoughts of admiration inside him.  A smile formed as she watched him through partially closed lids, she took on a higher vocal pitch than normal, “Hi there.”  She leaned her body across the bar top, “You seem pretty talented with those drinks.”  She rested her hand on her chest and tilted her head, “Think you could teach me?”

Tomb saw Neiruma and began to get nervous. Okay, stay calm. He looked at the vampire. "So, would you like our strongest drink?" He then directed his attention to the Creator. "What would you like? We have all kinda of beverages here." Finally he turned sheepishly toward Neiruma. " you'd like me to teach you how to mix d...drinks?" He was trying his hardest not to think perverted thoughts, but she wasn't exactly making it easy.

Hudor noticed Noda looking at him. He didn't have any problem with the mage and so he gave a small nod in his direction.

Zephaniah looked at the man behind the bar with sly eyes and a smirk, “That depends.  I’m a strong guy…uhh, hey, what’s your name anyway?”

Noda acknowledged the man’s nod by giving him a wide goofy smile, as was his way.

The Creator was busy thinking to herself, but she tended to think out loud, “Hmm, what should I get?  I don’t necessarily know what they have still.  Indecisive…don’t know what I want but know what I don’t…It may be awhile before I can drink apple juice again….”

Neiruma noticed the effect she had on the bartender, and it made her smile in delight.  He was stumbling through his words, and she found his shyness to be lovely.  It was so refreshing compared to the little time she spend with the vampire…she was getting sick from him.  She focused her full attention back on the man making the drinks.  She gazed into his eyes and ran her finger gently across his jaw line and giggled, “Oh yes.  I think we could have lots of fun.”

As Shiva entered the Bar he noticed two things right off. First the bar was not really all that Crowded, which was a good and a bad thing. Second, there was a slight tension in the air. Normally he would have revelled in that sort of thing, but not now. Perhaps he could slip though undetected, but first he had to purchase a room, and something to sustain himself.

Shiva walked steadily toward the bar and sat down, making sure to sit two seats down from the other group. Far enough away to not impose upon them, but close enough to  not seem like he was avoiding the rest of the room.

Once he was comfortable in his seat, Shiva pulled out a pocket atlas and opened it on the counter before him. Pushing his glasses back up to a comfortable position, he began to look over the maps as he waved the bartender over.

Tomb jumped when she touched him. He bowed for a second and went to address the man who had just walked up. "It will be a few minutes before I can tend to you. I apologize for the wait." He returned to the four, after secretly taking a swig from the blood bottle and popping some mints. He turned to Zephaniah. "My name is Tomb and we may or may not have moonshine on the premises." He then turned toward the Creator. "Would you care for a glass of milk?" Finally, very apprehensively he turned back to Neiruma. "W...well if you'd like, we're l...looking kind of slow t...tonight if you'd like to come behind the bar..." While waiting for the responses, he immediately began to sing in his head. Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange...

Shiva nodded, giving a slight(if false) smile of understanding. At least perhaps he would go mostly unnoticed, but the longer he had to wait the more likely that his presence would make an impression, although at least he had not been recognised already. That was a start. So from here on out he would just have to play it natural. So he continued to look in his atlas. Who knew. Maybe a way to achieve his goals would arise from something he may observe this night.

“Ah, so that’s your name huh?”  Zephaniah held out his glass.  “Nah, moonshine is too boring, and I want something out of this world.  Like I was saying Tommy, I’m a strong guy, and strong guys can handle the strongest of liquors.  I want something that no one else has ever had, give me a liquor virgin.”

After grinning at the man, Noda stood up with his drink in hand and walked over to where the mysterious fellow was sitting.  “Hi, my name is Noda.  Look what I can do.”  Noda’s face began to change shape, his hair gained some order to it and changed color from green to orange.  His skin turned to a pale blue and his eyes were now a glowing red.  He grinned at the man showing his new fangs.

The Creator came out of her daze, “Milk?  Hah, how many times have you served milk here?  I’m picky about my milk though, 1% low fat, and it better be cold enough.”  She looked over at her female companion and cocked her eyebrow, “Neiruma…why are you almost laying on the counter top?  That’s not sanitary.”

Neiruma reluctantly sat back in her seat.  “He said I could go with him behind the bar.  He’s going to show me how to be as awesome as he is at making drinks.”  She winked and him and gave him a coy smile.

"And you were trying to climb over the counter?" she asked in amazement.  The Creator turned her attention to the bartender suspiciously, “Is that right…listen kid, you don’t want to get involved with my friend here.  She’d be trouble for you.”

“I love her trouble!”

The Creator lowered her head to meet her propped arm and shook her head slowly.  Without glancing up she mumbled to herself, “I wonder if I can convince people I don’t know him…”

Tomb looked at Zeph. "My name is Tomb, not Tommy." He perked up. "I think I know just the thing. He pulled out one of the fresher blood bottles, added some of it to moonshine and gave it a splash of cherry flavor. "Here, I just made this up. It's called a Blood Moon." He then poured a glass of frigid 1% for the Creator in a refrigerated mug. Finally, he looked back at Neiruma. "I-it's ok if she comes back. B-besides, I'm used to trouble."He grinned as he held out his had to help her over the counter.

"I'm Hudor." He looked at the mage's display, and with a flat tone replied "Impressive."

He looked at the drink and swirled it around in the glass.  After deciding it looked pleasing to him, he took a drink.  “Blood Moon huh?  This is what I’m talking about Toby, this is a drink that I could get used to.”

There was no reaction from the man.  Noda changed back to his original form and addressed him, “You seem to be fine with me, so I assumed you had a distaste for my vampire friend.  I guess I was wrong.  I guess you were just curious, surely you wouldn’t have a disliking for our young female companion.”

The Creator looked at the frigid mug of milk and squealed inside, though she didn’t want anyone to know how excited this actually made her.  She took the mug in hand and took a gulp.  “This is…wonderful…” she sighed in a dreamy voice.

Neiruma started to take the bartender’s hand, but then drew back.  She was curious, “What kind of trouble are you used to?”

Tomb smiled at his two happy customers. He then looked at Zeph and said "It's Tomb. As in a place to put dead people." He then turned to Neiruma. "Mostly the heart stealing monster kind."

Hudor scoweled. "She is of an evil kind."

"Interesting Group" Shiva thought to himself as he continued to pretend to look into the atlas. He had of course known that there were others with powers, but what these people were nonchalantly showing off was nothing he had seen before. Perhaps He had found his "elsewhere". But how to use it?

His Goals involved death, and lots of it. But he did not fully understand this place yet. His observations showed him many things, but left him with many more questions.

It was obvious that one of the patrons was a Magi, or a changing. The lady drinking milk was obviously quite powerful, which could be seen by the way others treated her. He was not quite sure about the girl climbing over the counter he was not totally sure of, but for some reason he felt the need to guard himself as she had an odd sense of sensuality bout her. The bartender was obviously skilled at more arcane things than drink mixing, and the rest of the patrons put off an air that told him that they were also more than they appeared.

Now but to wait and observe.

'This could turn out to be very interesting indeed'

His words were like a hammer hitting her heart.  What did he mean by monsters that steal hearts?  She began to remember her father’s stories of the hunters who killed her ancestors.  She hoped that’s not what he was referring to, but her thoughts caused her to become frightened.  The smile she once had had fallen from her face and she began to back away from the bar.  As she stepped back, she collided into Zephaniah who had appeared behind her.  He put his arm around her.

“Hey there sexy thing, why don’t you show me some attention too?”  He laughed to himself while he drank his Blood Moon and turned to the bartender, “Isn’t she a hot little number?”  He put his glass back on the bar counter, “Hit me again Tom!”

The Creator still hadn’t returned to reality, “A mug, look at this, I’m almost at the bottom and it’s still cold!  Milk…beautiful….”

“Evil?”  Noda looked back at the new female in their group and saw that Zephaniah had gotten a hold of her again.  He chuckled while feeling sorry for the poor girl knowing his vampire friend’s usual thoughts.  He turned back to Hudor, “She seems nice to me.”

"Her kind consume those they mate with. Anyone who does that is no better than an insect." He replied with disgust.

Tomb looked confused as she backed away from the table. He couldn't figure out exactly what had happened. "Seriously, there are these creatures out there known as the Heartless and they literally steal peoples' hearts. It's best to kill them with a keyblade." He held out his hand and with a poof of black smoke and little bats his keyblade appeared.

Phos saw the keyblade, and missing the context of the situation, fully charged his fist with electricity and bolted toward Zephaniah and Neiruma.

Tomb barely noticed the crackle of electricity in time. He immediately vanished in a puff of smoke and reappeared right in front of Phos, taking the blow. Electricity coursed throughout his body as he fell to the ground as his keyblade disappeared.

Phos, in a very remorseful voice , called out. "Angel!"

Angel reached into a drawer and pulled out a curved knife with black stones in the hilt. She proceeded over to Tomb's location. As she walked by, she uttered a short "Idiots." She then jammed the knife hard into Tomb's heart and walked back out to the front desk.

There was a thud as the bartender hit the ground.  The Creator finished her milk and turned to find the source of the sound.  She had missed the encounter and questioned, "Why is that kid in the floor?  She turned her gaze to Zephaniah and Neiruma and glared at them, "Did you two have anything to do with this?"

Anger and surprise ran through the vampire, "Hey, I didn't do anything.  Toby here magically made some metal sword appear, and then zappy attacked him."

The man Neiruma was talking to, the one she felt had manners and courtesy, was now lying there on the floor from an attack.  She hid behind Zephaniah, unsure of what would happen next.  A strange woman with two toned hair entered in the room holding a knife and made her way over to Tomb.  Neiruma came out from behind the vampire and ran over to where Tomb was ,shouting at the girl, "What are you doing!?"  She had noticed too late, the girl had plunged the knife into the boy's chest.  She dropped down beside his body feeling defeated and useless for not being able to save him, she despised death.  " could you do such a thing?"

Hudor, having witnessed the incident counted down with his hands. 3,2,1,then he pointed at Tomb.

Black tendrils flew down the dagger into his heart. He jerked for a second, and then his face began to peel off of his skull, which then lit up in a bright green flame that wasn't hot to the touch and revealed his fangs. He let out a piercing scream that echoed throughout the tavern. Afterwards, he resumed his normal form laughing hysterically for a few seconds before taking a bow and placing the dagger on the table. "Thanks Angel."

She responded. "Stop playing around or you'll scare all of our customers away."

"Of course you would do that." He shook his head. He looked at Zeph. "I was trying to protect him. It turns out he protected you." He turned and walked back to the corner.

Hudor nodded. "Citizen of Halloween Town through and through."

Tomb then looked at Zephaniah. "First, the name is Tomb. Repeat; Tomb. Second, I can get you another one in a second. Third, don't refer to such a b-beautiful creature so crudely." He smiled at Neiruma. "The dagger is laced with d-death magic. P-picks me up e-everytime." He hopped over the counter and prepared Zephaniah's drink.

Shiva had to work to hide his smile. Instead he showed a face of shock and awe, allowing himself to fall off his chair at the suddenness of it all. These were interesting beings indeed.

So much violence, reminded him again of the night he gained his powers. He was still not sure if the Military ever figured out what happened to all of those people.

Slowly Shiva picked himself up off the floor and settled back in his chair, replacing the atlas with a small black leather-bound notebook, and he began to scrawl notes in his own persona shorthand/ runic  code.The more he knew the better he could bring about his goal. A small, old, black book joined the notebook. Written in a similar Runic script Shiva began consulting pages in it as he took his notes.

The Creator, who startled easily, had jumped a mile in the air.  She was clutching the counter for dear life asking loudly, “The frick was that!?”

The show the bartender put on went completely ignored by the vampire.  His attention had been caught by something else.  He grabbed his refilled drink, “Thanks Timmy,” and then headed in the direction the woman with the dagger left to.

“Halloween Town?”  Noda thought to himself, “That sounded like the place from a movie the Creator liked.  How strange…”

This man was strange.  This man called Tomb.  She knew of the different types of magic from the jesters, but he said he was associated with death magic.  What’s this guy’s game?  He acts shy, but you can tell he likes to have attention…and he’s talking to me like nothing happened.  I better check his heart.  As the daughter of a prestigious vampire and incubus, she had the power to read the heart’s mind.  Neiruma turned towards Tomb and stood in front of him at the bar counter.  She locked eyes with him and ran her hand down her chest.  She whispered in a bewitching tone, “I know there are men that lie, unfortunately I don’t know why.  Sifting through thoughts will be my key, now come and reveal yourself to me.”  After she finished her incantation, she gently exhaled in Tomb’s direction, releasing her powered pheromones.

Tomb became enchanted by the pheromones with little resistance. His heart revealed a mixture of joy, anxiety and attraction. He spoke in a soft tone. "I'm sorry if I scared you too much. I'm from Halloween Town. It's our job, but we're not mean. Can I treat you to lunch tomorrow to make up for it?

Hudor closed his softly glowing eyes. "Interesting."

Angel observed the vampire coming over. She knew this wouldn't end well.

For the first time that night the Creator was observing what was going on around her.  She was astonished by Neiruma’s power to control and manipulate situations, and she was quite envious.

Well that was an unexpected response.  “Did he just ask me out?”  Neiruma pondered to herself and decided to dig deeper.  While Tomb was still slightly under the influence of the pheromones, she would probe his mind a bit more.  They wouldn't last much longer.  She elevated herself to the counter top and slid her legs into position so she was straddling Tomb, and then she ran her fingers through his hair.  “Tomb?” she asked in a longing tone, “How do you feel about my body?”  She leaned her head closer to his and whispered into his ear, “Is that why you have an interest in me?”  Her warm breath teased his ear as she spoke.

What power!  What seduction!  It excited the Creator, as well as made her feel horribly uncomfortable.

“What is this Halloween Town?”  Noda asked Hudor while ignoring the situation around him, “Why does it sound familiar?”

Zephaniah followed the girl to the front desk and leaned on it.  “Hey there angel.”

Tomb held her, enjoying her heat as it permeated through his clothes. "Honestly, the initial attraction is to your lovely body, but I'd like to get to know you better. That's why I asked you out."

Hudor shrugged. "I don't know much. All I know is that they run Halloween and they like to scare people. If you want to know more, talk to your friend or the kid."

Angel looked at the vampire and flatly replied "What do you want?" She was curious if he knew her name or was just flirting.

Neiruma leaned back on the counter supporting herself with her hands.  She met Tomb’s gaze, “Your touch is terribly chilly.”  She needed to process what had just happened and was attempting to use this as a distraction.

He looked the girl up and down slowly and finally spoke, “Hey, you look familiar…are you part vampire?”

Tomb frowned a little as the spell wore off. "Oh, I'm s-sorry. It's just the way I am," he responded in a poorly hidden rejected tone. He could tell she was distancing her self from him. It hurt a little to be honest, but he had a job to do, so at least he could be distracted. "If you will e-excuse me, I n-need to tend to that man over there." He slipped out of her legs and walked over to Shiva. "Sorry for the wait. What can I get for you?"

"No, I'm not a vampire. Although I can tell you are." She looked at him, waiting for this to get over with. You were closer with the first thing you said.

Shiva looked up from his writing as the young, apparently undead, bartender addressed him. Putting on a friendly smile Shiva pushed his glasses back into their proper position on his nose with the hand still holding his pen. "Ach, ja my good man. Think nothing of it. Could I just get a double of Whiskey, und what might you have to eat here? Also I believe I will need a room for the night, if that could be arranged sir."

Tomb smiled as he poured the whiskey. "Here you go. As for food, we have assorted sandwiches and peanuts." He then peaked at Angel and Zephaniah. Tomb pointed out the door to front desk. "If you want a room, then you'll need to ask the lovely young lady at the front desk, although you may need to wait until she is done with the young man who is currently talking to her."

" Ah. Thank you" Shiva said with a sip of the drink. " In that case, could I have a fried Bologna sandwich if you have it?"

That’s strange, Tomb sounded sad.  She gave him one of her best shows, and instead of wanting more, like what usually happens, he doesn’t sound happy at all!  What did she do wrong?  She had learned to be a tantalizing tease from both her mother and father…but this time…she had failed.  She began to feel self conscious and foolish.  She slid off the counter silently as she saw Tomb work, and sat next to the Creator, “I’m ready to leave…this isn’t fun anymore.”

The Creator was glad for the chance to finally depart from this place, though she was curious about what happened with Neiruma.

Zephaniah held his position and continued asking, “Really, are you sure there’s not a little vampire in you?”

Shiva allowed his gaze to drift for a moment toward the two ladies sitting down the bar form himself. The one who had been enjoying a glass of milk seemed rather interesting, but she still had not shown him anything more that the fact that she had a commanding aura. Unfortunate.

The Other, though, had put on quite a display. She was quite interesting. Her interaction with the Bartender tickled his scholarly interests, insofar as much that her actions conveyed something more than simple sensuality.

Shiva slowly shifted his eyes back toward his notebook and began to write once more, the runic characters filling the page like an ever rising tide of cryptic black.

Tomb made the sandwhich and gave it to Shiva. "Here you go. If you need anything else let me know." Tomb walked over, and drank some of his blood bottle in the open. He picked up one of the roses Angel had placed to decorate the place. He sighed. How could I have ever thought she'd be interested in me? As he held the rose, a green and purple energy surrounded it, causing it to wither and wilt.

Angel looked at him sternly. "Yes, I'm not a vampire. The bartender is part vampire. I am not. Please get to the point."

How could things have gone so wrong?  She thought she was going to have so much fun, and she was so glad it was someone like Tomb that she had found...but she blew it.  Neiruma hoped the Creator was truthful about leaving soon, she felt like she had disgraced her father's name.  Sitting in silence, she starred at the bar counter waiting.

Now it was time to leave the tavern.  The Creator looked around the room and located Noda with another man, but Zephaniah had moved out of sight.  Her eyelids drooped as she looked at the ceiling mumbling, "Well this isn't good."  She tapped on Neiruma's shoulder, "Come on, we have to go find the stupid vampire."  Rising from her seat she beckoned Noda to follow them.

Noda smiled at the Creator, and turned to Hudor, "I think my friend may be causing trouble.  We need to go find him.  Take care."  Noda held is smile and walked over to the Creator.

Zephaniah held his place on the table, grinning at the girl and eager to complete his come on.  "Well..." he said slowly mustering up all his charm for this last line, "Would you like a little vampire in you?"

Tomb watched Neiruma as she began to leave. Every part of him wanted to call out, but he was struggling to say anything. Muttering softly, "Did you want to get lunch..."

Hudor nodded. "Good bye. And beware of your immodest companion." He then went back to drinking the glass of water.

Phos, observing the group leave decided that it was time to have a small talk with Tomb. "Hey, get me an energy shot."

Angel looked at the vampire. She closed her eyes. "Amaterasu." A small, bright white flame appeared in her hand. She glared at him as she held her hand up.

The three people walked in the direction of the door from where they had first entered.  The Creator was leading the way and saw the back of Zephaniah near the front desk.  He had obviously been bothering the girl running the desk, and she saw the girl holding a white flame.  This caused her to feel discomfort and rushed to where the vampire was standing.  She stepped between the girl and Zephaniah, “Hey there, I’m terribly sorry if this dip has been bothering/irritating/sexually harassing you.  He’s a challenged child, we try to help him, but I think he had some head trauma as a kid.  So yeah…”  She glared at Zephaniah and his ears drooped.  “We would like to thank you for a hospitable evening, and with that we’ll take our leave.  Once again, I’m very sorry for any trouble that may have been caused by my friend.”  The Creator may not have liked interacting with people, but she knew how to be polite when she felt she should.  Feeling as though she had tied up any loose ends, the Creator lead everyone out the door, keeping a close eye on Zephaniah to be sure he followed. He turned back and looked at the girl, “I’ll see you in my dreams angel.” The Creator continued to glare at him with increasing furiosity.

Hey, I don’t know why you’re glaring at me.  I didn’t do anything wrong!  I was just complimenting her beauty and stuff.  You know, being a gentleman.

“Zeph, I know you, and I have the hardest time believing that girl was ready to fry you because you sincerely complemented her.”

“She must have just misunderstood.”

“Right, she’s the one at fault…”  The Creator looked around, and the night’s dark blackness was enshrouding her.  “If no one is opposed, we’ll be taking a short cut home…to heck if I’m going to be walking around forests at night again.  She imagined a door in her mind to take them home, and it materialized in front of her.  She turned the knob and opened the door, on the other side was their living room.  She held the door as everyone stepped through, and once they had, she passed through the door herself.  After it had been closed it disappeared as if it never existed.

Tomb handed his friend the glowing drink. "What's up?" he replied in a mopy tone.

Phos looked at his friend and began to drink. "Look, you need to work on this woman thing. You don't need to be in a relationship to be happy. This happens way too often. Besides, you would put whoever you were with in danger."

Hudor walked over to the bar. "And she is of an evil breed that feeds off the souls of those she seduces."

Tomb looked angrily at his friends. "Neither of you understand the pain of lonliness. And you don't know that she's evil." He sighed in exhasperation. "It doesn't matter anyway. She's gone."

Angel relaxed. It was good that the vampire had left. However, as she began to get back to work, an arrow flew past her and stuck into the wall.

It was good to be home.  The Creator flopped down on the couch, then stretched her body and yawned.  “I think I may just stay here tonight.”  The boys headed off to their respective bedrooms. Zephaniah took hold of Neiruma’s wrist as he walked to his, but she removed his hand, “I need to talk with the Creator.” Zephaniah pretended to pout and heard the Creator shout at him, “Not going to happen Zeph!  Go to bed!”  He grinned at the succubus as if to say, maybe next time, and walked off to his room.  The encounter had left the succubus feeling nauseous.  She sat down in the floor in front of the couch facing the Creator.

“Does he ever think of anything else?”

“I wonder that myself.”

“His thoughts are killing me!  At first I thought I had hit the jackpot cause I was able to fill up so easily, but being around him is horrible.  It’s like there’s 100 of me getting filled up instead of just one!”

“Yeah, he is just a tad bit of a huge pervert.  So being around Zeph makes you sick huh?  Well that’s not good, and very inconvenient if you’re going to live here.  I can guarantee he’s not going to leave you alone.  Guess I’ll have to fix something up for you, which means we have to visit the lab again…which I don’t want to do right now.  I noticed you had some pretty saucy moves at the tavern.”

“Oh, yeah, all in a succubus’ training, we have to be seductive and sensual you know.”

“Indeed, that was pretty impressive.  Lots of power.”

She looked at the Creator and stated in a matter of fact tone,  “I can wrap a man around my finger in an instance.”

“I’ll bet, how does that make you feel?”

“Pretty good, it’s fun when it doesn’t cause me any trouble.  Something went wrong tonight though, all of a sudden I lost my charm and the bartender lost interest in me.  I’m so confused, I’ve never had that happen before.”

“Perhaps the kid is a sensitive guy and you made him too nervous.”

“No, it’s not that…it’s like his thoughts were sad.  What on earth could I have done to make someone sad?  I must not have executed one of my moves correctly…that still shouldn’t have made anyone feel sad though.”

“What did you do?”

“I thought I was just being sexy.  I leaned back to show off my assets and told him he felt chilly, thinking that he would reply with something like, “Then you should warm me up.”  But that didn’t happen!  He left me!  When did I lose his interest?!”

“Maybe he thought you were insulting him and not flirting with him.  Men have fragile egos.  He’s just one guy anyway, a guy that can make an awesome mug of milk, but still just a guy none the less.”

“Yeah…but he was a nice guy.  He had a cute personality.  He was shy and fun to play with.  He gave me no trouble and no overwhelming sexual thoughts.  It was nice…but now he despises me.  I’m just not a good enough succubus I guess.”

“Pshh, that’s ridiculous.  I’m sure he doesn’t hate you, he seemed like a nice boy.  You’re a fine succubus, your body, the way you move, you’ve got the looks to kill.  Why don’t we go back to the tavern tomorrow when it’s daylight, that way I don’t have to worry about…someone causing me trouble.”

“You think that would be a good idea?  He did ask me to lunch, but that was before I offended him.”

“I’m sure it will be fine…at least I hope so.  Maybe they won’t try to kill us without the vampire.  For now though we better get some sleep.  You have pajamas?”

“I have a frilly black nighty my dad gave me.”

“Uhh, no, not in my house.  I’ll let you borrow some of mine.”

“Won’t the chest be too tight?”  She asked while looking down at her tiny shirt.

“…  It’s just an extra large t-shirt and some fuzzy pants.  You can sleep in my room if you want, I’ve got an extra bed.”

She smirked playfully. “Are you sure I didn’t just seduce you in to wanting to sleep near me.”

The Creator starred at the ceiling and grinned, glad to know that Neiruma was comfortable enough to joke with her, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”  She got up from the couch and led Neiruma to her room.  She gave the succubus some of her pjs to borrow, and then changed into her own in the closet.   The Creator slept on a mattress in the floor, and the succubus slept in the bed near her.

Angel noticed the arrow. She calmly pulled it out of the wall and noticed a scroll with a seal that had the signs of the zodiac on it. She read it. Upon finishing, she cried out loudly. "She's in the city!" Angel immediately opened a portal to darkness and dashed into it.

The three boys looked at each other. Interventions could wait.

Hudor hopped behind the counter and prepared to run the whole place. He wasn't excited, but he knew it was something he had to do.

Tomb immediately vanished into thin air as he assumed a ghastly form and flew into the city. He was glad to at least get the whole bar scene out of his head.

Phos stepped outside. Grabbing a baton from his boot, he tapped the button on the left shoulder of his leather jacket. Immediately, a smooth black body suit with glowing light blue lines towards the sides covered his body. His head was covered by a smooth black helmet. He then got a running start and opened the baton. As the light cycle formed, he smiled beneath the helmet. "Now for some real fun."

Curiouser and Curiouser. Everything transpired so quickly that Shiva could barely keep up with his notes. The mode of the groups leaving and the conversation of those who remained gave him plenty to write about.

The sudden emptying of the Tavern told him even more about the abilities of those around him. Their flippant use of such power told him that this was normal. He had also discovered that a possibly interesting person was in the area, if they had warranted such a reaction.

Shiva finished his meal quickly, gathered up his belongings and walked toward the man behind the counter.

"Hallo sir. I would like to procure a room for the night."

Hudor nodded and went to the front desk. He returned a moment later with a key in his hand. "Room 105 is open."

Phos arrived in the city. It didn't take him long to spot the Heartless attacking citizens in the town. He hopped off his light cycle and held the baton. Then, electricity surged as his identity disk split into a gen one disk and a gen two disk. The baton attached at each end to one of the disks. A rod primative became the handle and broken rods formed the teeth on the gen one disk. A chain formed with a bit at the end. Immediately he grabbed his keyblade and began thrashing on the Heartless.

Angel appeared out of the portal. She held her hands up, and in her right hand a white keyblade appeared, and in her left, a black keyblade appeared. She began to tear through the Heartless as she looked for the target that had so long eluded her.

Tomb materialized on a rooftop. He tapped the button on his left shoulder, and black, skeletal armor formed around his body as his keyblade appeared in his right hand. In his left, a soft green glow formed. He immediately launched a spell into the Angel Stars below, but as he did, he was struck by a powerful blow. He turned around.

A lithe, pale skinned young woman stood next to him. Her yellow eyes were piercing. She had long raven hair and wore a black dress with a low dipping neck line to her chest. She smiled coyly as she approached him. "Long time no see, handsome."

Tomb jumped to his feet. He swung his left hand, and a long strand of green ectoplasm lashed towards his foe.

She dodged gracefully. "Now is that anyway to treat a friend?" She dashed forward, getting uncomfortably close. "You know I always liked you."

Tomb backed away. Gotta keep my mind clear. He looked toward the sky and launched a barrage of wisps into the air.

Seeing the opportunity, she slammed him against the wall and pinned him there.

In the midst of the tussle, he had observed from the low back line of her dress something that made him glad, but also very sick to his stomach.  There on her back was a small black elongated heart containing a thorny X in the middle.  Below the heart were three spikes connected to it.  He gulped. He knew he would be surrounded and need help soon.

A familiar sound rang out in the room.  The phone’s alarm once again woke the Creator from her slumber.  She reached for the phone to shut it off while mumbling, “Bloody thing…”   The sound had also disturbed Neiruma from her sleep, “What was that horrible noise?” The Creator froze.  The succubus’ voice sounded very close to her, she turned around and saw Neiruma sleeping beside her.  The Creator launched herself out of the bed and rammed her back into the dresser causing it to shake.  Through her startled shock, she pointed at the succubus and stammered, “T-the frick are you doing in m-my bed?!”  The Creator had a strong phobia of sleeping in the same bed with other people. Neiruma blinked at her intense reaction and looked around, “…oops.”

“Oops?!  What do you mean oops?!”

“I’m sorry, I have this problem with sleep walking into people’s beds.”

“…you can’t be serious….”

“I’m not making it up.”

“This…couldn’t get any better.  A sleep walking succubus and a lecherous vampire under the same roof…yeah, nothing can go wrong here…”

“Umm, can I change in here?”

“Huh?  Oh, yeah, sure, I’ll change in the closet then.”  She left the succubus to change in her room while she changed clothes in her closet.  When Neiruma gave her the word she exited her closet and opened the door of her room.  She led Neiruma into the hallway, “This is where I keep my lab door.”  The Creator removed a key from her pocket and pushed it into the hallway wall.  The key phased through the wall and a door appeared when the key was turned.  She grasped the handle and pushed the door open.  Neiruma walked in first and the Creator followed behind her locking the door, which caused the door to dissipate.

The room felt familiar, Neiruma glanced around and saw the flame on a pedestal glowing a deep blue.  She also noticed the giant mirror she had first passed through to get to the Creator’s world, “This is the same room.” The Creator placed the key back in her pocket and smiled, “No it’s not, you’re just not looking close enough.” The succubus puzzled at her words and looked around a second time, and she saw that the room was indeed different.  This room was larger than the last and filled with various items.  There was a shelf holding a small cage, and beside it looked like an oval mirror.  It was the height of an average person, but the glass moved as if it was made of liquid.  Neiruma looked in the cage and saw many little creatures inside.  Their bodies were complete spheres with little round feet and hands.  She noticed their heads were as round as their bodies, as well as the presence of two small antennae.

The Creator had walked beside her and was also starring at the cage, “These are called zubbs.  When someone passes through that oval device they become a zubb.”  Neiruma noticed one of the zubbs had short purple hair and was reaching for the Creator through the bars.  There was also a blonde one in a corner looking bored out of his mind while counting money.  The Creator opened the top and stuck her had in, the purple haired zubb immediately latched on to her finger and hugged it tightly.  She closed the lid back and held the zubb in her palm, and it rubbed against her hand affectionately.  She held her hand out for Neiruma to see, “This is actually a collection of the people I have created in the past.  See this one?  Her name is Kiki and she kinda has a crush on me.  This made me uncomfortable, so I asked her to become a zubb and she did, now she is called Kiwi.”   Kiwi halted her display of affection and noticed the succubus, she began to growl at Neiruma.  The Creator laughed, “Looks like she’s jealous of you.  I better put her back.”  The female zubb was lowered back into the cage and had to be forced off the Creator’s hand.  She pointed to the blonde one counting money, “That one is Jima, but now his name is Jelly.  He would insult me all the time…so I made him a zubb.  So remember, I am the Creator and if you annoy me, you may become a zubb.  I like you though, you’re ok.”

“Annoying characters become zubbs?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Well, then how come Zephaniah isn’t one?  He seems annoying.”

“I have a strange attachment to him, but don’t tell him that.”

A rustling came from the shadows, “Looks like someone is curious.”  In the distance on the pedestal, the flame changed from a deep blue to a calm grey and danced together with sparks of yellow mixed in the colors.

She looked at him with a teasing look. "Please, just come out of that armor so I can..." Suddenly a sharp pain filled her sides as a white keyblade hit her precisely.

Angel looked at her heartless. A rush of emotions flooded in her, but she kept calm. "Apollo." A wave of light arrows rush in and hit the heartless. "Tomb, go help Phos take care of the other Heartless."

Tomb jumped at the opening to get out of there. He immediately jumped down from the building and found Phos. "How's it going?"

Phos chuckled. "I've got this handled." In a more serious tone, he then responded. "You take the Angel Stars, I'll take the Invisibles."

Tomb nodded and proceeded to target the Angel Stars. It was a suitable distraction, but he couldn't wait to get the evening over. As a group of Heartless approached he held out his hand as a swarm of spirits launched out and slammed them.

Phos dashed forward and hacked away at the Invisibles. He slammed his fist into one that snuck up on him. As he got surrounded, he released a wave of lighting to create some space. He could do this all night.

The Heartless looked at her body and glared. "He was almost mine. What do you want?"

With equal intensity, Angel glared at her heartless. "I want to become whole again. I want to stop this rampage. I want to feel again." She tossed her keyblades towards her heartless. "And I want you to leave my friends alone. Helios!" A large circle of light formed, releasing a beam a moment later.

She dodged, but was grazed. "You're no fun. Being released by Ravna was the best thing that ever happened to me." She launched herself into the air. "Chaos Thread." A small beam of light shot towards Angel followed by a wave of light and dark energy.

A dark creature slowly walked into the light, revealing itself.  The Creator’s face held an almost unnoticeable smirk as she watched with interest at what the creature would do.  Neiruma starred forward, mesmerized by what she was seeing.  She whispered to the Creator without breaking eye contact, “That thing, is shaped like you.”  The Creator stayed silent and continued to watch. The creature peered through the succubus with cold golden eyes, black smoke surrounded its feet, as it summoned a black puddle of darkness.  Yellow eyed felines rose from the puddle and lurked towards Neiruma, she noticed a strange heart shaped insignia on their tails as they walked. She looked over at the Creator concerned, but she kept standing there without a look of worry.  She even looked amused. The strange cats kept decreasing the distance between themselves and the succubus, and once they were at her feet they began to rub against her legs.  She kneeled down to the floor and began stroking the cats, and they started to purr in delight at her touch.  The creature joined the succubus and scratch behind the ear of one of the cats.  The Creator laughed quietly, “This dark entity here is my heart, my passion, my fire, and my darkness.  This is my heartless, she controls the Heartless called Nekro.”

“She’s called a Heartless, yet you say she’s your heart?”

“A Heartless is the manifestation of darkness in one’s heart.  The darkness consumes them and this gives the darkness life, the heart is separated from the body and the soul, and this also leaves what’s known as a Nobody.”

Neiruma looked puzzled, “Does that mean you’re a Nobody?”

“Yeah, I’d say I’m a nobody in my world.”  She scoffed a sad laugh.  “I’m not a very nice person…there’s, quite a lot of darkness in my heart.  But when you’re your own worst enemy, with nightmares plaguing your every thought and dream, you just want to escape…you want to tear off your flesh to make the chiding voice stop…and when that voice is yours…you feel like you’re drowning.  Black is the absence of color, but my heartless is not nothingness, she is my heart and my darkness, formed in such a way that I could be released of the pain that was myself…”

Neiruma was speechless, she wasn’t expecting such a serious monologue from someone who was comically in perpetual irritation.  There were obviously some scars under the surface of her facade.  The cats continued to purr and rub against her legs.  She saw the Creator grasp the Heartless’ hands in hers and they touched their foreheads together.  The felines all disappeared in a puff of smoke. The Heartless released the Creator and walked back in the direction of the flame. The Creator watched her leave until she was out of sight and turned back to the succubus beside her, she laughed awkwardly, “She said hi.  She can’t actually verbally talk so we communicate through telepathy.”  She rung her hands together feeling out of place and weird for baring her soul to this other woman she just met a day before.  “Ok, so, yeah, let’s work on your problem.” Neiruma wasn’t sure what she should do or say, or if she should do anything at all.  The Creator led her to a square table and sat down while offering her a seat as well.  To Neiruma’s surprise, the Creator slapped herself in the face and began to talk to herself, “Ok!  Alright, let’s think, you need something to help you with the overflow of energy.  I’ll start with this.”  A small pitch black cube appeared on the table.

“Oo, what’s that little box do?”

“Right now nothing, I just think perfect cubes are adorable.”

“Oh…”  She squinted her eyes at the Creator from her dwindling faith.

“Ok, how about…what’s that thing called again?  Hammer space?  Yeah, that’s it!  Ok, hammer space combined with shape shifting capabilities.  Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Is it done?”

“Yeah, I think it is.  This will hold the excess energy you collect from people’s lewd thoughts, and when you need energy just focus on the box and think of a soda.  Then it will change shape to resemble a soda can.”

“What’s a soda?”

“…ok forget that, picture a cup in your mind instead, then drink from it.  Simple as that.  Bam!  This shall be known as the black box of holding!”

“I’m sorry Creator, but that’s not a very impressive name.”

“…they can’t all be gems.”

"Well my dear, it's  been fun, but I have other places to use light to sow darkness. Adeu." She opened a dark corridor and vanished.

Tomb looked at Phos. "We might be a little outnumbered for solo combat."

Phos hated to admit it, but he knew Tomb was right. "Wanna pull out all of the stops?"

Tomb nodded. "Yup."

The two stood back to back and clicked keyblades together. "Ghost in the machine!" Portals opened everywhere around them. For the first phase, bits and wisps flew out of the portals and slammed into the Heartless. This was followed by actual ghosts who had been electrified. Finally, Tomb and Phos jumped through the portals and finished the remaining Heartless off.

Angel descended upon her companions. In her usual stoic tone she informed her companions that her heartless had gotten away.

"I'm so sorry. If I was halfway competent, this wouldn't have happened."

"Don't worry. We will get her some day."

The three companions returned back to the tavern.

Tomb sighed and looked at his friend. "I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed for the night." He went to his room, got into pajamas, and hopped in his coffin. He cried for a few minutes and fell into a deep sleep from emotional stress.

Phos returned to his post and continued to observe the room after informing Hudor of Tomb.

Angel returned to her desk and continued to file paperwork as the night wore on.

Soon enough it was time for the tavern to close. They announced it was closing time, got everyone out, locked the doors and went to bed.

Tomb woke up around noon. He was still a little tired from the fight last night and he was still mopey. He got dressed and went down to the bar and grabbed a mold covered pumpkin scone. He ate, sadly wishing that the girl he had met last night would come and have lunch with him. But he knew that wouldn't happen, so he sat quietly and ate.

Angel came down the stairs after she got dressed. She saw Tomb, but didn't know what to do to comfort him, so she went to the front desk and continued to work.

Phos came down a few minutes later. He saw Tomb eating by himself, so he decided to go talk to him. "Look, I know you're upset about last night. Is there anything I can do to help cheer you up? I don't want this to get too much into your heart, as it could be a potential opening for the darkness to take over."

Tomb smiled softly at his friend. "Thanks. I think I just need a little bit of time and I'll be fine."

Neiruma took the little cube from the table and made it into a flat square.  She placed it in the left pocket of her leather pants and smiled at the Creator, "I think this might do the trick." The Creator felt proud and had a smug look on her face, she looked at her phone and saw it was around two.  She began to walk back to the front of the room while talking behind her to the succubus, "If we're going back to that tavern to see the milk boy, then we need to get going."  The door they had passed through, to get inside, materialized in front of her, "Alright Neiruma, we can use this door to go straight there since we've been there before...well, in theory that should work."   Neiruma joined the Creator standing beside her. The Creator turned the knob and opened the door.  Both women saw the tavern's front desk on the other side as well as the girl running it.  They both stepped through.

The Creator shut the door to disconnect her lab from the tavern.  She walked over to the desk, "Hey there, nice afternoon?  I promise I didn't bring my fangy friend with me this time." Neiruma walked past the Creator and sat at a table in front of Tomb.  She felt extremely nervous inside, but she was a succubus and showing such would be a disgrace to her family.  Mustering up all her courage she smiled at the two men with a look that was bursting with confidence.  "Hi there, did you miss me?"

Shiva lay awake in his room. He had leaned to be a light sleeper during his time in the war, and especially after coming into his power. he had rested well regardless. he had of course noticed the return of the others to the tavern from their vibrations on the floor, but had decided that sleep was more important that investigation at that point. Now that morning had come he remained lying on top of the covers reviewing what he had learned in his head. Something was brewing, he just needed to figure out how to twist it to his own ends.

The vibrations of two more people entering the tavern without passing through the actual doors brought Shiva out of his daydream. Someone interesting may have arrived. Time to do more investigation. Shiva picked up his glasses off the nightstand and put them on before sitting up on the bed. Swinging his legs down off of the bed, Shiva stood up and snatched up his overcoat off a chair before proceeding down to the tavern proper.

Shiva entered the tavern and looked around as he finished pulling on the coat. Apparently the persons who had suddenly appeared in the tavern were the two interesting lady's from the previous night. Now was the chance to observe them some more.

Acting slightly groggy, Shiva walked slowly over to the bar and sat down.

Angel looked at the Creator. "Good. Make your business quick."

Tomb smiled widely. "Yes,yes I did." She came back. He was really excited and hoped she was going to take him up on his offer.

Phos glared at her. "No. What do you want?"

Tomb punched Phos lightly. "That's not very nice. Now go away."

Phos frowned, but got up. "We're gonna talk about this later."

Tomb smiled. "I-ignore him. S-so, hi. H-how are you?"

"Eh?"  The Creator looked at the girl, puzzled, "What do you mean make my business quick?  Is there a problem with us being here?"

Wiggling her fingers in a flirty manner, Neiruma bid farewell to the second man walking away from the table.  She knew this was a very condescending action, since she had felt this man's thoughts of resentment towards her.  She turned her attention back to Tomb, "You know..." she started as she twirled her hair between her fingers, "I was thinking of you last night."

"You're presence here has caused two fights and a large amount of emotional stress to a good friend that could have gotten him in a state worse than death last night. You guys are trouble." She said firmly.

Tomb gulped. "Y-you were? I was t-too. W-what were you thinking?"

Phos went upstairs and knocked on Hudor's door.

Hudor opened the door. "What do you want?"

"Well, good morning to you too sunshine." He looked at Hudor seriously. "We need to talk. The .xxx just walked back in."

"The siren?" Concern began to grow on his face.

"Yeah. She's talking with Tomb downstairs."

Rage flooded through the Creator, she felt like flames were surging through her blood.  "Trouble?!"  She gritted her teeth and commanded an answer, "What do you mean by two fights?!  What two fights!?"

She looked Tomb up and down, he was an interesting looking guy, and he was showing that shyness that she admired in him.  She wanted to ask him if he was upset, if he was actually mad at her but concealing it.  He didn't seem mad though, he didn't have angry thoughts, "I don't get it...if he isn't mad then what went must be me, I've lost the succubus charm."  It was killing her, she knew it would hurt her family's pride, but she had to know.  Neiruma stood from the table and grabbed the chair she was sitting in, she then moved it so it was right next to Tomb's.  She sat back down beside him and put her head on his shoulder.  Her teasing look melted away and was replaced by a serious face.  "I want to be honest with you...but it's hard for me...  I'm curious...why did you leave me?"

"There was the fight the first night with the vampire and the mage and then there was that fiasco between Phos and Tomb."

He leaned his head on hers. "Well, you said my skin was cold and you leaned away. I figured you were turned off and became uninterested. I felt rejected." He said softly.

Seething inside, the Creator listened to the accusations.  If it wasn’t for Neiruma she would have already left in a huff while slamming the door behind her.  “The fiasco between your two friends had nothing to do with my party, it had to do with making assumptions and being rash.  And where do you get off mentioning the fight between my two boys?  That had nothing to do with you, nor did it take place in your little tavern.”

It seemed the Creator was right, he had taken her words wrong.  She had never meant to make him feel rejected, and it made her angry at herself for causing those feelings, “Ugh, a succubus doesn’t do that…”  However, she did feel relieved that it wasn’t her that had been rejected, it had just been a misunderstanding, but it was a horrible one.  The fact that Tomb had lost his shy stutter and was touching is head to her, spoke volumes to Neiruma.  His sad thoughts were actually causing her pain inside.  She took his arm in hers and pressed it against her chest while holding it tightly, “I said your skin was cold because I noticed it was, and I wanted to be the one to warm you up.  Leaning away was a method for me to show you my body…I thought you would want my body to keep you warm.”  

"My apologies for the misunderstandings. I just want a peaceful environment, especially after last night. As long as nothing happens, you can stay as long as you need."

"Oh." He smiled. "I really like that idea." He could feel her warmth on his arm and it felt good. However, his look took a serious turn. "If you don't mind me asking, why are you attracted to me? Am I just food, do you just like my body, or do you think there is something special going on? I need to know."

The fire slowly faded from the Creator, and she blinked.  “Oh…well ok then…thank you.”  She walked over to the closest wall and leaned against it with her arms crossed, “I’ll just wait over here if that’s ok.”

She held his arm and squeezed it.  “I think you’re interesting, I admire that your thoughts are not moved to lewd ideas easily, I find your shyness to be very cute and refreshing…believe me when I say I’m definitely not using you for food.  I think you’re a very nice guy, and I like being around you.”  Neiruma rubbed her head against his arm, waiting for his thoughts on her reply.

"That's fine."

He smiled. "I like being around you too. Let's take some time to get to know more about each other, ok? There's a lot of stuff I wanna know about you." He ran his free hand through her hair.

It felt awkward to stand there doing nothing, “So…umm, what’s your name?  You have a rough night then huh?  What happened to your friend, you said he almost died or something?”  The Creator didn’t like talking to people, but she was plagued by a terribly strong curiosity.

Honesty, she had shared her true feelings and now she was wondering if that was a good idea.  Her father would reprimand her if he knew, he always said you never show your cards until you know what the other person is holding.  Neiruma liked having some people as friends who didn’t want her for her body…she’d have to get used to the vampire.  She had a lot to learn about relationships, her parents only taught her about seduction and manipulation.  Having someone to talk to was nice, but she still wanted to be cautious, she didn’t want to trust too much just to regret it.  “You should tell me about you.  What do you want to know about me?”

Shiva his a scoff with a slight cough. "Such foolish children" he thought. The image of the couple from the village flashed though his head.
They had held hands until the end.
"So pointless... it ist pathetic. I had come down hoping something interesting was brewing, but oh well. The day ist young." Shiva pulled out the little black book from one of his overcoat's internal pockets and began reading.

"My name is Angel and if you wouldn't mind, I'd rather not talk about it."

"Well, like I want to know about you, what do you like, what do you dislike. I want to know about your friends, your family, your home. I want to know what motivates you. I want to know what you are, assuming you're not human. You could probably tell most of our crew isn't. I, for instance, am an amalgam of a bunch of undead creatures. I was made because my parents couldn't have children. Mom's a necromancer, and that'll take it's toll over time."

The Creator listened to Angel's answer, what ever happened must have been pretty bad.  "Oh...ok then.  Nice to meet you Angel, I'm called the Creator."  She wouldn't ask again, but the unknown information was eating her from the inside.  She hated not knowing everything.  Standing there against the wall she thought, "Man...I should have brought a manga to read."

Neiruma looked down at the floor, he was asking a lot of her.  So he was undead too, how different he was from Zephaniah.  "So you were made differently than I was.  Do you grow and age?  What do you mean by "that will take its toll over time"?"  She wanted to gain more knowledge about Tomb, and she purposely avoided talking about herself.  He was nice, but it was foolish to reveal the secrets of your family to someone you just met.  She knew that.

"I've been growing relatively normally, but I feel I may stop soon. As for the toll, she had been dedicated to her work as a necromancer so long that creating life insider her body became a physiological impossibility. But dad's a mad scientist and between the two of them, the work of creating me was relatively easy." Tomb smiled. "But I want to get to know more about you. Do you have any hobbies?"

"Hobbies?"  He had already assumed she wasn't human, but she had a feeling that it would be really dumb to say that her hobbies included playing with the hearts and minds of men.  Neiruma wanted him to trust her but she didn't want to give away who she was and where she came from.  A lot of people hated her kind.  She tried to redirect the focus back to him, "I'm not sure if I have any interesting hobbies.  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  I like to sit near the fireplace and watch the flames move, but I don't know if you'd call that a hobby.  How about you?  You have any interesting hobbies?"  As she was sitting there, something had occurred to her, and it made her giggle.  She smiled and laughed, "Tomb, I just realized an interesting fact.  You've never asked me what my name is."

"What's manga?" Angel asked. She had never heard of such a thing.

"Well, as you know, I enjoy scaring people. Also, training is fun and I love putting on a show." He looked at her. Her giggle made him feel warm inside. "And that's a good point, what is your name?"

Angel's words startled the Creator out of her short daze, she didn't know that she had spoken her thought out loud.  "What?  Oh,oh, manga, right?  Yeah manga is the name used when talking about Japanese comics that are not as action oriented as American comics.  They tend to have softer art, I like them."

Neiruma moved her chair so she was facing Tomb, she met his eyes and placed her hand on her chest, "“My name is Neiruma Eromore, daughter of Daimek and Vendira Eromore."  Being proud of her heritage caused her to accidentally say who her parents were.  She hoped she hadn't just done something foolish that could put her and her family in danger.

Angel nodded. "Sounds intriguing."

"Well, it is nice to meet you Neiruma Eromore. My name is Tomb Morikem, son of Dr. Vincent and Lilianith Morikem. So, where are you from?" He replied.

The Creator nodded along with Angel.  This was so awkward, she hoped Neiruma would be finished talking soon, as she was becoming extremely bored.  She was thinking about giving Neiruma her cell phone and just leaving, but she knew it would suck if someone did that to her, so she decided against it.

"Oh, is genealogy important in your family too, or did you say your parents names because I did?"  She thought to herself how she could phrase her birth place safely.  It occurred to her that one who was not from the Land of Mirrors had no easy way to enter into the land.  "I'm from a place that is filled with mirrors, so much so that it was nicknamed the Land of Mirrors.  Only people from that land can travel back into it.  It's a place filled with magic and unique creatures.  The law of the land is kept by jesters that live in the city...and...and the more dangerous citizens are forced to live in the outskirts.  But I've been told they like their privacy, so it makes them happy to live away from the other people.  My parents are very respected there..."  She stopped speaking and began to remember home, it's true her parents were respected by others, but it was because others were terrified of them.  It caused her to grow up alone.  Why was she even talking to this boy, people hate her kind.  Neiruma had brought herself down through her own thoughts, and decided to have a little fun again.  She stood from her chair and walked back over to Tomb, she then sat in his lap where her body was facing him directly and her chest could make contact with his.  She smiled at him with dreamy eyes and put her arms around his neck, "So, how about you cutie?"  If she was lucky maybe he'd start stuttering again.  She really wanted to see him blush, but being an undead creature probably took away that possibility.

Angel looked at the Creator. "If you need anything let me know."

Tomb smiled. However, her actions put him a little off his game. "M-mostly because you did it, but I think knowing about my p-parents is important. A-and a place filled with mirrors, h-huh? You should sh-show me sometime." He was a little unnerved by her move, but he couldn't say he didn't enjoy it. However, once she asked about his home, his thoughts went racing about the place he loved. He then began thinking about his home and was swept into his thoughts. "There's only one good way to tell you about Halloween Town." He began tapping his foot, as he sang a song titled "This is Halloween." He moved with the rhythm and sang passionately. Afterwards, he smiled somewhat sheepishly and hugged her, laying his head on her shoulders.

While Tomb was hugging her, she grinned.  She took her left hand and ran it through his hair while her other hand slowly scratched his back gently.  She kept repeating the motions as she spoke, "You know, it's incredibly sexy for a man to sing that passionately with such confidence."  Neiruma remembered what he said when they first started speaking, "You said you were thinking about me last night.  Exactly what were you thinking about me?"  She began to tease his ear with her finger as she played with his hair.

Tomb held her tighter. It was getting harder to keep his thoughts pure with everything she was doing, but he was bent on doing so. "I-is it r-really? A-and I w-was j-just missing you a-and w-wishing y-you w-would have c-come b-back a-and a-agreed t-to lunch." As his head rested on her shoulder, he noticed something interesting. Besides the overwhelmingly pleasing scent, he also noticed a hint of something that smelled delicious. He wondered why she smelled like she would taste decayed though.

"This can't last much longer, I'm so freaking bored."  The Creator mumbled to herself.  She was ready to drag Neiruma away and go back home.  Surely she had completed her talk with the milk man, then again she was a succubus, and there was no telling what she was putting that boy through for her jollies.  She began to softly bang her head against the wall.

Tomb wanted to be near her, he seemed content with just being close and learning about her.  It was different.  She remembered the talk she had had with the Creator the night before.  It puzzled her, why would this boy miss her if she hurt him?  Why would he miss one that brought him pain?  She had to ask, "Tomb, why would you miss me if you thought I had rejected you?  Honestly, I think I would have been angry."

Tomb looked into her eyes. "Because, I wanted you to accept me. I missed you because it was fun talking to you. I was more sad than mad."

Phos called from upstairs. "Angel, we need to talk."

Angel walked up the stairs. "What is it?"

"We're concerned about the girl..."

"The thing..." Hudor interrupted.

"...the girl who is with Tomb. We fear she might be some kind of creature that feeds on people by seducing them. Also, he's easily damaged emotionally, and we're concerned about that."

"While you have a completely valid point about his emotions, if she feeds off flesh or life energy, she's in for a rude awakening. Either way, we don't exactly know what her plans are. She could very well be genuinely interested in our undead friend. Perhaps we should investigate."

"Like an interview?"

"Yes, but I want to interview her friend first. She seems like she would be much more honest about the situation than the girl herself. We will talk to the girl later, but first we talk to the Creator."

"Sounds fine to me."

"Can we use your room, Hudor? I figure you would feel more comfortable that way."


Angel walked down the stairs. She approached the Creator. "My friends and I would like to talk with you, if you wouldn't mind."

She wondered what she had done wrong.  She hadn't used a lot of force hitting her head against the wall.  The Creator held up her hands in a surrendering gesture, "I didn't break anything, I swear!"

Neiruma was still perplexed, "It was fun talking to me?  I didn't know we exchanged that many words."  She slid her hands through his hair and gently took hold of his head, she gazed into his eyes, "Why would I reject you?  You're lovely."

"I s-still enjoy t-talking to you." He heard her call him lovely and he felt warm inside. "Th-thank you. You a-are too. But I reacted that way because I'm kinda used to rejection."

Angel smiled. "You're not in trouble. We're just curious about things. Now if you will follow me into my friends room, we can begin our discussion." She began walking up the stairs. "Note: don't touch the water."

Used to rejection?  How could that be possible?  "But you're so nice!  You're a fun guy that genuinely cares about a girl's feelings, why would anyone not see that?"

"Umm..." The Creator started nervously, "Your friends are a bunch of guys...I've kinda got a phobia of men, and I really don't want to be stuck in a room with guys I don't know..."  She didn't move, but in the back of her mind she wondered what the water comment was about.

"Too needy, too clingy, too chivalrous. And let's not forget the whole undead thing." He rattled off the comments now as if they were common place.

"Don't worry. They won't talk or do much. They just have the same curiosities I do." She led her up the stairs down the hallway into a small room that had  something similar to a small one person japanese bath in the middle of the room.
The three of them sat down on one side of the water. "Sit. First, I want to know how you would describe your male vampire friends actions towards me the other day and whether or not you find that morally acceptable."

Neiruma listened with a look of questioning, "How can being chivalrous be a bad thing?"  She shook her head, "People are too shallow, they think you're a bad person just cause you're not human.  Demons can be nice people too..."  Her voice shook, and her surroundings disappeared as she fell into her mind, "Why don't they see that we have feelings too?"

Oh Zephaniah, she thought, what have you gotten me into this time?  The Creator put her hand to her forehead and shut her eyes.  She shook her head, "That vampire's existence isn't morally acceptable."  She sighed, "But he's a good guy inside.  It's true that his actions give me a migraine, and I'm positive most of the time he doesn't think before he acts.  We all have our faults, but he's far from being an evil guy."

He looked at her. "In a school full of g-girls who are learning to f-fight, trying to be a h-hero is a bit of a c-crime." Despite being somewhat distracted by her body, he picked up on what she was saying. "A-are you a d-demon?"

Angel looked at her. "Interesting. Well, we can take your word, however I am going to need you to be completely honest. What are the intentions of your female friend who is currently with Tomb downstairs? Is she actually interested in him, or is she just using him?"

Coming back from inside her mind, she heard Tomb's question.  "Does that frighten you?"

The Creator listened to Angel and she became a little upset.  She didn't like that she was being interrogated.  "Honest huh?  Well to be perfectly honest, I just met the girl recently.  I don't know much about her myself.  I do know she seemed upset last night when she thought she angered the milk man.  She thinks his personality is cute."

Tomb smiled. "Afraid of you? That's amazing! Besides, you don't look or act scary. And scary isn't all that bad. I'm just glad I'm not the only paranormal one." He flashed his fangs in a goofy smile.

"Hmm. Ok. Well, we need to talk to her, so let us know before you leave so that we can talk to her beforehand. Thank you for your time. And if she ever shows signs of just using him, let us know and help us to end it. It will be better for everybody that way." Angel showed her down the stairs.

He reminded her of an excited little boy.  Amazing huh?  It seemed that people in this world were more accepting of different monsters.  Yet, he seemed rather naive.  "You don't have to look or act a certain way to be considered scary Tomb.  It's all about how much power you  are perceived to have and how they think you will use said power.  I'm assuming that's why your friend who was at the table with you didn't seem happy to see me.  He's not afraid of me, but he is afraid of what I might do."  Thinking about the issues at home, caused her to drift into a more serious presence.  Little did she know, talking like this together with Tomb was causing her guard to fall slowly.  She smiled at him gratefully and embraced him, "But I am glad you're not afraid of me."

The Creator returned to her previous position at the wall.  The voice in her head was nagging at her, "I don't like this."  She peeked around the corner to see where Neiruma was in the building.  She found her sitting on the boy's lap in a chair.  The Creator's hand went over her face and slowly slid down.  Oh good...she thought, that doesn't look suspicious at all.  She returned to softly banging her head on the wall.

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