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need new ideas for something to draw

sooooooooOOOOOOooo, i am really good at drawing anime    
and i recently run out of  ideas on what to draw
anywho if u have an idea  i think i will draw it . . . and most likely will post it on face book
and stuff

Hello and welcome to Anime Corner!

What do you usually draw (Anime series I mean)?

i will draw anything  
i usually just draw ppl i come up with . . .
i usually son't draw other artist's cause.... i destroy them
once i did draw L and it looked like him and well i gave it to a friend
u have an idea then u can tell me  
or if  u want me to draw someone that isn't too complicated

What about drawing a person with wings?

where does all the time go?
i don't have time to draw now

Ha, so true.  ^_^

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