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Orange Star High School

This RPG is set in the Dragon Ball Z World.  People are welcome to play a Cannon or Non-Cannon Character.


1. No God Modding, Power-Gaming, or Autoing
2. No Flaming
3. Post Character before you post [Or have one in The Character section of this board.]  
4. No Going Over SSJ4 [If Your A Saiya-jin.]
5. Have Fun!


He had gotten a very bad start to the day ; He over slept.  The 16 year old Saiya-jin rolled out of bed. He hit the ground with a thud. He rubbed his head and than picked himself up off of the floor. He walked over to his closet and picked out something to wear. He pulled on a pair of light blue jeans and pulled on a black t-shirt. He dressed his feets with his socks and than slipped his Sketcher sneakers onto his feet. He than ran out into the living-room and grabbed his backpack. He than ran out of the door. He jumped into the sky and than flew to The Orange Star High School. Gladly no one saw him. About 10 minutes later. He was at The High School. He pushed himself through the two metal doors and than ran down the hallway. He made it to his locker. He did his combonation. He opened his locker and got his books out for his first class. It was History. He sighed as he than ran down to the class-room and sat down in the back of the class-room.

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