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Super Mario Brothers XP

Super Mario XP.

Do you remember Super Mario Brothers? The Original I mean. I sure do! Do you remember The Castlevania games? I know I do. Now imagine if Super Mario Brothers and Castlevania somehow had a child. That would be this game! Super Mario XP. It shares the basic storyline of Super Mario Brothers. The Princess gets Kidnapped by Two Hammer Brothers. (Working for Koopa I bet.) Not much of a backstory. The gameplay is amazing thou. You start out with 5 Lives ( Beats the 3 lives you got with The Original.) You run through the first level. Hitting blocks to gain power ups. Most of the blocks are heart stocks. When you get a weapon. The heart stocks act as ammo.

Jump - Shift
Fire - Alt

Also to go full screen. Copy and past this into your config.ini file in the folder.




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