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The legend of Zelda - Secret of the Tetraforce

This story takes place years and years after Twilight Princess. There has been talk about a " Fouth Goddess" and a legendary piece of the Triforce. It is also said that one piece could complete the Triforce and be even more powerful, without seperating. This means ANYONE could gain its power. This has caused a lot of treasure hunters recently looking for this power, all for selfish reasons, Our job, as "The Gaurdians of Balance" is to prevent that from happening and seal the power of the "Tetraforce" in our own bodies as the anciestor of Princess Zelda and the "Hero of Time" did...

-Post your character in the character section of the forum

-You can start with 1 weapon, 1 musical instrument, and 1 spell, after a while your abillities will grow!

-please dont make your character too powerful!!
This RP should be like a video game, the players start out weak and then their powers increase, and even personalities!

-No Zoras, Gorons,or Dekus. All characters will be supplied with those as masks, along with red and green potions.

-no use of real characters, or items.

-No enemy hoging, use partnerships.


-oh, and some dungeons arent useful to our missions, only rumors speak of treasures! so don't get you hopes up!

Profile order:

Hair color:
Eye color:
Skin tone:
Race: (Hylian, Hyrulian, or Gerudo)
Horse's info: (we'll all need one of these for transportation.)

That's all I got for now...

                                MISSION 1:
                         Meet your teamates.

                                                                                                                                            - Leader

Zen sat and waited for the others. As she waited she played with sticks that she found laying around forming the triforce. She studied it, then swept it away with a single swipe of her hand, and continued thinking.

Rael was there as well. He was sitting on a rock. He was sharpening his blade. A dagger. It had a green handle. The blade was a silver color. There were a few splatters of blood on it. He used it to kill a bore the other day. He forgot to wash it off. He was absent minded like this. He looked over towards Zen. Why were they here? He just felt that he should be here. He felt like this might be able to change his life. He stared at the girl for a moment. He wondered if he should go over and introduce himself. He shook his head. He sat on his rock and kept to himself. He than grabbed his pouch and drank some of the water that was inside of it.

A slender figure on a Grey horse rode over to the two. He got off and led his friend behind him, He stopped middle-ways distance between them and spoke. "Hello, My name is Xanto and this is Aleta. Yes she is a horse, But she is not a pet, I expect just as much respect to her as you would a partner.  I am the one who constructed this group. I will begin shortly, but first lets wait for any stragglers." Xanto crossed his arms and stood. "Since we have nothing to do right now, I would like to know your names and your partners."(Your horses names!)

(By the way, I need you guys to vote, it does effect the RP, I will change the Questions so keep your eyes on them!)

"My name is Rael." Rael said as he sharpened up his blade. He looked over at Xanto. He didn't say anything. It looked like there was something on his mind. "My 'partners' name is Damien. He's not here yet." Rael added. He sheathed his blade and than put it back on his belt.

Zen stood and nodded in greeting "My name is Zen and my partner's name is Knight, I left him over in a patch of grass over there." Zen pointed across the way to a black, muscular horse with blue eyes. Knight's ears twitched and he raised his head curiously, Zen waved and he went back to grazing.  Zen laughed "He can be so stubborn." Knight overheard, shorted and stomped his hoof, kicking up dust.

"Okay, now that we got names out of the way, I have some questions for you two."   Xanto's face became serious, he glared back and forth. "What do you plan to do if you ever come across such power. Answer wisely, what you you say may affect if you join or not." His face switched back into a more calm look. "And once you answer correctly I'll give you some items and we can check rumors about the Tetraforce."

"I wish to seal it, so that no one can ever take its power. Either that or if it can not be sealed I will gard it until I perish." Zen answered honestly. Knight had walked up behind her still chewing some grass and hit her shoulder with his head.

(OOC: ok, we need to move on so I'm going to skip ahead a little)

"Good, both of your answers a good." Xanto walked over to his partiner's bag and pulled out four potions and six masks. "You both should take two potions and three different masks each, by the way, wich spell do you two have right now?" He handed them the items and waited for a response.
(Din's Fire, Nayru's Love, or Faorore's Wind)

(OOC:This next part is after you reply to the above.)
"Now that I have enough info on you two, get your partners ready. We are heading for the forests!" He got up on to the grey steed and patted her main. "If we go now we can rest in Tauru village, and clean up in the fairy fountain." He said. "Lets go!"  They started galloping southwards torewards Tauru village.

(Check out the new poll.)

" I have Faorore magic."    Zen answered she turned around and mounted Knight and galloped after Xanto. "Thank you for the potions and masks."   Zen replied riding up next to Xanto.

Rael got up on his masks. Grabbed the potions and magic without saying a word. He than rode towards the village.

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