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The Tower of Four: Character Profiles

Herein are recorded the attendance and enrollment records of the latest year of the Tower of Four, as well as a staff directory. Please have your application submitted in a timely manner- our librarian has a tendency to freeze solid people who are tardy with their paperwork- something or other about poetic justice.

Please be sure to fill out your information thoroughly, you never know what the nurse may need to know in a great hurry, and the post is not swift.
 - Alexander Coldra, resident Headmaster

-Applicant Name (your character's name):
-Tower of affiliation (your elemental affinity):
-Year in school:
-Background (character's history. How did the discover their powers? Any siblings? How did their family react?):
-Personality (what motivates them? are they studious? Intuitive? Lazy? How do they react in the fact of an unexpected obstacle? How do they react to their superiors? How do they react to their inferiors? How do they react when meeting new people?):
-Appearance (hair color, eye color, high. Is there a general style they tend to wear? Distinctive markings?):

-Character name: Alexander Coldra
-Element: Fire
-Age: 57
- Year in school: Headmaster and resident Master of Fire.

Born the second son of the Coldra family- a line with a strong heritage in the nation of Agravia- the country to which the academy is closest, and a family with historical ties to the academy. He has at least one ancestor who served as headmaster of the school before him- one Xavier Coldra, and as a result of all this his family held a position of honor within their homeland.
While of course far from all members of his family were fire practitioners, it came as no surprise when both sons of the head of the family bore the gift- a relief too, when their father had lacked the power (the first time a head of the family had lacked affinity in generations).
He and his brother were admitted to the academy some of the youngest inductees ever to walk through the great entrance hall- it helps when one's family has strings to pull.
Alexander graduated the academy near the top of his class, and joined in the Agravian military to add his own glory to the name of Coldra- an errand at which he succeeded.
After an incident led him to wanting out of the military, he pursued a means of terminating his term of service- but the Agravian military's policy holds that once a man is within their ranks, they are a member for life, and any member can be recalled to active duty at any time the military may decide there is need for them. As a result, he sought one of the few exceptions to this policy: retiring to a position as envoy to and agent for an allied, sovereign entity. As Agravia only counted one place as such, he became an instructor at the academy under then Headmaster Callendra Wrighthaven, Mistress of Wind.

There is a great disparity in how he acts depending on context. Those meeting him socially or casually would almost think it an entirely different person were they to meet him in his teaching capacity. Socially he is warm, quick with a laugh or a smile, gregarious- quick with an amusing anecdote from his illustrious past- though he does tend to change the subject rather abruptly when the subject of the scar on his neck comes up. When he has fire students, he is strict, discipline-oriented, terse and unforgiving.

Sandy hair, with patches of grey, kept short so as to lessen the chances of it catching flame.
A shiny burn scar on the right side of his neck- not pronounced or wide, but certainly there. Seeing him with his shift off would reveal several more on his arms, and these are more pronounced- the most notable however is the sort of lightning bolt pattern network of scars that trail from the scar on his neck shortly after it vanishes into his collar, and branches out across his back and around his side to his stomach.
His eyes are a dark green, not too pronounced behind his small round spectacles. He wears an earring in his left ear, a chain of three interconnected loops, the top one gold, the middle silver, the bottom bronze. Looking closely at them you might be able to detect etching on the inside of any given ring.
He stands roughly 5'9", generally unimposing in stature.
He wears the traditional gar of the firemaster of the academy- a loose shirt and pants not dissimilar to what some in some traditions might call a hakama, both dyed a deep red and expertly cared for, passed down from fire master to fire master, treated and bearing enchantments to ward off flames and not catch fire. He wears this unadorned, save for a pendant interwoven with the holy stones of each element, that denotes him as headmaster.

Character name: Ryuer Attewaeter
Element: Water/Ice
Year in school: Master of Water

Background: Ryuer grew up as an only child on an island nation on the sea shore. His father was a fisherman who enjoyed taking his son out on the boat with him. One day, when Ryuer was about eight years old, his dad took him once again out on a fishing expedition. This time, however, a mighty storm began to brew. As the boat was tossed back and forth, both the father and son feared for their lives. When a wave almost took out the boat, Ryuer yelled and held his hand out. When he did, a smaller wave formed under the boat and pushed them away from the larger wave. Ever since that moment, Ryuer had felt a connection to the waves and would practice controlling the water whenever he had the chance. One day, his parents discovered the boy while he was practicing. At first, they were very frightened, but after talking, they decided the boy had been blessed with a gift and that he should be sent to receive training. He was sent to the Elemental Academy after his parent’s had gathered information for about a year. He was twelve at the time and he didn’t want to leave his parents. They let him know they loved him and reassured that they would keep in touch.
While at the school, he mostly studied and didn’t interact with the other students. He was secretly prideful of his water element. One day, when he was 16, he foolishly set out to face a beast by himself as an assignment against the advice of the masters. He failed to complete the assignment and barely escaped with his life. It was then that he realized that both he and his element had weaknesses that must be balanced by the other elements. He was still very talented and the water master at the time saw his great potential. After graduating, the aging water master at the time took him under his wing to groom a successor for when he would die. Ryuer was dedicated to honing his skills and learning what it meant to be a mentor, a teacher, and a master. He also forged a strong friendship with the earth master, which still holds strong today. They often meet to have tea and discuss events going on in the Academy and the world.  When the sad day arrived, he led the funeral for his mentor and was named the new water master. That was two years ago. He is now the master and welcomes his students to a place where their unique abilities can be groomed to benefit the world.

Personality: Ryuer appears calm at most times, hiding his emotions from others. He is very soft spoken and tends to shy away from unnecessary interactions. However, he is dedicated to helping those at the school, even at the expense of his own comfort. He is very slow to anger, but once he is, it is intense. He is very studious and enjoys learning more about his element and the world around him. He is an avid people watcher.

Appearance: He has short blue hair, and stormy blue-grey eyes. He is around 5’11” and weighs 145 lbs. He has pale skin and isn’t very muscular. He wears rectangular glasses and carries around a large staff with a motif of a water drop hanging from a snowflake at the top. He wears dark blue robes with light blue trim and white designs of the sea and a snow storm that appear across the robes. He wears sandals.

(My amazing wife made this for me for this rp)

Character name:DeRey Drandon, Dracoul Venici



Year in school:Master of Earth school

Background:Born in the the city of Horun, Which is part of the circle of ten, Drandon was the third son, and only surviving son, of Heinreir Drandon, 33 Dracoul (Earl) of Venici in the Erdrich Empire. It is believed that the Circle of Ten lies on a ley line closely related to Earthen energies which explains why there are some children born with this affinity.By the age of four, Drandon showed an aptitude when he built a small, crude fortress for his toy soldiers in his Mother's garden.His father was overjoyed and hired private masters to rigorously train the young Drandon , as the affinity wasa fast tract to an officers commission in the Empire. At age 14 Drandon entered the Officers academy at the Capital, Erdrich, and would receive his commission at 18 with the 12th Light infantry. At age 19 Drandon would meet his future wife, Marguriete Lacoul, the only Daughter of Marchion (Marquis) Adreias, of the Northern neighbouring Kingdom of Hiedelsponte. Two years later Thethen KarpessMann (Captain) Drandon and Marguriete would marry. Their Son, Thalian would be born one year later. Unfortunatly over the next six years relations between the Kingdom and the Empire grew strained as the Kingdom of Hiedelsponte's new King began to resurrect his nation's deep brooding mistrust of those with the affinity. Soon "Witch Hunts" began and the Empire felt obliged to harbour and aid those fleeing from the Kingdom. Finally war would erupt. The war forced Drandon to divorce his beloved Marguriete and have her deported due to political pressures on his Military career as well as his Title. Drandon would lead his 22 Assault Battalion in the opening years of the War eventually securing the rank of Full Kerstal (Colonel) and was moved to work at the Capital in Military Intelligence. The Great Northern War would Last for nine years (Ending when Drandon was 37, 12 years from the Present), ending with a stalemate and an uneasy peace. The empire continues to harbour Elementals While the Kingdom continues to persecute them. Smaller conflicts tend to rise up, but are quickly settled as neither nation wants to continue the bloodbath of the Great War. As a result of this The empire became greatly interested in the Elemental academy which operated outside of their domain. Therefore at age 42( seven years ago) LeuteMarshal (Lieutenant General) Drandon was appointed to take up the recently vacant Master of Earth Position where he fulfils the role of envoy for the empire as well as a teacher and carrying on his various duties for Military Intelligence.Despite his busy schedule he has been able to make friends with the current Water master, and always takes time to have tea.

Personality:Practical and idealistic Drandon can be rather stubborn when his beliefs are concerned. Maintains a military air with almost everyone making him seem high strung and arrogant (Being an aristocrat does not help). He seems rather awkward when speaking informally to people he does not know very well, but seems to hide a genuine caring side that he is not quite sure how to express.

Appearance: Silver hair with Light Brown eyes, Drandon stands at 6'4". Generally wears His Military Dress uniform (including his Sword).


-Character name: Shalea Brieze
-Element: Air
-Age: 45
-Year in school: Air Mistress
-Familiar: A white falcon named Horus

-Background: Shalea was born in the Altaria Kingdom in one of the mountain air temples.  Her father was a high priest at the temple and her mother is “normal”.  Her parents really did not care if she had the gifts of the elements or not as long as she was happy and healthy.  When Shalea was five she was watching her father entertaining the children from the nearby town by using the wind to move their toys around and playing with them.  So she decided to try herself and placed her doll down on the ground and tried to make it move.  Nothing happened at first so after a few unsuccessful tires she took a deep breath and relaxed to try again.  This time the doll slightly moved and then flew up into the air and back down.  She ran to show her father and soon after that he started training her on how to control her gift and use it properly.  When Shalea was 10 they moved to the sky temple Kalani which is the center of the Kingdom.  There the high priestess noticed her potential and started to aid in her training.  She learned how to relax and go with the flow of air but be ready for the flow to change at a moment and be able to react fast with it.  She learnt how to stay calm under pressure and the strengths and weakness of the elements and how they aid each other.  Shalea lent a hand in times of war as both a fighter and helping to treat the wounded whenever she could.  When she was 35 someone from the Air Kingdom lost control and decided to destroy everything and everyone in their path.  Shalea joined the fight and finally was able to overpower the girl and hear her story.  Instead of destroying the girl she choice to save her and help her gain control of not only her powers but her life as well.  After this act of kindness and determination the Headmistress of the academy chose Shalea to replace her as the air mistress when she retired.

-Personality: Shalea is very calm and when she enters a room there is this sense of peace that follows her.  She is always there to help anyone in need and is quick to protect anyone that needs it.  She is very caring, fun, loving, outspoken and when she is upset about something you will know it and want to stay clear.  She is quick to stand up for what she believes in and for those she cares about.  You can always count on her to be right by your side if you are having any kind of problem or just need cheering up.  She always tries to see the good in everyone and is not quick to judge.  She loves to go outside and fly or walk around the castle enjoying the wildlife and the view.  She can be by herself or with others and is quick to adapt to any situation she is faced with.

-Appearance: Shalea has long sliver hair with flowers from her home temple in her hair.  She has ocean blue eyes like her mother and her skin is pale.  She is 5’5 and usually wears her long peach and rose colored skirt and matching top with small gold air symbols hanging off the bottom.  The bracelet’s on her arms and wrists represent the temple where she studied and the necklaces around her neck are symbols or her status as an air master and a high priestess.  Her earrings act like wind chimes and chime when the wind suddenly changes or turns due to an approaching storm.  In the temples they usually meditated and focused on the more spiritual side to working with your element instead of just trying to control it.  Do to this they hardly ever wore shoes and so she rarely wears shoes but instead she walks on air a few inches above the ground and only wears shoes in the winter.

Name: Necia Lechath

Element: Fire

Age: 14

Year in school: First

Background: As a babe she showed promise as a fire user. She could do little things as a child such as light the candles in her home. Her family, endowed with money, decided it best to hide her away from others. She had no siblings and was home schooled her entire life, as such she didn't really interact with others. Her father brought her in a private tutor to teach her martial arts. Occasionally fires would start in the house, but she was always able to get them under control and stomp them out before anyone noticed.
One day as she was practicing she became very frustrated, and her anger fueled a fire that was unleashed in her practice room. In a panic she tried to leave the room, but the flames were larger than usual and she was unable to escape in time. The fire blocked her exit and she called out for help. Her father had heard the alarm go off and rushed to put the fire out with many of his servants. The floor was destroyed by the flames and the girl was rushed to the medical wing. She had received burns to her arm, nothing that required a skin graft, but it did leave scars on her left arm. The incident frightened both her and her family. She begged her father to help her in some way, and he searched his contacts for a solution. He heard of a school kept secret to "normal" people where those with special dangerous gifts can go to learn. After telling his daughter, she reluctantly agreed in fear of hurting anyone else. The thought of being with others like herself frightened her as well. Her family prepared a traveling bag for her and gave her a dagger for safety. Her father had also heard about the perils that awaited her but knew it was the only solution. The servants and her family said their goodbyes and sent her on her way.

Personality: Being away from people ,except those she's known since she was young, she is very socially awkward. The idea of meeting new people frightens her, but she's determined to control this "gift" of hers. She's spent the majority of her life in front of a fire place while reading many books. Her curiosity is enormous, and as so she loved to be by herself learning new things. Those who can teach her she respects highly, but she has yet to meet someone who didn't teach her something. She sometimes pushes herself too much with her studies, and if no one is around to see, she may fall asleep with the text book lying on her face. She is passionate about learning, but outside of that it is difficult for her to let loose and enjoy herself. In her mind life should be taken seriously, and she is easily irritated by anyone she sees prattling about.

Appearance: She has very pale skin and long straight black hair. Her eyes appear yellow and sometimes change to green in the right light. She is around 5'2'' and slim with a weight of 102lbs. Feeling that clothes and dresses were frivolous, she wears loose casual clothing for comfort. She likes warm colors for her clothing and recently was given a pair of black boots for her journey. She can usually be seen wearing a special necklace she had made. A small silver chain with a little glass bottle hanging from it. Inside the bottle are some of the ashes from the fire in the practice room, as well as one grain of rice with the inscription "timendi causa est nescire" which says ignorance is the cause of fear.

-Applicant Name:  Ciela Amon

-Tower of Affiliation:  Air

-Age:  16 years

-Year in School:  First year

-Background:  Ciela was born to what the world considers “normal” parents.  Though, as she grew up, her fun loving parents were, to her, anything but normal.  Rich in only love for their only child, Ciela grew up in a simple home in a simple village with very simple minded people.  When she was five, she was playing out in the backyard of her family’s small cottage house.  She was sitting beneath a large maple tree, and had her dolls out, imagining a tea party.  A stiff wind blew and the “maple keys” more commonly known as helicopters flew down from the branches.  When one got particularly close to her, she blew on it, and it sharply reversed its direction…landing farther away than it should have.  Curious, she picked one up off the ground and blew again.  The same thing happened again.  Excited, she ran inside to show her parents her new “trick.”  Loving their only child, but fearing the world’s persecution, they became overprotective and urged her to keep her special ability to herself.  Though confused as to why she should keep a part of her hidden, Ciela obeyed, until she turned thirteen, when everything about her started changing.  A huff in typical teenage frustration during a lecture would cause a stack of papers to fly.  Things that should have been avoidable became unavoidable.  Ciela had heard of other people who were special like her, and knew how they were viewed.  Their fates were not something she wanted for herself.  She was special, her parents had always told her so, and so shouldn’t she go to a special place where she could be safe and away from whispered words and curious glances?  It took time, almost three years in fact, to convince her family to let her go.  Perilous the journey would be and they all knew it, but then wasn’t the best things in life, the ones that were fought for?   Her parents helped her prepare for the long journey, showing her the best ways to get food when it could not be bought.  Her mother, a proficient gardener, gave her knowledge, her father a blacksmith, gave her a small blade.

-Personality:  Chiela has a deep love for her parents and wants to make them proud.  It’s, currently, her only motivation to do well in whatever she puts her mind to.  Though she knows they’ll be happy with whatever she chooses to do, sometimes that’s not enough for her.  She works hard, happy when she succeeds, disheartened when it takes her a little while.  She’s not always the first to volunteer, but she won’t be the last either.  She’s intelligent enough to know when something is beyond her comprehension level, but with just enough stubbornness to not let everything slide without at least trying.  She’s only 16, so she hasn’t achieved enough wisdom to always recognize when she should drop something, though it’s usually out of curiosity rather than defiance.  In her simplicity, no one is truly superior or inferior.  Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.  Nervous and shy at introductions, she opens up after a while.

-Appearance:  Feminine to a fault, Chiela wears her black hair long and down her back, occasionally tied back with a ribbon or secured with a clip.  She stands at 5’7”, with black eyes and white skin.  Thinking that restricting clothes restricts her ability to use her element, Chiela wears long dresses, or skirts and blouses.  A small locket with a family photo inside is worn, protectively, around her neck.
Silent K

Name: Bhauma Kali
Age: 20
Element: Earth
Year in academy: 1st year

Bhuama was born the prince of the Kali tribe, a nomadic plains people who still roam the lands.  He was given his name Bhuama “son of the earth” due to the fact that despite how many times he was bathed at birth, dirt would still remain on his body. From an early age Bhuama was trained in hand to hand combat, survival skills, hunting, fishing, herbalism, and many other traits needed to be the future ruler of the tribe.  It was a rough life for a child, but the toils made him strong in body and will.  As he grew he began to notice that the ground felt odd beneath his feet.  The earth no longer felt cold and hard, but warm and soft.  He could run on jagged ground barefoot with no injury and could scale cliffs with ease, never losing his grip. Attributing it to his training the tribe saw him a worthy future chief, but his father knew better.  As he watched his son grow he noticed his talents and feared for what Bhuama might become.  During their travels the chief had heard stories of war and destruction caused by the hand of elemetnalists. The chief was a strict ruler who did anything he could to keep the order of the tribe, even if it meant killing his own son.  To affirm his suspicion the chief called Bhauma to his tent.  Bhauma walked into the tent where his father, without warning, threw a pebble at his face.  The pebble never struck him but floated mid-air.  Bhuama, still unaware of his abilities, stared at the pebble with awe, while his father stared at his son with hate.  Seeing his son as cursed and a threat to their way of life, he secretly planed an assassination attempt on Bhuama’s life.  One night the chief sneaked into Bhuama’s tent and with dagger overhead thrust it toward his son, but was stopped by a dome of earth.  Bhauma woke up just in time to protect himself from his attacker, but did not know how this dome formed around him.  Panicked he struck the walls of the dome which shattered into multiple shards, piercing his father’s body.  Bhuama stood over the bloodied body of his father.  Had he caused this? His father looked up at him pointing his finger, breathing his final breaths and said, “You…cursed…elementalist,” and with that his father passed away.  In his anguish Bhuama let out a scream that shook the ground beneath him.  He ran out of his tent, through the panicked tribe, and into the wilderness, never looking back to see his tribe again.  The months past as he lived on his own, using his survival skills to stay alive.  During this time he began to take more notice of his elemental abilities and refined his skills.  He learned basic control of earth, but his father’s final words still haunted him.  What was an elementalist? Was he really cursed?  As he traveled he inquired about where he could learn more about the elementalists.   His travels lead him to the four towers where he was told his questions could be answered.

Physical appearance: He is a tall, lean, roughly 6’6’’ with rugged features.  He still has a dirty appearance with dirt clinging to his feet and legs.  His hair is black and wild looking from his time spent living alone.  He is without proper attire and still wears the tattered remains of his tribal wear, along with what he made from the wild.  

Personality: More of a listener than a talker, he likes to observe a situation before taking action.  Shaken from the attempt on his life and the words of his father he is slow to make acquaintances, but when he does make a friend he is very loyal.   He is still adjusting to the mannerisms of “civilized” life and is usually seen as primitive.  Though he may seem cold and distant he enjoys companionship and will do anything to help those around him, seeing his friends as his tribe and he as their leader.


Character name: Thalian Grames Lacoul-Drandon, Verdrakon Venici. (Viscount)



Year in school:Adjunct Earth Professor

Background: Only son of DeRey Drandon and Marguriete Lacoul.He would lead a normal aristocratic child's life until he was six, when his mother was forced to flee the country leaving him behind with his father. It was at this time that his abilities showed themselves when he, in a moment of desperation, caused the cobblestones in the Drive to ripple up into a low wall, attempting to stop his mothers carriage. He passed out from exhaustion immediately afterwords, allowing the footmen who had been restraining him to take him in to his bed. He naturally blamed his father for the loss of his mother, first because of a fight he had heard part of the night before she left, and later for giving in to the  pressure on his title and career. The estrangement between them would only grow during the nine years of warfare that followed as father and son almost never saw one another during that time. At age 14 Thalian would also attend  the Officers Academy gaining his commission at 18 with the 6th Dragoons (Mounted Infantry). Linksemann (Lieutenant) Thalian would served in the Dragoons in several border skirmishes before retiring-on-call as a Karpessmann at 25. A year later Thalian would apply for a position at the academy as an adjunct professor, namely to annoy his father. Which he does at every opportunity.

Personality: Laid back and flirtatious, which tends to make him popular with the female students. Despite this he takes his classes very seriously and is the kind of professor that will hand back a test with an unsatisfactory grade and a charming smile on his face.he enjoys picking on his Father, but both of them avoid the subject of his mother, a subject which has obviously been discussed at great length in the past.

Appearance: Thalian has the Blonde Hair and Green eyes that are common features of his mother's people. He stands at 6'3" and generally wears the robes of an earth professor, but unbelted so that it flows about him like more of an overcoat. Underneath he wears his shirt half untucked and his tight fitting trousers are tucked into his boots. He will also sometimes wear his Dragoon helmet at his desk while working, calling it his "Thinking Cap".

-Applicant Name:  Barak Shapiro
-Tower of affiliation:  Fire
-Age:  15
-Year in school:  First Year

-Background:  Though most would probably assume Barak to be the older of the Shapiro twins, he was actually born almost two full weeks after Maya.  The mother suffered through the intervening time and lived only long enough to hold both of her little ones in her arms once before moving on to the next world.  Grieving the death of his wife, the twins' father clung to them as the only things he had left of his beloved.  He gave them the best he could of everything, smothering them with love and affection at every turn.  Unfortunately, this meant that when their father caught Barak entertaining Maya by causing the fire in their hearth to take fantastical shapes, he became very paranoid.  He didn't want his children taken away from him, so he hid them away.  Several months later, the house burned to practically nothing.  The two children were found-- unconscious and soaking wet-- just outside of the charred and smoking remains.

Barak kept his abilities hidden from that day on as they were passed around from house to house and family to family.  They had no remaining family of their own, and no one seemed to want to keep an angry, short-tempered lad and a little girl who barely speaks.  Fed up with being passed off like some unwanted thing, Barak took his sister and ran.  He worked odd jobs where ever he could, occasionally resorting to stealing to get all that they needed to survive.  They lived on their own for some time before a man approached Barak.  At first the boy fought the idea of going to this school, but after taking a good hard look at himself and his ability to properly care for his sister he tried to make a deal.  The man told him that the school was only for those with abilities and that Maya would not be able to join him there.  That was when he found out that she had been hiding an ability of her own.

Finally, full of guilt and misgivings but hoping that he was making the right choice for his sister, he agreed to let the man take him and his sister to the school.

-Personality:  Barak will do anything for his sister.  Anything at all.  Protecting her is the foremost thought in his mind.  He used to be an easy going guy, but after what they have been through this has changed.  He has hardened, suspecting everyone as being capable of any evil.  He is never openly hostile, but simply makes no attempts at friendship.

-Appearance:  His black hair is cropped at his shoulders with uneven bangs that hang down into his yellow tinted eyes.  His skin is tanned from many hours of working out in the sun.  He prefers clothing that allow him to move easily, so he tends to wear pants that fit him well.  Not too loose nor too snug.  Color doesn't matter to him for the most part.  Whatever he can get his hands on.  Though darker colors-- browns and blacks-- are easier to deal with because he didn't have to worry about whether they looked dirty after hours of working odd jobs had stained them beyond his laundering capabilities.  He stands 5'10” and his hands are course and calloused-- crisscrossed with small scars from a variety of rough and sometimes painful jobs.

-Applicant Name:  Maya Shapiro
-Tower of affiliation:  Water
-Age:  15
-Year in school:  First Year

-Background:  Though most would probably assume Barak to be the older of the Shapiro twins, he was actually born almost two full weeks after Maya.  The mother suffered through the intervening time and lived only long enough to hold both of her little ones in her arms once before moving on to the next world.  Grieving the death of his wife, the twins' father clung to them as the only things he had left of his beloved.  He gave them the best he could of everything, smothering them with love and affection at every turn.  Unfortunately, this meant that when their father caught Barak entertaining Maya by causing the fire in their hearth to take fantastical shapes, he became very paranoid.  He didn't want his children taken away from him, so he hid them away.  Several months later, the house burned to practically nothing.  The two children were found-- unconscious and soaking wet-- just outside of the charred and smoking remains.

Maya was badly burned during the fire, but managed to keep the worst of the damage hidden from Barak.  This was made possible by the fact that they had been held in separate areas during their initial recovery.  She didn't want her brother to blame himself for her being hurt.  She always did everything he said, practicing her own ability that even Barak didn't know about whenever she was certain she was alone.  After being imprisoned by her own father, she had a hard time trusting anyone but her brother.  This caused her to withdraw and she barely spoke to anyone from that day forward.  When her brother told her about the school for people with elemental abilities and how he declined the invitation, she finally told him the truth.  That she had known for a while that she had an ability and that she had used the water collected in the rain bucket next to the house to dose them after fleeing from the house.

She told him that she didn't want to be such a burden to him anymore and that even if he didn't want to go to the school, she would so that he could go back to having whatever life he could find for himself.  Of course, that didn't mean she wasn't relieved when he agreed to come with her because it meant that they would still be together.

-Personality:  Maya is quiet and unsure of herself.  She follows her brother's lead whenever possible and secretly hopes only for him to find someone who can revert her brother to what he once was.  Due to the unfortunate behavior of her father, she has trust issues.  Especially of older males.  Anyone who might remind her of her father-- though in the form of authority and 'power' more than appearance.  Overall, however, she is a warmhearted and gentle soul.  She would do almost anything for someone she cared for and does not like to be a bother to others.  She also has a mild to middling case of claustrophobia.

-Appearance:  Maya stands 5'6” in height.  Her black hair is cropped short and uneven, the longest patches hanging down barely to her shoulder.  During the fire that took her father's life, it was burnt down to practically nothing and she has just let it grow out on it's own without much care for how it looks.  The fire also left burn scars across most of her back, so in order to hide this from her brother she tends to wear shirts that are a little big on her so that they easily cover her whole back and shoulders.  With these, she prefers wearing pants.  Color and style tends not to matter much to her because she was forced to take just whatever was given her and thus her wardrobe tends to be a little mix-n-match at best.  Her eyes are a brilliant blue, the only thing aside from size and statue that differs from her brother.

Name: Zerika Bonstone

Element:  Ice/Water

Age:  17

Year in school: First (not by choice)

Background:  She was born into a loving family, and she had a good life, but even from a young age she showed her rebellion and defiance.  When she was seven, in a fit of anger, she knocked over a bucket of water in the living room.  She starred at in angrily and then, to her surprise, it began to move and vibrate.  In confusion, she focused on the puddle and caused it to float a few inches from the floor.  When her mother walked in the room, she was stunned.  She told her daughter not to show her trick to anyone less they think her a demon.  She refused to listen, and everyday at school kids would gather around her on the playground to watch her manipulate the water.  There were some kids at school that were jealous and made fun of her, calling her a freak, but she wasn't the weak type.  One day during her performance, a child began mocking her, she jumped on him and started pounding his face.  She was suspended, and during that time, she focused on making her ability more dangerous.  It was then she found that she could form ice in her water.  The ice was more attractive to her, and she ditched using the water as entertainment thinking it sissy.  She lost trust in her fellow classmates, they must have all thought she was a freak, she had just been amusing them like a temporary toy, or a clown.

As she grew older and attained a more feminine form, she learned just how much she could play with people's minds.  The boys liked her, and she took advantage of it.  They bought her things, and they even stole things for her, she just had to ask.  She liked to play games, how far could she go?  She'd find a target, pretend to like them, get their heart, and then crush them when the game became boring.  Notorious for being the bad girl just drew them in.  But her dislike of order brought consequence.  Her parents were becoming frightened, and one night contacted the police when they caught her forming several sharp shards of ice.  She was sent to juvie, but excused herself out as she found it boring.  Her methods of escape caused the authorities to take her much more seriously, and they sealed her in a closed room.  They had seen that she wielded ice, and made plans to have her go to the academy as a way to reform her.

Personality:  Cold and distrusting.  She hides behind a mask not letting anyone get close to her.   Intelligent and calculating, she can read people and manipulate them.  She sees peoples lives as a game, a way to entertain herself, and will do anything to be the "winner".  At times she can be sarcastic and cynical, but most of the time she'll just look through you.  She enjoys classical music, as well as hard rock.

Appearance:  Slim and attractive with pale skin.  Her eyes are a  piercing grey with straight brown hair that flows inches past her shoulders.  She stands at 5'5'' and can always be seen in her ripped jeans and band shirts.  If you were to check under her hair, you'd find the headphones she constantly wears to drown out the monotonous world and the people in it.

-Applicant Name:  Interra  Silverstone

-Tower of affiliation: Earth

-Age: 21

-Year in school:  First Year

-Background:  Even at an early age, everyone in the poor little mining community said that Interra was gifted.  Of course, they had no idea just how right they were.  Not even Interra herself.  For as long as she could remember, she was fascinated with creating things out of earth.  What started as little mounds of dirt in the earliest years slowly became more structured as she grew older.  Giving way to miniature mud huts and then increasingly more detailed buildings out of soil and pebbles.  and her pottery... By the time her mother died during the sickness that swept through the community during Interra's eleventh year, the girl had already surpassed her mother in her craft.

Thus, by age 12, the girl took over not only the chores of caring for her father and two older brothers, but the job of keeping the other miners' families in supply of clay and earthenware necessities-- jugs for water, bowls for eating and cooking, etc.  In what little free time remained to her, she continued her artistic endeavors-- using clay to create elaborate sculptures and model buildings that were often given to children of the community to use as doll houses and such.  With even the grittiest or toughest of clay, she could 'work magic' according to the other miners.  Even she didn't realize that it was by the exertion of her own will upon the earth that she was able to do these things as well as she did.

She was 18 and still refusing to take on a relationship because "there is simply too much work to be done" when the real tragedy struck.  Losing her mother had been hard, but she still had her father and brothers.  One day, however, while she was delivering lunch to her family in the mines... there was a cave in.  She saw her oldest brother go down first.  Buried beneath several tons of rock. Despite her terror, she simply could not move as the ceiling continued to collapse closer and closer to her.  Her father and other brother were mere yards from her when they disappeared beneath the earth.  That finally got her moving, but she was so panicked, she tripped almost immediately.  Rolling onto her back and staring up at the earth that was falling towards her, she threw up her arms.  The rocks didn't crush her.  Instead, they morphed and fused to create a dome of earth solid earth to protect her.

She had no idea how long she was down there, but she was a broken thing when they dug her out.  In the following months, it eventually became necessary to keep her sedated more often than not.  For her mental and emotional instability caused a great instability in her abilities and she had begun to cause increasingly more serious accidents during her fits.  No one knew what to do with her until an Earth Elementalist happened to pass through their village some months later.  He took her with him, keeping her out in the open forests and plains of the countryside to help ease her discomfort.  He taught her what she was and worked on trying to repair her broken psyche.  After a couple years of this, he decided that she was finally ready for him to deposit her at the school where he had studied when younger.  He left her there with the warning that she may yet have panic attacks and that, unfortunately, it may yet be best to deal with them by sedating her if they get too intense.

-Personality:  Interra is a generally open and creative young woman.  She is less outgoing than she used to be and has become a bit jumpy and nervous since her experience of being buried alive, but is trying to overcome those traumas.  Part of her still secretly clings to the desire to become an architect and create great buildings and monuments... despite her lack of education and the fact that she doesn't even know how to read or write.

-Appearance:  Her light brown, almost blonde-ish hair is curly and falls down to just a little past her shoulders.  Her eyes are the deep brown of damp earth.  She stands only 5'4" and her frame is the lean muscle of a life of working hard.  She tends to wear earthen colors, largely greens and browns, and prefers loose long-sleeved shirts and skirts that are a fair bit shorter than is generally considered decent back where she's from.  (Nothing mini-skirt length, but a few inches above the knees.)  She has an almost crescent shaped scar that cuts from the right side of her forehead and back around just below her right cheekbone.

-Applicant Name: Thales Fulgaris

-Tower of affiliation: Lightning/Fire

-Age: 17

-Year in school: 3rd

-Background: Thales was born to a single mom who worked very hard and still managed time to take care of her son. Even as a young child, Thales was quite the handful. He could never sit still. As he grew, he made friends with many kids and always wanted to be the center of attention. He would get depressed when no one was around. However, at the age of 13, he was shaking hands with one of his friends when a shock bolted through him. This wasn't a regular static shock. It was much stronger and it caused his friend's hair to stand on end. He wasn't hurt and both friends laughed it off, but he noticed that electrical devices began to act weird around him. When he asked his mom, she told him more about his father, whom she had had a fling with. He was a pyromancer. He had left instructions for her when he left in case she had a child with powers. Knowing that this would be too much for even her to handle and with great sadness, she sent her son to the academy for his own good, to learn to control his powers and himself. He quickly made quite a few scenes.

Master Coldra began working with him. He was able to find passions that allowed him to experience thrills, but in a constructive way and showed him how to enjoy his life when people didn't pay attention to him. He has become very acquainted with the nursing staff due to his frequent injuries. He volunteered to help out with the new students with their integration into the academy.

-Personality: Thales is very unpredictable. While he isn't very studious, he does practice his craft a lot. He is very sociable, but isn't always liked due to his mischievous nature, which makes him prone to pull pranks on people. He flirts from time to time, but most girls figure he doesn't have the ability to commit. He is always looking for the next thrill, and when he isn't practicing, he can often be found doing parkour. He doesn't have much of an attention span and gets bored easily.

-Appearance: He has short, spiky hair that he dyes electric blue. He has deep grey eyes, but wears purple contacts. He wears large t shirts and shorts, which are very loose on his lanky body. He has slightly tan skin from hanging outside frequently. He has various scars from his hobbies. He wears a grey beanie with jagged yellow streaks vertically printed on it.
Silent K

Name: Jacob Falgreth
Age: 13
Element: Air (He thinks its water)
Year in school: 1st

Jacob is…special.  Yes he is a very gifted air mage but the thing is, he thinks he’s a water mage.  For as long as he’s been aware of his talents he’s been under the belief that his element is water.  Born to a fisherman and his wife, Jacob has always felt a connection with the sea.  Water has indeed been an integral part of his life.  He swam before he could walk, learnt the ways of the sea from his father, and just enjoyed being in the ocean.  This connection is what makes him believe in his hydromancy abilities.  The confusion of being a hydromancer began at age 6 he and his friends were having a water balloon fight. During the fight he let out a sneeze which caused a huge gush of wind, sending the balloons flying all around.  This was when he discovered his believed water talents, “Did you see that! I moved the water in every balloon!” he said with pride.  At age six this is understandable and his friends believed it too, but later in life he still believed in his water abilities.  His parents, who are not very knowledgeable of mages, also believe him to be gifted with the power of water and are very proud of their son.  They attribute his skills to the sea and see him as a blessing to their family.  To this day he still boasts his hydromancy abilities, completely unaware of what element he truly commands.  He goes to the beach often and surfs on the water, propelling himself with air, but believing he is moving the water.  He blows the rain around on rainy days and creates mini-typhoons in the water (he calls them water tornadoes).  Though he is proud of his skills he has always had trouble with the gentle aspect of water, like making it float in air.  One day at the beach he went surfing and saw a group of hydromancers (real ones) practicing their craft.  Their moves were graceful as they sent water gently cascading through the air, creating a beautiful scene.  Jacob watched in amazement at their skill and inquired how he could learn to do this.  This is where he learnt of the four towers and began his quest to become an accomplished hydromancer.

Personality:  He is a very friendly and energetic person.  Possessing many of the qualities you would think in an air mage, he is a free spirit, doing whatever comes to mind.  Hyper is an understatement for him, he does not sit still and usually fidgets when sitting.  Usually the one to volunteer in class he is always ready to show off his skills.  Very eager to learn, Jacob is more than ready to learn the ways of water.

Appearance: He stands 5’0” with short messy brown hair and a tanned complexion.  He usually wears loose jeans and a baggy hoody, he likes baggy loose clothing because they are less restrictive, and tennis shoes.

Name: Erin Skye

Element: Air

Age: 24

Position in school: Nurse

Background: As a young child Erin was fascinated by the living world around her.  The plants and animals, there was so much life.  She was thrilled when her teacher introduced her to a series called The Magic School Bus.  It explained how the things around her worked, and she just wanted to learn more.  One day, when she was twelve, she was out looking for new plant life and found a flower she had never experienced before.  Her excitement flowed from her body, as did a strange wind that ripped the plant from the ground.  Startled, she glanced around her, then smiled and took the flower home to dissect it.  Similar experiences happened whenever she got excited, which was often, and like a good scientist she researched the matter.  What she found was evidence that showed people like herself using the natural elements to their desire.  She smiled with delight and tried to command the air and caused a breeze in her room.  Immediately she looked for a way to learn more, and found the academy.  Her parents had always known she was a bit strange but loved and supported her though all her madness.

She arrived at the academy and learned more and more about the different elements.  She learned how they could work together, how to better control them, and how dangerous they were.  It made her eyes sparkle.  She had grown very fond of Shalea and spoke with her often.  When she had completed her training at age seventeen, she left the school.  She went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in the sciences as well as become a registered nurse on the side.  She remembered how dangerous the elements were, and she wanted nothing to take away from the students desire to learn.  Plus the human body and how it works was a fascinating subject to study.

At the age of twenty three, she contacted her old master to apply for the job of being the school nurse.  She returned to the academy in hopes of helping other children learn and grow without fear.

Personality: Quirky and eccentric.  She meets students with a smile and enthusiasm.  She loves to help the children feel better and may babble on about her latest experiments.  Excitement sweeps over her often resulting in her being a bit absentminded and getting distracted easily.  She keeps testing supplies and a tank of Drosophila melanogaster in her office.  She may at times use horrible puns.

Appearance:  She has short light brown hair and turquoise eyes.  Her skin is pale from staying inside doing her research.  She wears oval black rimmed glasses and can always be seen wearing a lab coat.

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