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kinda cheesy story.

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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2008 6:30 am    Post subject: kinda cheesy story.  Reply with quote

by: Robert rumery

"Quiet down now, hush hush my friend.
Quiet down now, hush hush my friend.
When all the others left, when all the others left,
When all the others left, when all the others...
I knew you'd stick around, come here now.
I knew you'd stick around, come here now."

The Village was hit heard when Sasuke Uchiha left. The real person that it really hit hard was Sakura Haruno, the girl that loved Sasuke the most. People seemed to get back to there normal lives they acted like it never happened. Or they tried too. Sakura was a well rounded young lady. She was smart, beautiful and friendly.
Everyone should love her, right? Not many people did and if they did. They wouldn't speak a word about it. Her crush on Sasuke Uchiha was very apparent. They hadn't really been friends more like comrades. She admired him slightly, he had to be strong. He didn't have anyone to care for him. He was orphaned at a very young age and was brought up by the village.  She still couldn't believe that he was actually gone.

It was like a very bad dream. That night she had cried herself to sleep. Her eyes were red and she was stiff from sleeping on the bench. When she woke up the next morning she was hoping that it was a bad dream. It wasn't.
Later that day he found a note Sasuke left for her. It told her why he did what he did.
He explained that it was something that he had to do and that her or Naruto couldn't and wouldn't understand the reasons. That didn't make the pain feel less real. The pain was real. She just didn't want to accept this pain that she had felt. She wanted to ignore it.

Right now in the present day. She was sitting in a field surrounded by flowers. She had her eyes closed as she let the wind blow through her hair. This was a place that was special to her. Her and Ino used to come here as kids. It always made her feel better to be here if she was sad or depressed.
A small smile formed on her face as she felt the wind through her hair. It was a very calm place. She had her eyes closed and she started t ocry. She could almost feel like Sasuke was with her. She knew she wasn't. It was jsut her mind playing tricks on her.

"Girl, why are you crying?" A Childish voice asked.
"Huh?" Sakura asked herself as she opened her eyes and looked towards the voice.

She couldn't believe her eyes when she say the child. He was really short. Had spikey black hair and two short black bangs that dropped down into the front of his face. She noticed that he wasn't from around her.
He was wearing a pair of dark blue shorts and what looked like a dark blue tight top. It almost looked like spandex. She kept an eye on him. She noticed he had black eyes. Just like Sasuke. What are the odds of that happening? Why was he here? Why did he care that she was crying.  

"Why is it any concern to you?" Sakura said. Snorting slightly at the boy. He was quite nosey.
"I don't know." The Boy said as he shrugged. He than leaned up against the tree looking at The Pink Haired girl.

Sakura didn't know what to think of this kid. He looked like Sasuke when he was a child. It was very odd. Another thing she noticed was his energy, she hadn't felt anything like this energy before. Could he be an outsider? The energy felt kind of weird to her. She still looked at him.
It looked like he had a belt wrapped around his waist. It didn't look like a normal belt. It looked furry. What could that be. Her eyes stared at the furry thing around his waist and she was trying to figure out what that thing around his waist was.

"Didn't your mom ever teach it's not polite to stare?" The Boy asked. He caught her looking at his waist. A sweatdrop appeared above his head. He hoped she didn't figure out what he was.  
"Sorry." Sakura said as she glanced back up to his eyes and hair. "Where are you from?" Sakura asked The Boy.

"Here and there." The Boy said. Motioning to the endless dirt roads that were around. To be honest. He didn't really know where he was. He was kind of journeying for a crue. He was reverted back to his child form because he drank a potion that made him young again.

Sakura just kept analyzing him. She didn't know why. She really wanted to be alone but the company she had. It was kind of nice even thou it was kind of uninvited. She didn't really care.
She wiped away the tears from her face. She closed her eyes and sighed and went into what looked like some kind of meditative state. She could feel his eyes on her. Like he was watching her. Well, he was watching her. He was intreged by him.
Like how she was intreged by him. She than started to ignore him as she went into her own special place. It was a peaceful place where only she mattered.

He noticed that she wasn't paying attention to him anymore. He sighed softly. Guess that made it official it was time for him to continue his training. He grabbed what looked like a pole or a large thin stick. He began than using it as if it was a sword. He stood there by the tree. Like he was fighting 20 invisible people.
In his mind he was. He yelled as he ran at his invisible enemies. He started to throw some punches and kicks. He did some blocks with his right and left hands. Also with his right and left legs. When that was all done. He started to do some pushups. One handed military style pushups.

"If I can't do a hundred today.. I'll do a hundred tomorrow." The Boy said to himself. As he did the pushups. After 30 he began to sweat. It started to pour off his brow and down into his eyes. His eyes began to sting. He ignored the pain. He needed to get stronger. He had someone he really needed to.. KILL!

"I Will get stronger. You'll pay for what you did to my family. You bastard." The Boy said to himself as he continued to do his pushups.

A half an hour later he finished his pushups. He got to his goal of a 100 pushups. He smiled. He had finally finished something. He kinda liked his kid body for know. He could move faster. Sure he didn't have as much power as his adult self. He thought he could make up that power with more training.
The person who killed his family was on his mind. Of course that man was a changeling. He'd kill everyone in The Changeling race just to get him. As he thought about him he balled up his fist. He got angry and he just wanted to release all his anger at once. He noted the girl was still there so he couldn't do that even thou he wanted to.

He stood there with his arms in an x formation. Infront of his face. He began to grunt as an exact replication of himself came out of his body. He looked exactly the same. It was another method of training. He learned this from The Namekian Piccolo and he smiled. He than threw a punch at The Clone and it blocked it him.
The Boy smiled and than began to throw a flurry of hits and kicks at the clone. They were all blocked by the clone. He smiled. This was going to be more fun than he thought. He lifted up into the air. So did the clone and than they began to fight in the mid-air. As they did The Boy's tail got unwrapped from around his waist.

"Hm?" Sakura asked as she opened one eye. She looked up into the sky. She saw the two boys fighting in the air. Which made her arch a brow slightly. "A Shadow clone?" Sakura asked herself. She than noticed what looked like a tall on one of the boys. That was quite odd.
It was an interesting turn of events. She pretend she didn't see what she saw. She went back to her special place. She was almost falling asleep anyways. She than began breathing in and out softly as she went back to her mystical dream land.

Just then one of The Boys went wizzing by Sakura's head. The Boy hit the ground hard. It made a small crater and some small rocks fell down onto the boy. The Boy in the air fired a direct blast at the one covered in rocks. The boy pushed the rocks off of him and dodged the attack.
He held his wrist and fired his own blast back at the boy. The two beams hit and than they began to struggle.
The boy on the ground begain to raise his power even higher. He forced his beam to slam into the other boy's beam. Within a minute or so. The beam was broken and his beam hit the other boy killing him instantly. He stood there and huffed slightly. He had a few cuts on his face and arms. They were bleeding. He tried to wipe the blood off. It failed miserabely thou.

Sakura opened her eyes and than looked over towards the boy. The brown thing was a tail! It looked like a monkey tail. He looked at him somemore. He was bleeding. It didn't look like it effected the boy that much. There was something about this boy.
He reminded her of her comrades back in the village. She sighed and got up and dusted herself off and than walked over to the boy.
She didn't really know what to say. She guessed she could say hi. She bet if she did it'd be like talking to Naruto or something. She thought he was abit like Rock Lee and she chuckled softly. She hoped he didn't notice that she was standing behind of him.  

"What are you laughing at girl?" The Boy asked. His tail twitched in an irritated manner.  
"Nothing." Sakura said as she tried to hold back her laughter. She pointed at his tail.
"Oh. So you noticed, huh?" The Boy asked as he grabbed his tail. "No point in hiding it." The Boy answered as he walked over To The Pink haired girl.  
"What's it like?" Sakura asked still looking at his tial.
"Very annoying. It get's slamed in doors. I get made fun of alot because of it. I don't care thou. I ignore those ignorant people. All I care about is getting stronger so I can kill a certain someone." The Boy said as he looked at the pink haired girl. He than looked up into the sky. It was a nice clear day. He'd always look up to the sky. Looking for his planet that wasn't there anymore.  

"Oh." Sakura said as she looked at him. With a rather sad look on her face. When he had said that. It reminded her of Sasuke. The one that she lost. She couldn't stop him. It was tugging at her heart. She hoped he didn't see her being this weak.

"You lost someone recently, huh?" The Boy asked looking over at her.
"Yea-- Hey! How'd you know?" Sakura asked.
"I can sense things." The Boy said with a slight grin on his voice. "What's your name?" He asked her.
"Sakura Haruno." Sakura replied as she looked at him.  
"Cro." The Boy replied with a slight smile on his face.
"You were named after a bird?" Sakura asked.
"Oh be quiet, Pinky." Cro said as he rolled his eyes.
"Hey! Squire I coudl kick your Ash!" Sakura yelled. Being rather insulted by what he had called her. She calmed down after a moment. Atleast he didn't call her forehead. Like Ino-pig does.  
"Hey, do you know where I could find an antidote for a potion?" Cro asked Sakura.
"What kind of potion?" Sakura asked.
"I don't know how to explain it." Cro said as he itched himself behind of the head. "I took. What I think is an age reversing potion. I wanted to look younger. Yet, I took the whole thing. Than voila. Chibi-me." Cro added chuckling softly.
"Hm. I think our Hokage could help you." Sakura said.
"Hokage?" Cro asked as he blinked.
"Leader of my Village." Sakura answered.
"Where is this village?" Cro asked.
"10 miles that way." Sakura said as she pointed to a path. That lead to The Village Hidden In The Leaves.
"Oh. I got a walk on my hands don't I?" Cro asked with a slight grin.
"Yeah. I'll walk with you. I could use some company." Sakura said as he looked down at Cro.

It was going to be a nice walk back to the village. Even thou it was a dangerous area to walk. Sakura didn't care about that. She had to be here to clear her head. She might have made a new friend.
She hoped he wasn't as annoying as Naruto was and not as dark as Sasuke was. She didn't know what to think thou. He was kinda cute, well she thought so. He wasn't really a kid thou. She wondered how old he really was. She walked from the middle of the field and than walked onto the path.

Cro followed behind of her. He didn't know where he was going. So he guessed that Sakura would have to lead. That didn't both him much. He crossed his arms and began to walk along side of Sakura. He looked around. He saw all of the wildlife. It looked pretty interesting. He hoped that a bear or something would cross there path soon. He was quite hungry. He had only been walking for a few minutes thou.

Little did either of them know. There was a band of bandits in that area. They weren't going to strike right know. It'd be a little too soon. They knew the girl was a female ninja with healing powers.
That meant she was what they were looking for. They wanted her to heal a fallen comrade of theres. A small time theif that was injured in battle by one of The Hidden Sand Ninjas.

Sakura looked around as they entered the woods. She swore that she was being watched. Was she being paranoid? Probably. She looked over towards Cro who was walking beside of her. From what she saw of his fighting skills. He was pretty good. What he used weren't Jutsus that kind made her feel kinda uneasy. They looked like powerful techniques thou.
She didn't ever want to get hit by one of those techniques it might kill her.
Even thou she could heal her own wounds pretty easily. Still it was a little uneasing with someone with strong techniques like that. Sorta reminded of her the techniques Naruto would use when fighting. Like the Rasengan. She kept on waling with him by her side. An hour passed and they had already walked about 5 miles and they walked into the darker part of the forrest. This is the part of the forrest where alot of people had gotten jumped lately. So she'd have to be on her toes.

"Someones here." Cro said.

He had heard people up in the trees. He looked up and he saw the tree branches were bending. He thought he saw what looked like eyes and a body.
It could have been a cat or something. He didn't think it was.
He than jumped infront of Sakura. He needed her alive. If he got to this village and she was dead he would be blamed. His eyes narrowed as he heard the sound of brush rustling.

"Just give us the girl and you won't get hurt." A Bandit said as he jumped down infront of Cro.
"You. Hurt me? Don't make me laugh!" Cro said as he smirked.

He saw the main bandit infront of him. He was huge. He noticed there were four other bandits in two of the trees on the left and the right. Only 5? This was going to be so easy. He hadn't really had any kind of fight lately. Fighting himself had become very boring.

"Heh. Kid your gonna get yourself killed because of this Freak." The Bandit said motioning towards Sakura. "Very well." The Bandit said as he nodded. He reached for a Ninja star from the bouch that was attatched at his hip. He looped it around his finger and than threw it at the kid. A few moments before it got in The Kid's area.
There was a blue energy in the Kid's hand. He than shot it at the Ninja Star and than it vaporized into the air. There was a smirk on the kids face. The Bandit stood there with a shocked expression on his face. Than the expression turned to anger and than he took all The Ninja stars out of his bag.

"Sakura.." Cro said.
"What?" Sakura asked.
"Go over there." Cro said as he pointed to a bush.  
"Why?" Sakura asked.
"Just do it!" Cro growled.
"Okay, sheesh." Sakura said as she walked over to the bush. That Cro had pointed out. She wondered what Cro was going to do. There was 4 other Bandits. Was he going to take on all of them?

"Take this!" The Bandit yelled as he threw all of The Ninja Stars at Cro.

"Pitiful." Cro said as he watched The Ninja Stars coming towards him. He just stood there with his arms crossed. Not moving an inche. Or so it looked. He was moving his head. Right to left, left to right, up and down. He was dodging The Ninja Stars at mach speed. Or so it looked to the untrained eye. He smirked as he looked at the bandit.  
"That all you got?" Cro asked taunting The Bandit.

"Why you!" The Bandit yelled as he ran at The Kid. He than went to punch The Kid. That was no use. The Kid grabbed his punch and than shoved it off. The Bandit still pissed off. Attempted to kick The Kid upside the head. The Kid than grabbed his kick and than pushed that off. The Bandit now extremely pissed off. Tryed to charge in once again. He got hit in the gut by the kid for his troubles. He than threw him to one-side.

"You fools! Don't just stand there.. Attack him!" The Bandit yelled. Four Bandits jumped down from the  trees. They looked at the little kid. How could this boy disarm there leader and not even brack a sweat. They charged in and tried to attack.
The kid just flattened out his palm. He sent a large energy blast towards them. It Engulphed them and set some of the trees on fire. The Bandit blinked and ran cowardly he didn't want to die.

"Bakas. I bet they didn't even have years worth of training under there belt." Cro said as he looked behind of him. He picked up the Ninja stars and walked over to Sakura and grinned at her. He saw she had the same kind of pouch on her hip. So he opened it and put them into her pouch and he continued to smile.  "You see, Sakura. If you stayed behind of me. You'd have new peircings." Cro said as he laughed softly.

"Yeah." Sakura said as she nodded slowly. She wondered what this kid was. That big guy was notrious for robbing people in these parts. That kid just took him apart like he was nothing. She wondered if he could be as strong as Kakashi-sensei. She shook her head. No ones stronger than her Sensei or Naruto! "You alright?" Sakura asked him.

"Hai." Cro said as he nodded.

He than started to walk along the path again. They got another hour before they reached this Village. He hoped he could be turned back into his rightfull age. heck, he'd like to be 15 or 16 again. Only if he could go back and time and make that happen. He smiled softly.
He looked back to see Sakura was bringing up the rear. He wondered if there would be more ambushes like that? He thought that was pretty  fun and would wanna do it again!

Sakura walked up beside of him. She was leading again. She just had to lead! It was her thing and she knew where they were going. She just looked at him for a moment. There was something special about him. He had strength that she'd never seen before. It was like Naruto's strength when he called on The Demon Fox's power.
Which was a VERY Scary power. She really wondered what he was.  
They walked for an hour and they finally got the gate of The Village Hidden in the leaves. Sakura and Cro passed them without any problems. The guards looked at Cro weirdly. Cro ignored them. He began to look around. It looked like a very nice place. It didn't look that big and people were staring at them. He hated that.

"Those eyes.." Cro said as he looked at all the people looking at him.
"They're only looking at you that way. Because they haven't seen anyone new in a while." Sakura said while smiling. Trying to reassure him of what she just said.

"If I can't do 100 pushups.. I'll do 100 situps!!" A familiar voice said.  
"Oh god." Sakura said as she rolled her eyes.
"What?" Cro asked as he looked at Sakura.
"Oh nothing.. Just a stupid comrade." Sakura answered.  

He than just noticed two people in what looked like a green spandex outfit. One had a green vest on and one was doing pushups. He thought that looked like fun. With the look on Sakura's face.
It told him that he probably shouldn't join in. So he didn't. He continued to walk with Sakura. He than saw a silver haired man reading some kind of book standing by what looked like a resturant or osmething.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura said yelling and running towards him.
"Hm?" Kakashi asked as he looked up from his book. He saw Sakura. He than noticed a Black haired boy that was with Sakura. For some reason he couldn't keep his eyes off of the boy.

"You were out there again, weren't you?" Kakashi asked as he looked at Sakura.
"Yeah." Sakura said as she looked towards the ground. She kicked at the dirt. Like she was a little kid again. She had her hands behind of her back. She was embarassed. She'd gone there every single day since Sasuke had left.

"You know. There has been bandits sighted in the area. It's dangerous." Kakashi said. It was like he was scolding her. He scolded all of his students when they did something stupid. Especially Naruto.  
"I know." Sakura said as she nodded. "We meet some. I'm not hurt. If I hadn't had him with me." Sakura said as she motioned towards the boy. "I probably would be hurt atleast a little." Sakura added.

"He sorta looks like Sasuke." Kakashi said.
"Yeah." Sakura said nodding slightly.
"Who's Sasuke?" Cro asked overhearing there conversation.
"Nobody." Sakura said sighing softly as she looked at Cro.
"Got a name?" Kakashi asked as he looked at Cro.
"Yeah. It's Cro." Cro said as he looked at Kakashi. "And yours?" Cro asked.
"Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi answered. He than lifted up the book and continued to read his book.

"Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan!" Naruto said yelling and running over to her.
"Oh boy.." Sakura said as he sighed softly. "This just isn't my day. What do you want Naruto?" Sakura asked.
"Nothing." Naruto said as he looked at Sakura. "Just saying hi." Naruto added as he grinned and rubbed the back of his head.  
"Fine. Hi." Sakura said.

She turned and walked away from Naruto. She was sure that Cro was going to follow her. He was going to show him the rest of the village. So Sakura gave Cro a tour of the village. Everything that he needed to show him and than they came to Sakura's house. She never let anyone see it. She felt that she could trust him. He did help her with the bandit problem.

"This is my home." Sakura said as she walked up the steps. Put her key into the lock. Turned the doorknob and walked into her house. It was a very neat house. She watched Cro walk in behind of her. She was wondering why she was being so nice to him. It wasn't like her to be nice to strangers. It was kind of odd.

He saw the inside of Sakura's house. It looked really nice. He sat down on her sofa. He ignored his rumbling stomache. The place smelt really good. He thought he could smell pepermint. He noticed she had a cherry blossom tree in her living-room.
It was a very nice touch and he smiled slightly as he looked over towards Sakura. Who had sat down next to him. She looked slightly happy. He watched her yawn. It looked like she was tired.

"Those walks always tire me out." Sakura said as she stretched slightly. She curled up on the couch. Right next to him. It was odd. She just wanted a warm body to cuddle with and nothing more. It wasn't like she already had feelings for him or something. That would have just been plain weird.  

"Hm." Cro said.

He than blinked slightly. He felt her cuddled up to him. She was already asleep. So he didn't think it mattered. He positioned himself so his tail was under him. He cuddled up against her warm body. It was nice to finally have someone to hug or cuddle. He knew this wasn't a relationship or anything. Just some sleeping. A few hours passed. He than woke up but Sakura was still asleep. He covered her up with a blanket. It was night.

He milled around Sakura's hosue and found a pencil and paper to tell her he'd be out somewhere.
He walked over to the door opened it and left. He than flew to The Great Pine. Where he started to train under the moonlight.  
If he got under the moonlight or looked at it. Something bad would really happen. He started to do his pushups and situps. Then he went to a one handed push up. He forced all his weight down onto one hand and did the pushup. He than heard someone behind of him. Coming up behind of him. His eyes twitched. He jumped back up to his feet and readied himself in a fighting position.

"Hm. Thought I'd see you here." Kakashi said as he walked towards Cro. This time he didn't have his book. He wanted to get a closer look at the boy. He wanted to know if he could see what Sakura had seen in this boy. She said he defeated a band of bandits without breaking a sweat. No one could do that. Except him, a jounin in the Leaf Village.

"Am I really that predictable?" Cro asked as he chuckled. He slightly relaxed when he saw it was Kakashi. He was Sakura's sensei. Or so he thought. He didn't look old enough to be a sensei. Well to each there own a small smirk formed on his face as he looked at The Silver Haired Guy.

"No." Kakashi said as he shook his head from side-to-side. "You just act like one of our former comrades." Kakashi added as he looked over at Cro.  

"This person named 'Sasuke'?" Cro asked as he blinked softly. He looked at Kakashi. His eyebrows furrowed and looked over at Kakashi.

"Yeah." Kakashi said as he solomly nodded.
"That explains it. I told her I needed to kill a certain person. Than she clamed up." Cro said as he looked at Kakashi. Wow, he felt like a shithead. He wished he could had taken back what he had said. He couldn't thou.

"You couldn't have known." Kakashi said as he looked at Cro.
"Yeah. I blurt out shit like that all the time. My family was taken away from me violently. This person. More of a being. Killed them all. I was left all alone. All I have is my training.. All I have is my power." Cro said. His eye brows still furrowed. His eyes were filled with nothing but anger. With nothing but hatred for this person. That destroyed his family.

"Oh, I see." Kakashi said. He looked at Cro. It was like looking at a younger Sasuke. This kid. What was he doing? All he could see was hatred in his eyes. Anger in his eyes. Just by talking to him. He could see that he had a good heart within him. He just hoped that the darkness didn't take over this one as well.

"So I hear your good at Taijutsu." Kakashi said.
"Taijutsu?" Cro asked.
"Hand-to-hand combat." Kakashi answered.
"Oh yeah. It's fun." Cro said with a smile on his face.

"Hm." Kakashi said. If his mask was of. A small smile would be seen. He wanted to see if this boy was all that special. Sakura didn't tell him much. He just got this vibe from this boy and he wanted to test him out so to speak. "A spar?" Kakashi asked.

"Sure." Cro answered.

The two than got into there fighting stances. There was swift movements from both of them. At first there was a bunch of hits and kicks from both Cro and Kakashi. They blocked each other's attacks for the most part. Kakashi than tried to use his Thousand Years Of Death move.
Cro somehow countered it with a bunch to Kakashi's gut and than he uppercutted Kakashi and than vanished behind of him and hitting him hard sending him to the ground. Kakashi landed swiftly.
Not hitting the ground.Except for his feet and he was waiting for Cro to mess up so he could get an opening. He just wanted to test this kids power. There was a smirk on Cro's face. A Real opponent. Someone with REAL POWER!

He flew down towards Kakashi and unleashed a flurry of punches to the gut of Kakashi and than kicked him towards the tree. Kakashi rebounded off of the Tree and threw a punch towards Cro's face. Cro just smirked and grabbed the punch and than shrugged it off. Than Kakashi's right leg hit Cro upside the head. The first blow that Kakashi had landed. It sent Cro flying back a few feet. That angered him. He hit a tree and it hurt. He rubbed his head softly. Cro than formed what looked like a light blue energy ball in his left hand. He than got up and ran towards Kakashi with the energy ball in his hand. Kakashi saw what he was doing and put his arms up infront of his face in an x formation. So he wouldn't get that injured. Cro than pushed the energy ball into Kakashi's chest which sent him flying backwards towards a tree.

"It's time to get serious." Kakashi said as he almost hit the true. He somehow missed it. He than stood infront of the tree. He made his hand signs and than channeled his chakra to his palm and made a ball and lighting surrounded it as it chirped. He didn't wanna do this. It looked like this kid was really strong. He just wanted to see how strong he was.  

"Oh. I can do that too." Cro said. He than stood there with his hand down towards the ground. He charged up his ki. He made a ball of blue ki and lightining appeared around it. Just like Kakashi's and than he saw Kakashi was running towards him.  

"Rikiri!!" Kakashi yelled as he ran towards Cro.
"Rikiri, huh?" Cro asked. He smirked as he ran towards Kakashi and than both of there attacks met in the middle. A large explosion was heard which would wake up the whole village. After the dust cleared Cro was holding his right arm and Kakashi was holding his left. They both huffed. Cro was covered in blood from head-to-toe. A smile grew on his face. This was awesome!

" did..!" Kakashi asked as he huffed and looked at Cro.
"Simple ki manipulation. It's easy to copy one's attack. I just need to see an attack once. Then it's mine." Cro said. A small smile on his face. He than passed out from the pain.

"Kakashi!!" Sakura said as she ran towards her Sensei. She didn't notice Cro was laying down unconcious. "What happened?!" Sakura asked.
"Nothing." Kakashi said with a slight smirk under his mask. "He might need healing. Oh yeah.. I think I found someone to replace Sasuke. Give me a week, Sakura." Kakashi added as he gestured towards Cro.

"Okay." Sakura said as she healed Cro.

A Week later...  

Kakashi had called Naruto and Sakura to a meeting at the training fields. They were anxious to see who was going to be the replacement for Sasuke. They wanted to know who there new comrade was. Kakashi was let as always. Except this time he had someone with him. He looked about there age.
This was just a silouette thou. They couldn't really see them. Kakashi continued to walk towards the two students. He was content with his choice as the person came into view. Sakura almost imediately recognized him. He was just older know. The eyes, the face, the hair. She didn't really know what to think right now. Could it really be him?

"Hey, Sakura? Wanna bust more bandits later?" He asked. He had a slight smile on his face. He fiddled with the forehead protecter on his forehead. He had to get used to this.  
"Oh, Kakashi-sensei. You didn't?" Sakura asked as her eyes went wide.  "Please tell me.." Sakura added.  

"Oh, you got me, Sakura." Kakashi said as he rubbed the back of his head. "Newest Memeber of Team 7, Cro." Kakashi added.    

Cro was dressed in his dark blue outfit. Except now he had the symbol of Konoha, The Village Hidden In The Leaves on the back of it. He rubbed the back of his head slightly. Now it was official. He hoped him and Sakura could become great friends. He looked over towards Naruto and saw the disguist in his eyes. He laughed softly. This was going to take some getting used to. It would work out. He hoped. Enough for him to get stronger and than. He would be able to kill Freiza!

"I Awakened one day. To find out that I had settled down. Fromed a family. I even became quite fond of them. "  - Majin Vegeta
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