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A School for Monsters and Creatures Character Profiles

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Zodiac Brave

Joined: 04 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:43 am    Post subject: A School for Monsters and Creatures Character Profiles  Reply with quote


Student options not taken:

Frankenstein's Monster type


Yuki-onna (Also a yokai)




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Zodiac Brave

Joined: 04 Oct 2006
Posts: 1993

Location: Ivalice

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Guy Lunes
Age: 321
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Ghost
Appearance: Guy "stands" at about 5'6". He has black hair and a pale complexion. He currently "wears" black dress slacks, a white button up shirt, a black vest, a black tie, and black dress shoes. He has softer facial features, but he's far from feminine. Typically, however most people don't see this. It takes a decent amount of energy to manifest this form or to communicate audibly, so the most anybody ever really sees is his school materials floating around. The only other give away to his presence is the constant cold chill about 10 feet around him.  
Bio: Guy was born to hard working parents a long time ago. As he was growing up, his parents were delighted to see an intellectual young man who excelled in his studies. All of their pride shattered however when his power manifested. He was gifted at telekinesis from his preteens. His parents tried to hide it and told him not to use his powers, but one day, in a fit of anger for a reason he can't remember anymore, Guy used his abilities in frustration at school. No one was injured (he made sure of that), but it was enough. It was a season of heavy witch hunts and trials. There was enough evidence to convict him and he burned at the stake, so emotionally strained and confused, he was unable to use his powers. He was 17. After his death, however, his strong will and powers allowed his spirit to maintain it's presence on the planet. The trauma caused him to enter a deep sleep for about 250 years however. After that, local development of the area, he was reawakened. He was very shocked first to find he no longer had physical form. Then he had a massive culture shock resulting from the significant changes in the world since his falling asleep. He took about a year to himself to adjust to himself and his new world. Afterwards, he traveled, meeting with other lingering spirits, learning bit by bit more about what he was now. He also picked up some tricks from some of his fellow spirits, although not all were willingly taught. Through his travels, he heard about the academy and decided to settle down and meet others who may have also had issues. He has a pet wisp named Jack, who he keeps tied in his room, as Jack is known to cause mischief. He also keeps his room locked, so that people can't get in and he can just walk through the door.
Personality: Guy is typically very calm and well mannered. He bears no ill will to those who killed him, as he understands their fears and honestly feeling angry wouldn't do him any good now anyway. When interacting with others he tries to be polite and formal. He is fairly intelligent and is quick to pick up on things. He likes school, so he applies himself as much as he can. However, due to the nature of his current status, he gets depressed from time to time from loneliness, as it is hard to maintain a constant physical appearance, and thus he's easy to ignore. It takes a while to get him angry, but if he does, it's best to get out of the room... fast.

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Top Poster

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:14 pm    Post subject: Re: A School for Monsters and Creatures Character Profiles Reply with quote

Name: Pandora Locke
Age: 121
Gender:  Female
Race/Species: Vampire

Appearance:  Pandora tops off her height at 5'2", when she chooses to stand up straight.  She has layered reddish-brown hair which stops at the middle of her back, and silver eyes that tend to be very observant which, at times, are hidden by unneeded glasses.  Casting off the capes and medieval dresses that seem to be synonymous with vampires, Pandora generally keeps herself in chic yet functional attire:  jeans, shirts, and low-heeled boots.  She enjoys an occasion to dress up, but will reserve her special clothes for necessary days.  Part of Pandora's usual "appearance" also consists of a book in hand as well as a particular black raven, Poe, who sits upon her left shoulder in a very protective manner.  

Bio: Pandora was not "created" as the general populace think vampires are made.  In truth, Pandora had two loving vampire parents:  Vincent and Catherine.  Vincent came from a prestigious vampire family, while Catherine had the grave misfortune to be born a human.  Though the strong love Vincent and Catherine shared for each other gave the elite vampire families some pause, even with Catherine turned, it was not enough to keep the lovers in good standing with the high society vampires.  The couple, for many years, were outcasts among the outcasts, with only their love to see them through.  Finally, in 1856, they found a group of night creatures, a coven if you will, that were more accepting of their love.  So, they made their home in Australia.

Fear getting the better of them, they waited 36 years before Pandora was born.  Their little girl grew up in a society that loved and cared for her dearly, and for 46 years, Pandora's life was complete.  She traveled about with the coven, loving the adventure and thrill of seeing new things and meeting new people.  The newest and most influential person of her life she would meet would arrive just after her 46th birthday.  Julius was a much older and sophisticated vampire.  He was 400 years of age who, through undisclosed information, had also been cast out from the other high families of the vampire world, and had sworn off love.  Knowing Pandora's father quite well, Julius was asked by Vincent and accepted the challenge of teaching Pandora ways to keep herself safe.  After 46 years of finding hobbies and moving about, life had proven quite dull for the young vampire.  So, Julius began the arduous task of teaching her hand-to-hand combat, fencing, and ways to fully hone her skills as a vampire.  

It was not surprising when Pandora had found herself in love with her teacher, but it was just as surprising when Julius found himself in love with his student.  He had finally found himself on the losing end of a sword fight, and instead of getting a very stuck up comment from Pandora about being better than him, he got a very grateful woman who thanked him for all that he had taught her and hoped that this small victory would not mean that their lessons were at an end.  It would take until Pandora turned 51 til he realized that he truly loved her.  

Roughly 49 years passed for the coven.  Pandora and Julius never took the step to have children, but rather enjoyed the time that they had and would forever have together.  However, like all wonderful things, this happiness was not to last.  Pandora took a long walk one evening deep in the Australian wilderness, Poe, a gift from her parents, on her shoulder, and a book of poetry, a gift from Julius, in her hand.  When she returned home long after the moon had fully risen, she found that someone or many someones had entered into the home that the coven lived and killed everyone.  Her love, her parents, her family...gone, burned beyond recognition.  The date was April 6th, 1992.

For twenty years, Pandora relied upon herself and the training she'd learned.  She dedicated her years to finding the murders but to no avail.  One day Pandora heard whispers of a school, a special school for creatures such as herself.  She wondered if there would be the knowledge...the information she needed to find the killers.  She also realized that the companionship and the old desire for new people and places fueled the forgotten longing for an adventure.  So, arming herself with the knowledge and training of her short 121 years, she packed her few belongings, and embarked on a new journey.  
Personality:Pandora, at times, can be a very outgoing and social person.  However, it takes time and patience to be able to see that side of her.  For the acquaintances and strangers in her life, she is closed off and can be a bit of a recluse.  Because of her mixed parentage, Pandora can spend limited amounts of time in the sun without being burned.  She, therefore, will save that precious time for when she has spent too long indoors.  She can be a bit claustrophobic, and she doesn't like to be backed into a corner.  She is dedicated to her cause in finding her family's killer, so she'll spend her time studying and researching before choosing to socialize anyone.  If one is able to climb over the wall she's erected around herself, they will find a lonely girl who is loyal to her friends.  Pandora will use whatever means necessary to protect those she cares about, sometimes going a bit too far.  

On a final note:  Pandora has one nickname which no one is allowed to use.  Julius used to call her Penny and it would be in the best interests of others to not call her that.  She becomes highly emotional and gets very teary eyed.

Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame.  Where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned.  But just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die.  You gotta get up and try.

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Silent K
Manga Reader

Joined: 23 Dec 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Jacques Delamotte aka The Crimson Poet
Age: 452
Species: Vampire

In life Jacque was an up and coming French author who was quickly gaining fame.  His sonnets moved souls, his plays touched the heart, and his poems above all else could captivate any woman who read them.  He had a gift, but with many gifted people he was plagued with perfectionism and dissatisfaction with even his best received works, “It all means nothing!” he would scream in the late hours of the night as he ransacked his villa in an unstoppable rage, “How can I convey life and beauty with lifeless scribbles on paper!? The words are dead!” One late night during one of his fits of rage he punched a mirror in disgust at the very sight of his image, causing a few good cuts on his hand.  Wringing back from pain the blood flew through the air, splattering on the clean silk sheets in his room.  Walking towards the sheets he was ready to rip them to shreds, as his anger was still red hot, until he noticed something.  The blood had splattered on the sheets and a few drops had fallen in a pattern that looked just like the letter I. The crimson red was bold against the white sheets, creating a very vibrant picture.  Jacques froze as he gazed at the sight of the blood, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a beautiful letter in my life! I have written this letter countless times but it feels like I have seen it for the first time, it’s…breathtaking.”  Quickly he fetched his quill and began writing with the blood coming from his hand.  Feverishly he wrote, and wrote, “Never before have I felt so alive! With my blood I have given life to my writing, it is no longer dead!” After writing until he almost passed out he mended his hand and passed out with quill still in hand.  The next few weeks he continued to write in his own blood and it satisfied his desires, until that is, he saw her.  One evening while at a gathering a striking young woman walked into the room and Jacques was taken by her beauty.  He approached the fair lady with a solemn bow, “Madame, your beauty compels me to write.  Please, honor me with your presence as I attempt to capture your beauty in my words.”  The woman blushed as she agreed to go to his villa.  While there Jacques began to write about her beauty.  He wrote in ink so as to not shock the woman and would later transcribe the piece with his own blood, but as he wrote something did not feel right, “The fire, the passion, I cannot express it with this black substance! I must write with fire, crimson red, but my blood would do the piece shame.  How can I write living art about such a beauty with my own blood!”  Looking up from his quill he admired the woman once more, “Oh such beauty!  To even think that it will fade with time is such a sad thought,” he thought as he began to sweat, “This is why I write. To immortalize the beauty of this world.  With my pen I will make her beauty live forever in verse…live forever….in verse.” He then stared at the woman with a fixed gaze that could only be described as awe, “I made my words live by writing in my own blood. If I were to write about her beauty, using her blood, she would live forever…forever her beauty would be preserved.”  Before knowing what he was doing he lunged at the fair lady and in a few quick moments Jacques was writing a beautiful verse with the woman’s blood.  Thus began the birth of the Crimson Poet.  For the next few years he would lure beautiful women to his villa, where he would immortalize them in his writings.  This continued until one evening he met a woman like none other.  She wore all black, had skin so fair and unblemished, and seemed to float effortlessly through the air.  With one look he knew he had to have her, “She will make for a stunning piece.  I must have her.”  With ease he got her back to his villa, where he prepared for his writing.  While preparing his pieces the woman smiled, showing a set of fangs.  To his surprise he had been fooled and was now the victim of another blood lover, a vampiress to be precise.  She heard of his doings and saw him fit to be a vampire as well.  Quickly she flew through the air and gave him a quick bite on the neck.  The next morning he awoke with pain and an insatiable thirst.  On his mantle he found two vials of blood and a note written in blood that read, “Thank you for the lovely evening.”  That is all it said, and with that Jacques began his journey to find this woman. It took time getting used to his new form, but with practice he adapted to the life as a creature of the night.  He roamed throughout Europe for a couple hundred years, searching for the lovely creature that did this to him.  

Appearance: Jacques stand 6’1” and has a slim build.  He has black hair that he has let grow to medium length, letting it flow in the wind as he floats past others.  Always dressing dashingly he is a man of fine taste, making sure his appearance gives justice to the words that he writes.  
Personality:  Jacques is a gentleman above all else, just a little sociopathic.  He admires the beauty of this world, especially the female form.  When given the opportunity he will converse with any woman he finds interest in and will usually get the response he desires.  You could call him a ladykiller.  He speaks little, but when he does every word is purposeful.
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Manga Reader

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name:  Sayen

Age: 19 (give or take a few years)

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Were-tiger

Appearance: Long, thick black hair that's fairly straight.  Her skin suggests something of a Southeast Asian descent, though she knows nothing of her heritage to say for sure.  Her eyes are a piercing blue that remain the same also in her hybrid and full animal forms.  The clothing she wears is tattered and well worn-- though not dirty-- and has been patched in many places with purposely clashing colors.  She prefers not to wear shoes, having not been made to do so for most of her life and thus finding them uncomfortably restricting.

Bio: Sayen has no idea where she came from... Just that she was property for as long as she could remember.  A freak in a cage to be oggled at in parts of the world where such things were still at least questionably legal.  While not exactly happy, she was at least partly content with her lot in life for most of her youth.  She had shelter and food and her handler was never cruel to her.  If anything, he treated her like a most beloved pet.  And she had no memories of anything else to compare it to.  She learned English from her handler, who was American by birth and talked to her occasionally when he wasn't busy with other things.

When she was in her early teen years and begun to develop more fully, she was purchased by an extremely wealthy American man and suddenly taken from the only world she had ever known.  The mansion he lived in astounded her, for she had never seen anything like it.  The man gave her a suite of rooms all to herself and a closet full of clothing to choose from.  It seemed like something out of a fairy tale-- except that she had no knowledge of those, either.  Everything was better.  The food was more delicious and plentiful, the bed softer, and he even put a servant to the task of better developing her personal hygiene since she was no longer an animal (albeit a well fed one) in a cage.

It wasn't for a few weeks after her arrival that things began to take a turn.  She tried to get outside once, anxious for some fresh air and room to stretch her legs.  One of the man's servants-- later she realized they were security, there to keep his 'freaks' in line-- found her.  He dragged her back to her rooms, hit her, and told her to stay where she was supposed to.  The rose tinted glasses fully removed now, she started to realize that this was only a larger, fancier cage than the one she had grown up in.  She was allowed to wander her small section of the house freely, but could not go beyond a certain point.

Then came the first of the man's parties...  She was dressed up in something far too adult for her approximately 15-16 years of age and told to be obedient and polite.  That was the first time she saw the others, too.  Mostly girls, but with a few very handsome young men amongst them.  The guests would ask them questions, demand demonstrations of their inhumanity, and occasionally even disappear into other rooms with them.  On her part, nothing worse than a few roaming hands and one very drunken attempt to kiss her happened that night, but she knew that she'd had enough.  But she couldn't escape this cage anymore easily than she could have escaped the one with steel bars.

A couple nights later, she was awoken in the dead of night by a hand over her mouth.  One of the young men from the party was leaning over her.  "Will you come with me?" he whispered.  She asked no questions.  Just followed.  Out the window and across the grounds in a mad dash.  A tiger and a wolf running together.  He's the one who gave her the name "Sayen" as before she had just been called the tiger girl.  They found a secluded place to live, deep in the woods of a wildlife preserve, alternating between living off of the natural wildlife and stealing from neighboring cities so as not to deplete their game too much.  Unfortunately, it was during one of those trips, slipping through a less forested area near the reserve that the boy was shot.  He'd been in wolf form, planning to shift back to human after closing the distance between the woods and the city he planned to explore that night.

Hearing the shot, she panicked and ran to him, changing from tiger to human as she went.  The men with their guns weren't sure at first what to do, but eventually one of them managed to get in touch with the right kind of people for these 'strange occurrences' and while the boy was buried in the nature preserve where they had made their home together, she was shipped off to the school.

Personality:  Sayen is, in a word, simple.  That isn't to say that she isn't intelligent.  She just knows her basic needs and sees to those first and foremost.  She is shy of other people, have not had many good experiences with others.  And while her reading skills are rudimentary at best, she will devour books at every chance she gets, trying to make up for a lifetime of ignorance.

She has been what she is her entire life, possibly even born into it.  So she's had much practice in keeping her head during all phases of the moon.  That being said, she has been known to grow aggressive, moody, and much more 'catty' with the full moon.

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Shadow of the Night
Shadow of the Night

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Basic Faculty Info


>History> Mr. Mun- Frankenstein monster
>Magic> Mr. Zauber- Warlock
>Transformation> Mrs. Vladir- Vampire
>Stealth> Mr. Nyano- Black Cat
>Impersonations> Mr. Lunra- Werewolf
>Humans> Mrs. Marrow- Skeleton

>The headmasters name is Damien Ivar Dempe- invisible man with
multiple personalities
DID= Dissociative identity disorder

>His secretary Miss Azotana a harpy that Megan will play

>Lunch lady- Mrs. Peaches- Ghost who died from gluttony

>Janitor- Zombie- Mr. Scream

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L-O-V-E-S Anime Corner!!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Miss Azotana

Age: Estimated 18 in harpy years and around 29 in human years.

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Harpy

Appearance: 5ft 10in tall.  She has long fiery red hair with black wings and piercing gold eyes.  She has pale skin and her black feather continue on her legs.  Watch out for her sharp claws and talons.  When she is working or reading she wears glasses.  Her wardrobe is mostly skirts and button up shirts which she hates because it hides her beauty.

Bio: She comes from a strict brood and has an older sister.  From a young age she watched her older sister and want to be just as strong and beautiful as she was.  She studied hard and trained with her sister whenever she could.  One day while out hunting she “ran” into the invisible man and the two “hit” it off pretty well.  The two stayed in touch and when he needed a new secretary he asked her to fill the position.  Now she keeps the school going and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Personality: She is very serious and makes sure things get done.  She does not care for laziness or stupidity.  When she wants something she is not above using what she has to get what she wants.  She is very vain and true to her harpy nature can be aggressive and short tempered.


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L-O-V-E-S Anime Corner!!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Xara

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Gargoyle

Appearance: She is 6ft tall with long black hair that falls to the middle of her back.  Light tan skin with a long tail.  Her wings are black on the outside and dark red on the inside lined with gold.  She wears Egyptian style clothes and jewelry.  Mostly a black skirt with splits down both sides and a black top with the sleeves resting off her shoulders.  She wears two gold arm bands and wrist bands along with a magical sapphire amulet around her neck that keeps her from turning to stone during the day.  Due to her tough skin she has no need for shoes.

Bio: She belongs to a clan that was originally from Egypt but when the Egyptian empire fell the clan escaped to the states.  Some members still dress and speak the languages from ancient times but they still keep up with the changing times.  On a family trip she found a book of spells and started learn some basic magic to aid her in her travels and everyday life.  Asima is her gargoyle puppy that goes everywhere with her.  She is black and about the size of a German shepherd for now with glowing red eyes.  She has a medium sized tail and she is a bit of a trouble maker.  She is very friendly and energetic.  Xara keeps Asima in her room during class then takes her out afterwards.  She has a jeweled collar that keeps her from turning to stone during the day.

Personality: Even though she is pretty young compared to most creatures she is not a push over and she knows her stuff.  Xara is always up for the chance to explore someplace new or to learn.  She is curious but thinks things through.  She is pretty easy going and free spirited.  Very loyal to her friends and family if you make her mad her eyes will glow red and the fight is on.

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